July 17, 2017


Santa Clara, CA, USA


Sister Doyle & Sister Doney

Kaylene's July 17, 2017 Letter

So this week was crazy!

Monday was a zoo. With it being the last pday of the transfer we were going to have a zone breakfast at the church, well on the way one of the companionships rear ended someone so then the zone leaders had to go and rescue them and get that all sorted out while we still had to figure out what to do for the breakfast. Then to make sure everyone still got packed up and what was just a mess.

Tuesday surprise temple trip. So seeing as three of us go home together president Hunt said he would give us our own outgoing stuff. Well Monday he changed his mind and I was told I would be going on Tuesday with those that leave the next day. So that meant I had to get everything ready for my two comps to whitewash for the day. But it was super fun to go up to the temple, have dinner, and then the testimony meeting with the other missionaries. At first sister Monney and I were a little hesitant thinking it would be weird as we weren't leaving the next day but we think it was even better for us. Just sitting there in the celestial room we just looked at each other and were like dude I'm so glad we have a few more weeks to do this. It was like the perfect motivation. So yeah that was an all day ordeal. But hey I was with sister Monney for a day so it was great.

Wednesday was our first official day as a trio. We did service. Dropped by some people. While doing so we were walking down the street and we hear the word sisters. We turn around and see one of our members hanging out their door flagging us down. So we had a good chat with them. We had dinner and then did some contacting actually. I don't know why all the missionaries say that after dinner can be a hard block to fill but man we just go contacting. It's not dark yet and it's when you can stand outside without your flesh melting off which also means everyone and their dog is outside...literally. It's when everyone walks their dogs. So you just start talking to everyone about their dog and if you just sit there and pet it they can't run away.

Thursday we had our first recent convert lesson with Brendan. He is so cute. He walks in and goes well I've made it a week. I'm enduring to the end. We had a great lesson. I have been training these two on how to handle his questions without the lesson taking two hours. Other than that more of the same stuff. Just finding people.

Friday was weekly planning. As well as we had to help the elders out as they were asked to provide a blessing to a couple of non member single sisters. That's kind of a long story but let's just say witch craft may have been involved and we may have gotten two potential investigators. We're pretty confident we can turn at least one into an investigator without much of a problem.

Saturday we did some contacting. A couple drop by visits. The big thing was so there is a member from the Mandarin ward that is part of this program. Pretty well they just flew in about 50 people from Beijing China to teach Mandarin. Last year they did it just on a smaller scale. And well apparently several were interested in his Christian beliefs and a few even came to church a couple times when they were here. So they decided to jump the gun and just have half of the zone there at the opening social this year. So yeah we got to talk to a lot of people. It was super good for the Mandarin elders.

Sunday was Sunday. Lots of church. Brendan received the priesthood and his temple recommend. So we look forward to a trip up that way this coming weekend. We also had our big stake missionary meeting. So yeah our whole day was just spent at the church. We finally got to leave and get some food and then put in a little bit of work. In our family ward is was the bishop son's homecoming talk. And he had one of his really good friends there. I guess she took a couple lessons with the elders a little while back but it didn't really go anywhere. But their whole family thought that sisters might be what she needs so we and they pounced on that one real quick. Her name is Cami and we will be seeing her this coming week so we look forward to that.

Anyways there's that. I hope you enjoy your week with those couple of trouble makers that we stranded on an island.

Love ya!
Sister Doig


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