December 9, 2018



A thought

Hey all!
    I found something that kinda helped me learn to better understand the calling of missionary.  And I won't list all the scriptures that helped but I'm gonna tell you all about it. 
   In reading Jacob in the Book of Mormon I found an analogy that really clicked in my head.
    In Jacob there is a master. He is the master of an olive vineyard. He grows this beautiful olive tree. He talks about how great are the roots. And how great the fruit will be. The Master nourishes this tree and is continually trimming this tree. He spends a great deal making this tree great..
    Now the master is Heavenly Father,  and the roots of the tree are his gospel.  And as the tree grows it's the people here on earth. When Heavenly Father trims his tree he gets rid of the wicked and gives us all a new chance to grow and bear great fruit. 
    At one point the tree becomes so wicked and so corrupt that the Master wants to unearth the whole tree and start again. He says "what else can I do for this my beloved tree, for it is too rotten". Now at this point the Master has a servant who has been helping him. The servant says to the Master, "Wait"..and save the tree a little longer." And the servant brings forth more servants and they trim and nourish the tree one last time.
    Jesus, is that servant. And we are his helpers.  As he saved us all for the last time, This last dispensation... we are his helpers nourishing the tree and bringing forth the fruit. 
    We as missionaries do the Lord's work. As a body gets cancer, it slowly dies. But when white blood cells (missionaries) sense the danger, they get to work. They fight the cancer and save and preserve the body for as long as it can. The white blood cells of course could not defeat the cancer alone. But only with the help of the chemo or medicine can the white blood cells over power the cancer and set the body free from the corruption. 
   As missionaries,  we can only do so much, only say so much. But with the help of Heavenly Father and the spirit we can teach and deliver the message of the gospel in wondrous ways. 
  Just some thoughts. Love you so much. Keep being the best you can be!! 

-Sister Bundy


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