May 1, 2017


Santa Clara, CA, USA


Sister Huang

Kaylene's May 1, 2017 Letter

You just can't catch a break can ya? Between work, church, and your children making you run every which way.

I'm glad that Nathan's tournament went well. He sure did really really well. It's great to see what that team has been able to accomplish as it is such a new thing at the high school. I don't really know where Nathan can go from here with it but it sure is a great talent.

It sounds like a great stake presidency it will just take a good while to transition. It sure will be weird having Bishop as the Stake President when I return. So yep that also means we have a new Bishop coming our way.

Yeah everyone says give it 6 months and then you will be set with the language and what not the sad thing is I definitely do not have 6 months and I may have as little as 6 weeks who knows. Yeah I try to just not space out. I try and just listen closely for the words that I do know and see if I can piece things together. Or I make a great distraction for the little kids. At least one family we are trying to teach has a 3-4 yr old I would guess so yeah I kind of get the job of keeping him quiet while mom and dad have a lesson. Which is hard when he only speaks Mandarin as well.

It sucks as both of these Wards have had elders longer than sisters and so we are just considered secondary. So like if someone new moves in or a referral comes it is all always given directly to the elders. Someone starts to talk about missionaries and missionary work they look to the elders. If anyone gets dinner appointments it's the elders. So yeah that's all really frustrating.

This week was interesting. Tuesday we had district meeting and lunch at the institute as well as a lot of contacting on the different campuses. That's pretty well our lives. We had our correlation meeting as well as I finally got to sit down and clean up a few of the contacts in the phone.

Wednesday was MLC! Which was super good as always I love MLC. The best part I got to see sister Gibson! Not like we got to talk much or anything but we got sit next to each other and enjoy lunch together so that was great. It was funny as we were there getting lunch and what not President come up to us and was like sisters you realize it hasn't even been a week yet? To which we all kind of laughed but sister Gibson and I did correct him in that it had been exactly a week. The meeting went even longer than usual. Then we had to pick up dinner at a sisters home there in San Jose. We sat down and talked for a minute and shared a lesson but then she had us take the food to go as she is a single sister and had made food for the elders as well and wanted us to deliver it before they starved (those are her words). Even though we live close to San Jose now it's still a little bit of a trip especially at those hours. So yeah that pretty well took the day.

Thursday we had a lesson with Tiffany in the morning. She has a friend that's a member and came to church with him a few time but then had some family things come up and made her way back to China but has since come back. She says she likes the peace she feels at church so we have started to teach her. Good thing is she is of the younger generation and attending college here and what not so her English is fine. It's interesting as she is Buddhist. So it makes for some interesting conversation. It's not the typical religion that I have encountered on my mission but it is more common amount the Asian people. Other than that more contacting. A lesson with Sara. We are trying to teach both her and her husband but he has a crazy work schedule right now. That also makes it so they don't get to church. But they have the little kid and their lessons are 100% Mandarin. But as far as I know it went okay. But yeah other than that we had institute.

Friday was weekly planning. More contacting. A few drop bys. Nothing too exciting.

Saturday we did service in the morning and then mapped out a route of some less active as well as active members we could try and see. It's super hard to track down YSAs especially less active ones. But there were a few sisters that the RS pres didn't know that she wanted us to find. It also fun as they all live in apartments so the first battle is finding the complex, then it's finding parking, then the question is, is it a locked complex, and then if you can make it all the way to the door it's are they home? But we were able to track down one of the unknowns and had a great visit with her.

Sunday was church all day. We then ran home and grabbed some food before going with our investigator to a "why I believe fireside" in San Jose. It was super good as always. Those are my favorite firesides on the mission. It took forever to get out of there though as I know practically everyone in the building. There were a few Milpitas members that stopped me but mainly it was the YSA members from San Jose. One of them was speaking so the whole crew came. So I just got stormed after. But yeah that was that.

So I don't know it was an okay week. I still am just trying to figure out what we need to do to get the work really going here. As for the Mandarin let's just say I understood way more at church this week than last week but that doesn't mean much. I can just pick out the occasional word. Seeing as my comp isn't good at translating our investigator Tiffany took it upon herself to translate for me. She is so sweet.

So yeah I don't know. I'm just taking it a day at a time. Well see what the next week brings...

I hope you all have a great week!

Sister Doig


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