November 19, 2018



Weekly Letter

So it has been an extremely busy week! But its helped me learn so much. 
   On Monday me and my companion spent the day running around doing errands, nothing special. But I haven't been feeling well so we called a dr and got a blessing from our Zone leaders. In the blessing it told me to follow dr's orders with exactness.  The Dr had told me to go to the ER that night if I continued to not feel well. So of course after that blessing the spirit was strong and we went to the ER. Found out a few things that I am now keeping an eye on. But it's been helping me pay more attention to my body and the spiritual promotings I get.
    Spiritual promotings are so important.  And they definitely help in everyday life, and especially in teaching and serving others.
    So while paying special attention to prompting this week my companion and I found 2 new investigators from just serving them. Walking down the street to an appointment we helped a lady rake the leafs in her yard. She was so happy for the help. We left her our number and a book of mormon.  
   My companion and I have a car. But as we get low on miles we have to start walking everywhere.  Now this is kinda hard to do with me because the air is so thin up here and I am low no red blood cells. Plus it takes us a while to get around. So we started taking weird short cuts... as we take short cuts, I found some really cool cows!!! All the cows I found here in Castle Rock CO,  are all one solid color, all black cows.  No mixture of colors... just black cows.
   Arizona has some of the most beautiful sunsets. I'm definitely not missing out though. CO has some nice sunsets too. 
   To end my lovely email I would like to bare a short testimony of staying in tune with the spirit.  The Holy Ghost can really help guide you in your life. And not just in decision making, but in life or death situations.  The Holy Ghost truly is the right hand of our Heavenly Father.  And He loves us so much, He did not leave us here alone. I am so greatful to be able to build my relationship with God and to be able to turn up the volume on hearing the still small voice. What a wonder it is to be able to hear that voice loud and clear.
   I would like to invite you all to change something in your life so you may be able to turn up that volume. So you too can feel the joy of hearing that beautiful still small voice, louder and more often.  I say these things in the name of jesus christ,  amen.

With love, 
Sister Bundy 


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