June 19, 2017


Santa Clara, CA, USA


Sister Huang

Kaylene's June 19, 2017 Letter

From Ken: We have learned that Kaylene will be returning home from her mission on August 2nd. She will report her mission on August 13th at 11:00 AM at the Cardston West Stake Center. Incidentally Nathan will also be speaking that day in preparation for his mission on August 30th to Reno, NV.

Yeah honestly I don't really know that lady. She was talking to sister Holt (she works in the mission office) when we got to church and so we said hi and this lady goes "quick let me take your picture and send it to your parents. I have a daughter on temple square and I love random pictures from people." Like she didn't even tell us her name. Gotta love crazy missionary moms.

Yeah there's always challenges but I mean what's more fun to put in an email? Like why talk about that when I can talk about my two "ensign investigators". (You know those golden people whose stories end up being an ensign article)

Well it sounds like another pretty normal week at home. Friends, family, and meetings.

Before I get too far Happy Fathers Day yesterday to all ya'll!

This week was interesting. I feel like a lot of things just fell through and didn't go as planned (sounds like regular missionary work eh?), but we can always count on Tiffany and Brendan to make up for it all. Also it's been suuuper hot.

Tuesday was service. Some contacting. We had a good visit with a member. Met with the ward mission leader. Nothing too exciting.

Wednesday more service, met more members... we had a dinner that was supposed to be at 6 as we had Tiffany's interview at 7:30 and we made sure our dinner was aware. Of course we get to dinner and it's like she just started cooking. So we helped cook before finally sitting down to eat at 7 and then having to leave by 7:15 to get to the interview. It was crazy. Talk about choke and puke. So yeah that made for an interesting dinner appointment. We barely made it to Tiffany's baptism interview on time but good thing is she passed :) and that's all that matters so that will happen on Saturday!

Thursday we met with Brendan. I don't even know what to say. We had a great lesson on some of the commandments. But mainly we just answered questions. We dumped him with some members for that dinner at the Call's last week...well that started at about 4:30 and apparently brother Call found out he wasn't a member and sat there and talked his ear off. Brendan ended up staying at their place just talking with them and play games until 10pm. Which is awesome but that also meant that brother Call brought up a bunch of things we hadn't exactly talked about nor are actually in the lessons. So yeah that was fun. We rescheduled his baptism. We moved it up a whole month so we are
looking at July 7th. It was funny as we mentioned he will have an interview and he will get to pick different things for his program and he was like "wait, I have to pick the hymns and everything?" We said yes but we will help. He said that he was more worried about choosing what hymns he wanted than the interview because that meant he had over 300 hymns to listen to to make sure he picked the best and most meaningful ones, while he has the interview in the bag. And yes yesterday he reported that he had listened to every hymn and has selected his favorites. Other than that we met with the ZLs to plan for our little breakout session of zone conference the next day. There was institute. Oh and Sarah Price, one of our YSA members and ward missionaries, opened her mission call. She is going to Ohio and enters the MTC the same day as Nathan.

Friday we had zone conference all day. It was President and sister Mella's last one. They are just the best! It was super good as always.

Saturday was super hot it was well into the 30's. We had started contacting that morning before it got too hot but we got a call from the Tongan Elders. They were just about to start a baptism and didn't have a baptism record (which they should have filled out at the interview...) and no one was answering their phones. So we had to hurry back to our car, drive home to get a record, and then drive it up to the stake center where the baptism was. So in other words our morning was shot. Then we also had to make up the weekly planning we had missed the day before due to the zone conference.

Sunday was even hotter it was 40 plus degrees. I have never been so excited to spend 7 hours in church meetings. We taught Brendan during church as it will be tight to get everything in before his baptism. But we finished up all the commandments and everything is good there so that was great. After church it was hard to find things to do because members don't want you around with it being Father's Day. And no one was outside and we sure didn't want to be either. You took one step outside and you were instantly sweating buckets. All the water we had in our car was literally like drinking hot tea. It was nasty. But we did drop by Tiffanys that night and had a brief conversation with her. Just trying to keep everything on track for Saturday.

So yeah that was our week. And we will see what the next one brings.

Take care and have a good one!

Love ya tons!
Sister Doig


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