May 22, 2017


Santa Clara, CA, USA


Sister Huang

Kaylene's May 22, 2017 Letter

I can honestly say that I think my week was more exciting than yours. The miracles that have been coming are insane! We had a crazy busy week packed full of them. I don't even know how to summarize it all. There have been some crazy things like the sister that I talked about that was a little lot bit depressed yeah she went home his week so her companion is in a trio with the others STL (seeing as they are all Spanish speakers) till the transfer is over. We have had lots of fun things like that going on on top of the usual struggles with my companion. I get frustrated more often than I care to admit. But oh my goodness God is so good. It has been so awesome. Just seeing how this all plays out in answer to my prayers as well as the investigators prayers and just everything. This is 100% Gods work, Gods will, and Gods timing. And even after 15 almost 16 months I never cease to be amazed as I watch it play out.

But anyways more on that in a sec. that's great that you have been able to spend some time out golfing. I guess you and bro Barr are just the couple of injured old fogies walking the course now a days haha.

I guess that counts as miracle number one. I 100% agree with your executive decision on the apartments. That sounds way better than either of the other two!

It sounds like you had a good little trip to Kalispell. Good for Chad, that's great!

Okay so some of the events of the week we had interviews with president which are my favorite things ever. Sadly he had to go pick up some temple square sisters so they had to be super short. But yeah we always have a good chat.

We spent a lot of time with Tiffany and oh my goodness it has been night and day difference with her. She has just hit the accelerator and it's full speed ahead. It all started with like I said in last weeks email she read the whole Book of Mormon in one day. Then I think it was Monday night she texted us saying that she had prayed for help in her English class and a couple hours later she had an email from her teacher saying she could hand in the assignment at the end of the week. She was so excited. We saw her on Wednesday and talked a lot about the Book of Mormon she had a couple of questions that we went over which was great. She then started talking about her prayer and just seeing the look on her face and everything was priceless. She said that those two things have made her want to get baptized just a little bit more. (She still wasn't ready to set a date at that point). We have gotten into the commandments with her which are super easy as she has already signed BYUs honour code. Also she said the closing prayer again and oh my goodness her prayers are so much better. It was the first time she prayed longer than 2 sentences and without writing it down. She told us that prayer was hard for her but now she prays at least twice a day. Saturday we went up to the Oakland temple with her. We just walked around and went into the visitors center and what not. We watched these new videos on the translating of the Book of Mormon and on the witnesses they were super cool. Anyways Tiffany loved the temple! It was on our way back when we were talking that we got her to set a baptismal date for next month. She still says she isn't 100% sure yet but she's getting there. Now we at least have something to work towards. Then she was at church on Sunday and we went to a "why I believe" fireside where she met president and sister Mella. Of course they had heard her whole story at interviews so all we had to do was walk in and say this is Tiffany and their eyes got really big and they just had a good time chatting. It was funny as President was giving his little piece he was talking about the Book of Mormon and goes "in fact we have someone here that read the entirety of it not in English in a single day" Again the look on Tiffanys face was priceless. She is going down in mission history for that one. There were just so many things about the fireside that she enjoyed. Also she has social anxiety well let me tell ya a room full of missionaries doesn't. We were super impressed on how so many people came up to talk to her and she actually had a good time talking with them rather than shying away. President also asked her if he could come to one of her lessons someday so if the schedules line up we have that to look forward to... Also on our way to the fireside she was telling us another prayer that she said just that day that had been answered as she was trying find something important that she had lost. It's just to that point where you can see it. She just looks different than she did a month ago. Like I said I can't even begin to include all of the things and miracles that have happened with her over the past week.

Our other miracle of the week is Brendan. So we have had so much going on with the sisters, and interviews, and Tiffany that the weekend rolled around and no new investigators. We just didn't get to do much finding and it's hard as it is finals so YSAs just don't want to hear anything until those are over and Mandarin is always a struggle to find. So anyway we knew the weekend was coming but Friday is mainly consumed with weekly planning, Saturday was going to the the temple trip all day, and then Sunday we had church with an extra meeting tagged on at the end so we were in meetings from about 9-5 barely got in some dinner and then were at the fireside. But we still really wanted to find someone. Well we are sitting in our Mandarin ward when we got a text. Now I hate texting in church but this was important. So it was just this random number that said hey I want to come to church can you send me the address. I looked all through the area book and there was no one under that number not a former or anything. So of course we say yes and find out which ward get his name and everything. So we made sure we were early to the YSA ward in order to meet him at the door cause there was no way the Elders were picking up this one. So he came. He was only able to stay for sacrament but he really liked it and we have a lesson with him this week. We asked him how he got our number because at first we were racking our brains trying to think of people we had handed out cards to and what not but once we actually saw him we knew we had never met him before. Well apparently he was just looking up churches on line and it said there was a Mormon church near him and our number was listed so he just texted us. He's super cool he was a professional soccer player. He's been playing in a few different countries his most recent being Germany but
got injured so he came back this way and is now at school. So yeah who knows we will see where this all goes but hey no matter what still a super cool miracle.

Anyways there is all the fun stuff of the week. I hope that everything goes well and that you all have another great week!

Love ya
Sister Doig


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