July 24, 2017


Santa Clara, CA, USA


Sister Doyle & Sister Doney

Kaylene's July 24, 2017 Letter

Well it sure sounds like these past couple of weeks have been an adventure for you. Now it's time to get back to the real world.

My week... well Tuesday we met with a member of the YSA Ward, Violet. She is starting mission papers so we are beginning to work a lot with her. She is super awesome! Other than that we saw and talked with a few other people doing drop bys, contacting all of that fun stuff. We met with the ward mission leader so that was good.

Wednesday was district meeting and a meeting with the other ward mission leader who is finally back in town. We found a new less active from off the ward list and had a great chat with her. Some more finding...

Thursday we had a lesson with Brendan. Mainly just talked about the temple trip we were doing on Saturday. Lots of finding and institute.

Friday we did service in the morning. Had weekly planning. We taught Cami (the one that's friends with the bishops family). She is great! Her background and view points are a little weird. I haven't really taught anyone that believed close to what she does. It's hard to explain it all in an email. But she definitely is spiritual and willing to learn. Also it's super helpful because she is just open with her thoughts and feelings so it at least gives us something to work with. But yeah she will be a work in progress for sure.

Saturday the main thing there was baptisms with Brendan. Our ward mission leader, elders quorum president, the elders and their recent convert, Brendan, us, sister Huang, and Jenna all went up together. All I can say is it has been a super long time since I've done baptisms. And also I can see why onesie garments aren't really a thing anymore... But it was super awesome! Brendan loved it. And then of course he went on for hours with a bunch of crazy questions. Before we left the temple he was all like what happens if I die before I get my endowment. Of course we say someone does it in the temple. He goes but who? None of my family are members, how do I be sure it gets done. So he then looks at us and the elders quorum president and says it's up to you guys. He goes, if I die within the next year you (the elders quorum president) are going to do it and you (us) are making sure he does it for me. He's just like this cute little kid, it's so funny.

Sunday was church. The big thing there was Brendan blessed the sacrament for the first time so that was great! After church there was a thing at the bishops house so we went to that and then we had a dinner with someone from our family so we headed out there. Topped off the day with some finding and now here we sit.

So yeah another week come and gone...crazy! This one will be interesting as well as we have our first zone conference with president Hunt tomorrow and all sorts of stuff going on so yeah we will see...

Take care! And travel safe!

Love ya
Sister Doig


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