June 12, 2017


Santa Clara, CA, USA


Sister Huang

Kaylene's June 12, 2017 Letter

All I can say is dang! Don't you just love it when everything happens on the same week and all of a sudden you are expected to work without sleeping?

That's too bad about all the different family members. I'll just add them to the prayer list.

As for my week. I can't even remember what all happened.

Tuesday we met with a less active in the YSA Ward. The other sisters found her while looking for her mom. Anyway she hasn't been to church since primary but says she wants to come back. So we are excited to work with her. We also visited a bunch of members in our new ward. We had a great conversation with one of the sisters. She is a younger mom and an RM. She told us that they have been in the ward for 13 years and have never had the missionaries just show up and knock on the door so she gave us props for that one.

Wednesday we had district meeting and a meeting with the Campbell Ward mission leader. That was the first time we actually got to sit down and talk with him. I'm not gonna lie it was pretty pointless. He's an interesting ward mission leader. Like yesterday he thought it was more important to be at choir practice than in ward council and then like avoided us all through church so... But we did get to actually sit down with Esther the referral from the elders. She is super nice but I mean no surprise a referral is never as solid as the original missionaries say they are. So we'll see what happens. We also had the last preach my gospel lesson with Tiffany. This week we get to do the interview and program and then the next week will be baptism so we will see how it all plays out.

Thursday we were on exchanges. I had sister Lindsay with me. We had another great lesson with Brendan. He's one of those investigators that everyone just thinks is a member. Like yesterday at church he showed up in a suit, white shirt, and tie. Like half of the YSAs haven't even gotten the memo on that one. He asks for scriptures to
read or talks to watch etc as pre-reading for our lessons. And yes during this lesson we were talking about baptism and he was talking about how the more he learns the more baptism means to him. So of course we talk about August 6th and he goes "I could see it happening sooner. I mean my birthday is already special and then to combine that with my baptism would be awesome but it would mean a lot more to me if you, sister Doig, could actually be there." So yeah we are working on a new date for him. So that was super exciting. Other than that it was actually a rainy (more like misty) day so we visited a few members, a less active family, institute. Nothing too exciting.

Friday we had weekly planning. It was still trying to rain all day. So yeah nothing too exciting there either.

Saturday we saw Esther again. We also had to video a quick 30 second thing to send to the APs to put in this slide show for president and sister Mella. Each zone was supposed to do it at some iconic part of their area. Well our area isn't too exciting so it was hard to find a spot. But these elders sent the zone leaders a text saying they found this cool spot where we could all drive up and and see the whole valley. So we all show up only to find that this spot happened to be a house that was for sale that they wanted everyone to go and stand on the wrap around porch and film this thing. Why the elders were ever even house hunting up in the hills is beyond me.

Sunday was church all day. We met with a less active briefly after church and then had to run out to dinner at the Calls. It's this cute old couple that has been doing this for the YSAs twice a month since before I was born. Brendan wanted to go and so we kinda showed him the way out there dumped him on a couple of members and then left shortly after as we had another dinner to get to. A member from the Mandarin ward was going to have Tiffany over for dinner and so they wanted us to go as well. Of course they lived out in San Jose so it was a bit of a trek but Tiffany offered to give us a ride so it was worth it.

So yeah it's been fun just running around trying to get as much done as possible. And it sounds like you're doing the same. I hope you have a nice day with Grandma Berry!

Love ya
Sister Doig


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