February 17, 2019



Weekly Feb 4

Good morning!!! Hello everyone! I am so stoked, I am in a new area! I am no longer in snowy Castle Rock. Now I'm in windy Falcon, CO area. Still just as cold. But at least there is no snow.
Something cool I learned this past week, is that prayer truly is powerful. We all have been told that prayers are our way of talking to God. One day we went tracking (knocking on doors). And we prayed to know where to track and we got the clearest answer. To track a certain street. So we drive to this street, and when we get there, we got the strongest impression to do the street right next to it. So as we knocked on doors, everyone answered! Everyone was interested. And we are planning to come back to many of the people we met! How cool!! And like the next day we had an appointment with an investigator, and we prayed about when to meet with her. We planned on 12 o'clock and we ended up being 30 min late! But when we got to her house a random dog came right up to us, we called the owner and it ended up being our investigators neighborhood down the street. And now she is an investigator as well. So super cool!! In the one week I have been in Falcon I have seen a convert be baptised, the power of prayer. And I have been able to teach many people. 

I am so excited to really put so much work into this area. I am excited to grow in the gospel as I teach people.
I know this church is true. And I know that prayer is way stronger and more powerful than you know. And Heavenly Father will answer your prayers when you call unto Him.
Love you all!! Be the best you can be!
-Sister Bundy


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