November 4, 2018




Today a girl in my district (class, there's a total of 12 of us) got really sick. So as a district we went back to the class room and the elders in our class gave the most spiritual blessing I have ever been apart of. 

Elder Whitby anointed the oil, and I could already feel how strong the love and spirit was in the room. Then all 6 elders gathered around our sick sister and Elder Orvis gave the blessing. I cried tears of joy the spirit was so strong... later that day I met Elder Orvis at the training center and I told him I was so impressed by his blessing. He told me, "I don't even remember what I said. The spirit was so strong and speaking through me, I was shaking, the spirit was so strong. It was like something passing through me." 

That whole experience made our district so much closer. I will be so sad to leave my elders and sisters to go to Colorado.  My companion and 2 other sisters and 3 elders are going to Mesa. The 3 other elders are going to Houston Texas. And only 2 other sisters are coming to Colorado with me but not the same area. 

My district has really strengthened my faith and my spirit. I finally feel as though I can truly be a successful missionary.  I love them so much and I will be so sad to leave them on Monday. 

With love,
Sister Bundy


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