July 11, 2017


Santa Clara, CA, USA


Sister Huang

Kaylene's July 10, 2017 Letter

Of course. In our house long weekends always just equaled bigger weekend projects.

I'm sure the barbeque was a blast. 8th street was the bomb!

Yeah these poor elders. It's a work in progress. Each Monday their tie making skills improve. They are determined to get it all down before I leave.

Yeah we had a good talk with the sisters. Plus transfers just happened. Plus they aren't my problem anymore. But yeah I think we put out that fire real quick.

Dang I would say I feel sorry for you but I've had far more days close to the 40 degrees than I would like. Plus I don't understand it. These houses are worth millions, the apartments are all north of two grand a month... and most of them don't have air conditioning. I've been trying to make this math work for the past 17 months and still can't get it to add up.

Anyways our week was crazy yet again. There has just been too many big events going on. But I mean it's all good and necessary I guess.

Tuesday was the Fourth of July. So that makes missionary work fun. When people kept asking what we had planned all we could say was to attempt to do missionary work. So Brendan just goes I'm not doing
anything why don't you just teach me. So that was perfect. We found baptism clothes that fit him and all of that fun stuff. And just answered a bunch of questions. The Call's that do dinner at their place every other week we're hosting a regional YSA BBQ at their place so after our lesson with Brendan we all went there for a bit. Dinner with a member. But honestly not much else. But we were surprisingly, a lot more productive than we thought. We also got extended curfew. So we all went up into the hills (to a members house this time) to watch
fireworks from there. You could see all of the city lights as well as a few different firework shows going on at once. So yeah that was fun.

Wednesday we had service and then a quick meeting with our ward mission leader before his family peaced out on an Alaskan cruise. We taught Rebecca (the less active that hasn't been to church since primary) and her mom. They are the absolute cutest. And we were so close to having her at church! She said something came up so she will come this next week. But hey it was at least some major progress. We also met with a sister that is new to the YSA Ward her name is Jenna she's an RM and is staying with her grandma. She's just kind of keeping an eye on her. So it's just the two of them at home a lot. So she says if we ever need someone to go to a lesson, or just someone to visit, or service etc. just give her a call.

Thursday we met President and sister Hunt. All I can say is I don't know they sure aren't the Mella's. But he seems okay. I mean I'm sure I would like him if I actually had time for the whole switch to settle out. There are a lot of changes coming so we will see. Most of which again will have no effect on me. The mission is supposed to get Facebook. I mean they said that last year too but now it's apparently legit. All I know is I always had hoped it would happen after I left and it looks like I'll barely miss it. His wife has never served a mission before so she is kind of in shock and loving wearing the tag. She does seem like she will be taking a lot more of a back seat than sister Mella did. I think it will be good for the mission it's just gonna take a little time for him to get things settled how he wants them. Other than that we met a cute older less active couple in the ward. They were so fun. Did some finding, had institute... also it was leadership calls night. No shocker but I got released as an STL. I mean I'm leaving mid transfer so... but yeah so after a solid year I have no call to train, or leadership, I'm just a normal missionary. I'm not gonna lie it's weird and I'm gonna miss it even though it could prove to be a headache more often than not.

Friday was strictly weekly planning and then Brendan's baptism. But the baptism was great! His face when he came out of the water was priceless! It makes it all worth it. I wish his family would have come but his parents do not approve :( but his girlfriend came who is a less active member apparently. He didn't even know that I'll after he
came to church and met us.

Saturday we did service at Jenna's grandmas with her. Just cleaning up the yard that has kind of gotten out of hand. Saw a couple of members. Talked to some people. Had dinner with one of our YSA ward missionaries, Sarah Price. She's the bomb! And she enters the MTC the same day as Nathan. It was also transfer calls night. And I guessed it sister Huang is out. She's heading to San Jose south zone and I get two new companions (that will put me at a grand total of 16 I believe with this being my 5th trio). So I'm staying here and I will be with sister Doney & sister Doyle. It's funny as I have been an STL over both of them so I know probably a little more about them and their struggles than most people. I'm sure it will be good. I mean they both need lots of TLC but I mean that has been all of my comps so I'm used to it. I've been the hospital of the mission since day one so it's fine. But I guess with president Hunt having to organize the transfers in a matter of his first week he just went with the alphabet approach like Doig, Doney, & Doyle...

Sunday was the usual church. Brendan was confirmed which was great. Nothing else too exciting though.

So yeah I'm sure this week will be fun getting transfers all settled out and getting back into trio life. I'm sure it will be grand.

Anyways I hope you have a great week!

Love ya!
Sister Doig


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