Photos Date Area Title
December 9, 2019 Thảo Điền (Saigon) Chilly in Sài Gòn
December 2, 2019 Thảo Điền (Saigon) (Stuck in email outbox for a week)
November 25, 2019 Thảo Điền (Saigon) Challenge: cheaper by the dozen
November 18, 2019 Thảo Điền (Saigon) Preparation
November 11, 2019 Thảo Điền (Saigon) Gimme them plates, Laban
November 4, 2019 Thảo Điền (Saigon) Choose ye this day... juice or junk?
October 28, 2019 Thảo Điền (Saigon) Training X2
October 14, 2019 Thảo Điền (Saigon) Day of dark for life of light
October 7, 2019 Thảo Điền (Saigon) Ko sao hết, còn sống màaa
September 23, 2019 Tân Sơn Nhất (Saigon) Short
September 16, 2019 Tân Sơn Nhất (Saigon) Spiritual Rodents
September 9, 2019 Tân Sơn Nhất (Saigon) Full schedule, full heart
September 2, 2019 Tân Sơn Nhất (Saigon) Sudden Surprise
August 26, 2019 Tân Sơn Nhất (Saigon) The Great Blend
August 19, 2019 Tân Sơn Nhất (Saigon) God is Good
August 12, 2019 Tân Sơn Nhất (Saigon) Nothing
August 5, 2019 Tân Sơn Nhất (Saigon) So Much Yet So Little
July 29, 2019 Tân Sơn Nhất (Saigon) Miracles
July 22, 2019 Tân Sơn Nhất (Saigon) Hard to have road rage with a ladybug bell
July 15, 2019 Tân Sơn Nhất (Saigon) Livin' in a Big 'Ole City
July 8, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) Back to Saigon
July 1, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) Shorter email to protect the environment
June 24, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) Drowning in Mid-Air
June 17, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) Daily on the Daily
June 10, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) Eye for an Eye
June 3, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) Forgot a Title Last Week
May 27, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) (no title)
May 20, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) The Dragon is Back
May 13, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) Not Over Yet
May 6, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) Finding Lost Sheep
April 29, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) Blessed
April 22, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) I'm Out of Titles!
April 15, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) Transfer Week!
April 8, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) Sorry, no email this week
April 1, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) Fate or Destiny, You Choose!
March 25, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) Success Success!!
March 18, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) Mid-Life Crisis!
March 11, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments
March 4, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) A Poppin' Week!
February 25, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) Long Time No See!
February 18, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) No Email This Week
February 4, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) When Needed Most
January 28, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) Together Again!!
January 21, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) I'm Out of Good Titles
January 14, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) What Can I Do?
January 7, 2019 Long Bien (Hanoi) Suckered for a Sucker
December 31, 2018 Long Bien (Hanoi) And a Happy New Year!!
December 25, 2018 Long Bien (Hanoi) Merry Chibmas!
December 17, 2018 Long Bien (Hanoi) The Sea of Red Roofs
December 10, 2018 Ha Dong (Hanoi) On the Road Again
December 3, 2018 Ha Dong (Hanoi) Another Week in Paradise!
November 26, 2018 Ha Dong (Hanoi) Crazy Old Chú's
November 19, 2018 Ha Dong (Hanoi) Anyone Order a Baker's Dozen?
November 12, 2018 Ha Dong (Hanoi) Quick week, slow feet
November 5, 2018 Ha Dong (Hanoi) Different Side, Same Cold
October 29, 2018 Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Miles and Milestones!
October 22, 2018 Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Happy Vietnam Women's Day!!
October 15, 2018 Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Too Young to be a Cô
October 8, 2018 Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) 2,856 Miles...
October 1, 2018 Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) 20% Already??
September 24, 2018 Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Thus is Missionary Work
September 17, 2018 Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Busy Week!
September 10, 2018 Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Sucker Punch to the Face
September 3, 2018 Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) I Huffed, and I Puffed, and I Blew My Nose
August 27, 2018 Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) The Spirit Never Fails!
August 20, 2018 Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Smile in the Face of Confusion
August 13, 2018 Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Greetings from... SAIGON!!!
August 7, 2018 They are here!
July 31, 2018 MTC Có Yêu Thương Cho Những Người Khác!
July 24, 2018 MTC The Big Escape
July 17, 2018 MTC My Name's Not Sister Durrant
July 10, 2018 MTC Luôn Luôn và Mãi Mãi
July 3, 2018 MTC Chị biết giáo hội lẽ thật
June 26, 2018 MTC A Week of Tears and Goodbyes
June 19, 2018 MTC No English or Vietnamese
June 12, 2018 My heart is full, but my stomach is even fuller
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