November 26, 2018




Its been a wonderful week. My companion and I decided to not do any tracking this past week. To give you a quick play by play on what we did instead:

Monday- (P-day)ice skating and playing games and playing basketball.
Tuesday- hung out with our district, we helped a member clean their yard.
Wednesday- helped at a food bank, helped at a D.I., then helped serve dinner and cleaned up after at nondenominational catholic church.
Thursday- volunteered with 16 other missionaries at the city marathon. Then served members.
Friday- we did practice lessons with members all day.
Saturday- we served at a women's shelter and played games with the children there.

Imagine holding tightly to the iron rod. Your clinging to the truth so you may make it to the tree. And you see people straying off and roaming around you. Will you not let one hand go to grab them? Will you not share the truth you have in the other hand with them? They are so close to you. Why not just reach out.

That's all service is, holding that one hand out. Picking someone up and helping them. Our spirits are so bright because of the truth we know. Serve and love one another.

Through out every service project and activity someone came up to us and said something was different about us. We were brighter in some way. We got to answer their questions and you could see the wheels turing in their heads. We got no return appointments and no new investigators. But we planted seeds. That's a first step in the right direction. We reached out with one hand. They didn't want it right now, but someone someone will reach out again and they will take it. How wonderful is that! We have the BRIGHTNESS and LIGHT that others see. We can share that with everyone and by doing so we are making our lights through that dark mist brighter, and grab more hands and bring them to the tree.

I encourage you to reach out. Make a new friend. Serve someone...look up the Light The World thing this year. Make a difference in someone's life.
I love you all!!!!!!!!

With love Sister Bundy


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