July 31, 2017


Santa Clara, CA, USA


Sister Doyle & Sister Doney

Kaylene's July 31, 2017 Letter

Well this is weird. That's all I can say. I know this is usually when everyone sends home the whole "I've learned so much... I loved it here... I'm going to miss it so much..." blah blah blah stuff. We all know I ain't about that life and you'll all hear it soon enough.

But I've got a lot to do today seeing as I have put off packing and all the fun prep stuff because I didn't want to waste pros time so this will be quick...

But Tuesday was zone conference. It was President Hunts first one. It went super long. Like until 5 and he still didn't get through everything he wanted to get through. But it was good. He's still figuring out how he wants to do stuff. So yeah we then barely made it back to our area in time for dinner then our meeting with the ward mission leader.

Wednesday we did service. Met with our other ward mission leader. We had a little study session with Violet, which was awesome!

Thursday was my last lesson with Brendan. It was a super great lesson. Then I had to say goodbye as he was going to be out of town this weekend. Lots of drop bys and contacting.

Friday we had weekly planning and helping the Hermanas. I felt like an STL again it was so awesome. One of them is sick so I sat with her while our comps ran to the store to get some stuff that she needed. We also exchanged with them to cover their dinner and what not. So I went to their dinner with sister Valle and then I did some missionary work with her in her area that evening so she could get out of the apartment as she had been stuck inside all day. It was fun as I took sister Valle on her first exchange and it was when I was first called as an STL. So yeah that day was kind of shot.

Saturday was finding pretty well all day. It was super fun. I quite enjoy contacting. It scares my comps to death but I love it.

Sunday was a lot of church. I don't know what I'll do with my Sundays now only having to be at church for 3 hours... Dinner at the Calls with the YSAs. Dinner with a family in the Campbell Ward. That didn't leave time for much else.

I guess I'll see you all soon....

Love ya!
Sister Doig


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