June 26, 2017


Santa Clara, CA, USA


Sister Huang

Kaylene's June 26, 2017 Letter

Yeah this zone has had 4 baptisms all year. We are trailing behind the whole mission all year long. But with these past two weeks we are up to 7 and have 5 more dates so far for this summer so yeah it's great to finally see things happen here.

I love the Mella's so much! I can't believe I will only see them one more time on Wednesday and then that's it, they're gone :'( ...we just try not to think about that one. Yeah me and Prez are pretty tight. I don't know why but it's true we are always together in pictures. I'm glad mom is pulling them off the Facebook page because we never get to see those pictures and the last thing I want to do is scroll through 18 months worth of stuff in order to pull out the pictures of me. But honestly there are probably more pictures with my face in them on that page than on my iPad...oops

Lucky. It's been hotter than Helena down here. Like opening the widows at night does you no good when it's still 30 degrees outside. We are told this coming week is supposed to be better so we will see.

I would like to say I'm surprised with all the things you tried to accomplish on Saturday but I mean it sounds like a pretty normal Saturday for this family.

This week, man. Well Tuesday we did service. Some contacting. We met with our ward mission leader. The big thing was we had our last interviews with president Mella :'( I'm not gonna lie we had a hecka trunkie interview. He just looked at me and was like "I'm burnt out and ready to go home your going home. I mean you have a couple weeks left but I mean you know how to do missionary work so we don't need to talk about any of that stuff..." So yeah he then made sure I had life set up for when I get home. All I said was I don't know what's going on with my life but that my dad has it all under control so I hope that's true. Ultimately it just came down to him asking two questions over and over again: when will I see you again? And when are you coming to stay with me in Utah? Sadly all I could say was I don't know cause I'll be at school in Canada and he just looks at me and goes well you're just gonna go for a semester or something right and then transfer to Utah where I can see you. Sadly I had to burst his bubble on that one. So yeah I guess I will be making a trip to Utah sooner rather than later. I'm gonna miss that man. He's like a father to me (sorry dad...). After our interview he goes I'm not going to hug all the sisters until Wednesday at the outgoing devotional but you're gonna get two come and give me a hug. He just gave me the biggest dad hug ever. He is just the best!

Wednesday was district meeting as well as we met with the other ward mission leader. It was too hot so we saw a couple ward members. Also it was all the last minute prep for Tiffanys baptism. Like her trying on clothes and what not.

Thursday we were on exchanges. I was with Sister Orellana in her area. If that name sounds familiar that's because it is. We were in the same zone back in San Jose and I went on exchanges with her then when I was first made an STL about a year ago. It was amazing to see how much she has learned and grown as a missionary. We just had a blast. Also that morning we had an MLC conference call with president Mella as well as President Hunt. I'm not gonna lie it was super weird to hear his voice and everything knowing that in a few short days he will be our President.

Friday was weekly planning. That's always a fun one the week of a baptism. We also met with a new sister in the YSA Ward, Makenzie. The fun thing there is she is interning at NASA so we visited her on base. Now of course this wasn't like the super high security part of base where all the fun stuff happens but we were still in NASA none the less.

Saturday we did service in the morning and a little contacting. But really we spent 80% of our day at the church getting everything set up for the baptism. Thankfully everything went really well. It was a better turn out than what was expected of the Chinese ward so that was great. President Mella also came. It was the last baptism he will be attending on his mission.

Sunday we Ward hopped. We went to the very beginning of our Campbell Ward only to drive out to Cupertino for Tiffanys confirmation (which was awesome) and then leave that meeting early to get back to the YSA Ward with Brendan. It sure was weird to be in the Cupertino Ward again. Brendan's doing great as well. I missed his lesson as it was while we were on exchanges but we talked a lot on Sunday. Also the elders had a baptism after church so we stayed and went to that with him. It was super good for him to be able to see a baptism and what goes on during the service. I think the best part though was after the baptism he was telling us all these things he wants to have happen at his baptism and then turned around and saw these pictures of the temple. He goes "you know I've been there before. My friend was like you've gotta see this view but we never went inside." We were like well you couldn't go inside but there is a visitors center. He then goes "I can't go inside YET, but we're going before you leave right?" He's just so amazing. And that will be a great day when we can go to the temple with him. They just changed the policy. We used to be able to go inside the temple with them only for an endowment or sealing. Well now we can go and do baptisms with them for their first time. So we are really looking forward to doing that.

So yeah that's that. Just lots of fun and exciting things. Just trying to send the Mella's off as well as BAPTISMS! Who doesn't love a good baptism or two?

Anyways take care and have a great week!

Love you!
Sister Doig


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