May 29, 2017


Santa Clara, CA, USA


Sister Huang

Kaylene's May 29, 2017 Letter

Yep it sure sounds like another crazy week at the zoo. Thanks for all the pictures. They are all so cute! Of course Shalease is rocking the boots. And then Sabrina is wearing my dress haha. I mean if we had known that's the dress she wanted she totally could have actually worn my dress instead of buying the same one. And of course my favorite picture is Emily with her dad (sorry Nathan). I love her so much! She may be the only person in the ward that I really want to see when I get home.

This week was okay. Nothing like the one before that's for sure. But isn't that how it always goes in missionary work.

We didn't get to see Tiffany near as much this week. We saw her closer to the beginning of the week and had an okay lesson with her. Actually the lesson lesson part kinda sucked. We were finishing up commandments with her and it's a good thing she is already familiar with them and has already signed BYUs honour code. We have the lessons at Yo-yo's house, one of our members. Well her husband ended up coming home half way through the lesson and then her toddler got super fussy. So we made it quick and got out of there. But what was good was we had a good heart to heart outside of her car for like 20 minutes afterwards. From that we now know what our next lesson is going to be on. But yeah she was just super busy this week as she had finals and then made a
trip to Southern California to see a friend this weekend.

Brendan! I know it was funny but it was so true. If a nonmember, especially a male, walked through the doors he would be walked directly over to the elders and that so wasn't happening. We did have a great lesson with Him this week. He just soaks it all up and is the best at asking questions. He came to church for all three hours this week. I was cringing the whole time as people were preaching from the pulpit things like you can't drink coke, and then a member asked a deep question in gospel principle class which is supposed to be like the investigators class, and then who knows what happened in elders quorum. He admitted that all of it just went way over his head as he has almost no religious background like at all. But it's all good because it didn't completely scare him away. We're just going to have a lot of explaining to do at our lesson today.

Other than that this week was a lot of walking around. We dropped by a few members as well trying to get to know them and gain some support from them as well.

It was transfer calls. I'm still an STL. That makes 7 transfers or something like that now. I forget what being a normal missionary is like. But that's okay I love it. But I do know I'll be released after this one seeing as the following transfer won't be a full one for me. Our whole zone is getting switched around. We are the only companionship staying the same. So with that being said yep neither one of us is getting transferred so this will be fun. It's been a hard 6 weeks and I don't know how another 6 is going to go. What makes it worse is sister Huang wanted to get transferred. All that day or even this whole week she kept bringing up transfers and saying she wanted to go and then the call never came. I mean I get it she has been in the Mandarin ward for like 5 transfers but she's only been in the YSA ward for 2. So yep we'll see how this goes....

I hope you have another great week!

Love ya
Sister Doig


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