July 3, 2017


Santa Clara, CA, USA


Sister Huang

Kaylene's July 3, 2017 Letter

Yep it sure sounds like another eventful week full of work, stake stuff, projects around the house, and graduation festivities.

Yeah over all the work has taken a hit this summer in that it's hard to get members help and new investigators are few and far between. But we are glad to be baptizing the existing teaching pools. It will be scary come fall when all the teaching pools are dry but hey a fresh start is always good and by then the finding will be picking back up again so we will take it.

Yeah we were lucky and got a bit of a reprieve this week. It hasn't been quite has hot as the previous 2.

Yeah me and the Mella's are pretty tight. They live in Orem and sister Monney is in Springville so they are pretty close. So yeah trips down that way are a must.

This week well on Monday we went to the church to play volleyball with the zone only to find the relief society and all of the elders were chilling in the primary room surrounded ironing boards and with a needle and thread in their hands. They have taken up the art of tie making. Only problem is they really didn't know what they were doing so I found myself helping make ties. Since then they have all thought it would be a good idea to just give me tie materials and think ties will show up on their door steps. Let me tell ya I don't have time for tie making so we went more of with the teach a man to fish approach rather than giving him fish.

Tuesday we were on exchanges. I had sister Doyle here. Mainly just service, drop bys, meeting with the ward mission leader... nothing too exciting.

Wednesday we had district meeting. Then grabbed some lunch and were just getting in the car to go to a meeting with the ward mission leader as he texted us saying the elders just cancelled. So there went that. But then we had President and sister Mella's outgoing devotional. That took a while. It was super good! The whole mission presidency was going to be released so all of them and their wives spoke as well as the Holts from the office that were ending their missions as well. As a mission we had put together an slide show and things for them so yeah it was just super good. We all had dinner after as well. Lots of hugs, lots of pictures, all that fun stuff that happens when you get the whole mission together. It was sad knowing that was the last time I'd see the Mella's as well as the last time I would see sister Gibson (unless she shows up at transfers this next week...I doubt that but one can only hope). When we got back from that we went to Tiffanys. She has been super busy packing up her stuff to go to China and Utah as well as cleaning out the apartment. We knew that the only way to see her would be to help as just talk about church things while doing so. When we walked in and saw what a mess it really was we just did what we could and promised to come back in
nonpros later.

Thursday we had Brendan's interview and he passed so that was good. So we started to really put a program together and what not. We had institute and things but for the most part the day was kind of a bust.

Friday we did a mini exchange for the morning. The Lawrence station sisters decided to come home well after 10 pm 2 nights in a row one of which was due to delivering donuts to elders. So yeah sister posadas and I made them breakfast and had a good chat. Other than that we helped Tiffany finish cleaning and what not. She then took us to dinner at this Korean barbecue place so that was fun. We said goodbye to her and yep that was the last time I'll see her. Maybe we will have to make a trip to Rexburg as well...

Saturday we did some contacting. We made up our weekly planning that we missed the day before. So yeah nothing grand there.

Sunday church, church, and more church. The YSA Ward has started to do break the fast so that was good. Brendan was super excited to be fasting but I think he was even more excited when we reached the end of church and they brought out the food.

So yeah just more crazy baptism prep and sending off a mission President and all the things that entails. That just seems to be our lives lately. As for president Hunt we haven't met him yet. I have heard his voice over a conference call a couple weeks ago and he sent out a mass text the night he got here saying the Mella's were home safely and that they were here so... but yeah they are doing meet and greets throughout the mission this coming week. So this next week won't be any different, more baptism stuff and more switching of mission President stuff.

Take care and I hope you all have a great week!

Love ya
Sister Doig


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