May 15, 2017


Santa Clara, CA, USA


Sister Huang

Kaylene's May 15, 2017 Letter

It sure sounds like you had a busy week between work, church, Nathan, & dreams of golfing.

You sure have been making a few trips up to the city lately. Have fun with that one.

Yeah the fear especially after my first summer here was a summer in Livermore (the hottest part of the mission in the summer) luckily I dodged that bullet...barely. As for the fan problem number one the Walmart here is not a super center Walmart and therefore doesn't have anything but groceries. Plus the mission office has a bunch they are just in the storage and require a trip to the office and I don't like wasting time to go to the office. But I'm not too worried about it I'll get one at some point.

Yeah one of my favorite things is honestly exchanges. They are the best. As much of a chore as it is to take care of all of these sisters I love it and it will be a sad day when I'm not an STL anymore.

Well I know you got half of is over the skype but here's a quick run down of the week.

Tuesday was exchanges. I was in the Lawrence station area with sister Lindsay. She is a convert of just over 2 years. Their area has been suffering and so they needed a little pump up. So yeah I had to give her a little pep talk and then just go and hit the streets with a smile on my face. Also she is training for the first time and they do not get along. They don't even talk to each other. So yeah we're still kind of working through that one.

Wednesday was a bunch of finding and a lesson with Tiffany. We are just in the process of finding out what her true concerns are. She comes to church, will be going to BYU, on Saturday she read the whole Book of Mormon cover to cover....slowly but surely we are getting there.

Thursday was more exchanges. So I spent the day smiling and waving again as I was with sister Reyes in the Spanish area. So yeah that was fun. But I got an earful the night I got there as her companion has kind of hit this spot of depression and all she wants to do is pout
and sleep so they haven't been getting much done. So yep we're still working through that one too.

Friday was mainly weekly planning. We were finally able to sit down with an active family to get to know them better and actually fulfill some of these goals of working with members. Of course they are in the Mandarin ward but the lesson was half in English so that was a plus.

Saturday was mainly contacting and drop bys. We also helped the Spanish sisters with a service. More to help them than the members we were doing service for.

Sunday was church all day long. Then you throw in dinner and a Skype call and that about does the day.

So yeah that was my week. Mainly just exchanges again. Some of the members are starting to ask. The plan is to be in the area all week but it all depends on how some things play out so we will see what happens.

Anyways I hope you all have a great week!

Love ya
Sister Doig


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