May 9, 2017


Santa Clara, CA, USA


Sister Huang

Kaylene's May 8, 2017 Letter

Is it sad to say one of the things I look forward to when I get home is mowing the lawn? Haha. That's good that you were able to have a somewhat relaxing Saturday.

Yeah that sounds about like our Sundays. I always say there is a reason p-day is the next day. The difference is you have to go to work the next day.

Yeah it has surprised me too as to why the Elders get all the referrals as in all my other areas I have seen it goes the other way. Everyone loves sisters so I don't know what they did to screw that one up over here. But oh well I guess it's just my job to fix it.

It sounds like you've ran into a fair number of people especially with everyone coming home for the summer. Tell them all I say hi.

Speaking of summer it is definitely summer here. It was 30+ degrees all week. And of course our apartment doesn't have a fan (I'm working with the mission office on that one).

As for my week we were given this referral from President Mella who got it from the mission president in Ohio who got it from one of the stake president there. So long story short this stake president has been fellowshipping this lady who just moved to Cupertino and is from China. So we were told to go make it happen and not screw up that we had 2 mission presidents and a stake president on our backs and had to keep them all updated. So we got that one Sunday and therefor made sure we contacted it Monday. No luck but we left our card. Well she actually texted us and what not but it didn't take long until we found that she would rather go to church in English so we had to pass it right along to the elders. But from the little bit we got to talk with her and what the elders say she already has one foot in the font.

Tuesday we had to plan with the zone leaders for zone conference. Seeing as we don't have ZTMs anymore they expect us to accomplish everything we would in a 2-3 hour ZTM in 1 hour during zone conference. Other than that just lots of finding and then we met up with the El Camino Spanish sister for an exchange.

Wednesday I was in the El Camino area all day with sister Doyle. It was a blast. I love exchanges. They happen to live with the Lawrence station sisters and so I finally got to talk with them in person rather than just over the phone. And well let's just say I am leaving to go on exchanges with them tonight as they need a little help things aren't as great as they tried to make them seem over the phone. So we are just kind of accelerating there exchanges.

Thursday we had zone conference which was super good. It was weird trying to fit a mini ZTM in there especially when you cover 2 zones so I only got to spend 30 min with each. It's weird to think we only have one more zone conference with President Mella before he leaves. After all of that we just had institute.

Friday we had a lesson with Tiffany in the morning. It went pretty well. She is one of those that are just so close yet so far. But hey we got her to actually pray which is a big step for her. Other than that we mainly just had weekly planning. That night we dropped by the Gou family. Only the wife was home so we did a little Book of Mormon reading with her and invited them to church. And then we met up with sister Monney and her companion for exchanges.

So all Saturday I got to spend up in Pleasanton with sister Monney. I love that woman. It was a blast. Neither one of us have the ideal companions so it was great to just have a stress free day getting missionary work done. It was fun to just sit down and teach with her. After 15 months we can still read each other's minds in a lesson. So yeah that was great and much needed.

Sunday we had a meeting with our ward mission leader, then ward council, then the mandarin ward. Tiffany came for all three hours and then the Gou family showed up for sacrament. So instead of leaving to our other ward where we had no investigators say they would come we just sat in sacrament with those three. We then had to run and catch the last bit of sacrament up in the YSA ward and then we had SMCM with the missions and stake presidents. Then we caught the last of relief society. So yeah then we had dinner and just visited a few members.

So yeah there's that. I think sister Huang is wondering if we really are companions or if some of the people think I really exist. With exchanging for MLC the other week, being gone 2 days this past week and it will be 2 more days this week.... I think there are a few people that sister Doyle has seen more than I have. It sure makes the weeks fly by though.

Anyways I hope you all have a great week and a happy Mother's Day! And I'll talk to you on Sunday :)

Love ya
Sister Doig


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