June 8, 2017


Santa Clara, CA, USA


Sister Huang

Kaylene's June 5, 2017 Letter

Well dang talk about a crazy week. At least you got a couple games of golf in amidst all the meetings.

Well I guess this week started with a phone call Monday night saying that actually for the coming transfer we would not be covering the Cupertino Mandarin Ward anymore but rather the Campbell Family Ward. So that required a few phone calls including one to get permission to continue to teach Tiffany because her meeting with elders just would not work out for her.

Tuesday was transfers. We were the only companionship not changing and we have a set of elders in a car share. They need to get 4 people and 2 people's stuff to the mission office and back in our little corollas. So we offered them our car for the morning. Well at 11:30 they called and said hey can we go get lunch before we drop our stuff off and then bring you the car. We said yes as in our minds lunch is to be 30 min but let's be honest it will take an hour and then unloading stuff and bringing the car back we should have our car back in 2 hours tops. Well at 2 pm the elders they live with and share a car with phoned and said hey when do you really need you car because the elders haven't come back from lunch yet to unload their stuff and aren't answering the phone. So we decided that seeing as we co-cover the YSA Ward with them and we're all meeting with our ward mission leader that night they would just give us our car then. Well that meant we had to be normal missionaries and walk all day. We didn't have much planned and there was no one we could see between our place and dinner so we just walked around for a few hours, had dinner, and then walked to the church for our meeting. Now here's the scoop. We live in Santa Clara and the stake center is in Saratoga. It was quite the walk. But I mean it was fine. The elders are still yet to tell us what exactly they were doing with the car but I saw the amount of miles they used and I just don't even want to know.

Other than that we tried to get a hold of the different leaders in the Campbell Ward. We are co-covering that one with elders as well. We didn't get a hold of the ward mission leader until Saturday night and then in SMCM on Sunday the stake presidency said that our ward had the worst ward mission leader so yeah probably not our best source of help in figuring out how we can help the ward. We got to talk to the bishop for literally 5 minutes but I mean they are hecka busy. The relief society president is great though. She sat down with us and then goes okay being new to the ward and having a YSA Ward I'm assuming you don't have dinner so she invited us back that night for dinner which was super nice. But yeah it's really just a gong show trying to get help for many of the leaders or the elders to know what's going on in the ward, getting lists of like less actives and what not, and just figuring out what exactly we can do. So we will see how this all works out.

Now with that being said we are super excited to be in this ward for one reason. So these elders phoned us on like Thursday and were like okay so we just baptized this guy like a week ago but he's actually in your stake so we want to encourage him to go to your YSA Ward. He has a sister that went to his baptism and felt the spirit and told us she wants to be baptized too. Now she is married (the husband is still in Africa) and has a 2 year old and is in the Campbell Ward boundaries. They had it all lined up to where she would be at church on Sunday. Her name is Esther and yes she was at church. Talk about a crazy
meeting though. We had no clue who anyone was or where any of her classes were or the nursery for her daughter and what not with it being our first Sunday there. And of course the meetings over lap with our YSA Ward. So it was a bit of a mess on our end running around like chickens with our heads cut off. But there were many tender mercies as like this lady comes up to us with her little daughter and was like I'm the nursery leader how old is your daughter, oh mine too does she want to come with us. And then just the fact that her daughter actually willingly went to nursery rather than crying or being shy or whatever. It was great. So yeah we look forward to meeting with Esther this week.

Tiffany is doing really well. It had been over a week since we had talked to her in person. But it was great because she was telling us all about her trip and how they drive past the San Diego temple and she was showing us pictures. Before we could even pray to start the lesson she goes I'm ready for the baptism. We were both just like did you say what we think you just said? She said she had been pondering and praying and while she was driving home from Southern California she heard in her mind the words "now is your time". So that was super awesome! It was funny to see her try and describe this experience. It took her a while to settle on the words she heard. So yeah we had a good little lesson with her. So unless something crazy happens in her interview we will be having a baptism at the end of the month.

Brendan is doing super good as well. He asks so many questions it's ridiculous. His lessons are always long. But they are bomb lessons. He was super excited to get the gospel library app and be able to read all the lessons and pull them up during class and what not. It was funny as we texted him in the middle of the week and asked if he had read the book or Mormon he goes "I started but then got distracted by the app and watched 2 hours of that conference". We talked a lot about baptism with him and it's a bit of a process. He finally told us a little more of his background. So apparently his parents are super catholic and he was baptized catholic but growing up he felt that it was "missing something" so he just didn't go. And then felt like he still needed religion so he has been trying different churches for a few years and had known a couple less active members and thought he would check it out our church so that's what brought him to pull it up
online. Anyway we were trying to set a baptismal date and well we succeeded up it ended up a little farther out than we envisioned. But his birthday is August 6 so that's what he wanted to set for he time being. So we will see.

Other than that it was MLC this week. Which is like my favorite meeting ever. It was President and Sister Mella's last MLC so that made it a really good one but also a really sad one. We are going to have a couple crazy weeks as this month ends and the new one begins with all the farewell and welcome stuff. The crazy thing was we drove to the Los Altos apartment to exchange to head to MLC so I could actually be with my STL companion and well there are 5 sisters in that apartment and what I saw was not okay. I hate how the other STL that actually lives there never does anything nor does she tell me anything. Let's just say there are going to be some exchanges this week because that stuff is not happening all transfer long. Honestly I never knew that the white handbook or that the schedule or any of that stuff was optional.

Anyways so yeah. I think that's about all that went down this week. I don't know it's hard to keep track of it all. Three great investigators. Some meetings. 8 sisters to take care of one of those being my comp. Yep it's a fun life.

Anyways I hope that you have a great week and don't kill yourself off with all the things you have going on. Take care!

Love ya!
Sister Doig


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