January 14, 2019



Week of Jan 6th

Hey yo, hey!
Been busy being a missionary. But definitely had some amazing things happen this past week!

   We got a call from the mission office, someone called them, and asked for the missionaries so they could be taught! And they just happened to be in our area! So we have this amazing women to teach and get to know. And she is dating a less active man who is also in one of our wards! What a miracle to us sister missionaries. 

   Something else that was a tender mercy to us, it snowed over 2 ft on Thursday.  So all day Friday and Saturday I and my district of missionaries went out and shoveled drive ways for people. They would tell us to go away when we knocked on their door. But then we would offer to shovel their drive way and they would say sure go ahead and we would start shoveling. And then they would come out and talk to us about the gospel. It was so cool!

   Another thing that happened is we moved houses. Now we live with members in the other ward that we cover. We have the whole down stairs to ourselves. It has a kitchen, a living room, 2 bedrooms and a really nice bathroom. It's like a mini house! We have so much room to study and actually get work done now! It's so nice. We are so spoiled!

Gods hand is always in our lives. We just have to do our best to look for the blessings.

There was a devotional last night. I would highly encourage you all to listen to it!!!!!! Go to "" or "" to find it. 

Sister Bundy


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