April 18, 2017


Livermore, CA, USA


Sister Gibson

Kaylene's April 17, 2017 Letter

Update from Ken: We just received notice that Kaylene's Mission Office is moving to a new location. They have requested that no packages be sent to the Mission Office for missionaries until the new address is identified. I will post a new address here when I know what it is.

Kaylene's Letter:
Yeah life has been great just being in a duo again. I love sister Gibson! I'm not gonna lie we felt a little jipped having to be in a trio for a month.

So it sounds like I'm not missing too much in the baseball world. I hope they (Blue Jays) can get it all together soon.

Well it sure sounds like you have had a busy week. But it also sounds like you were able to squeeze in some fun.

That's great that everything has worked out with Paul's ankle and he came finally get back to just wearing shoes.

Yeah if there is anything a mission has taught me it's that I'm 110% okay with not having sisters. But yeah it sure has been an adventure with the Fremont Sisters. But believe it or not we/they were able to sort it all out for the most part. We spent a good chunk of time with them after their ZTM and there was just a night and day difference. But yes ultimately it is transfer time and one of them is leaving she had been in the area for 6 months so she was bound to leave anyway.

So yeah Tuesday we had Livermore ZTM in the morning. Other than that just a lot of finding. Lots of contacting (between spurts or rain, it will be nice and sunny then all of a sudden rain for a bit and stop and go and stop...all week) and lots of less active and active member drop by's. Just trying to find people.

Wednesday was Pleasanton ZTM. So I got to see Sister Monney again. While at the meeting she got an email this one came straight from Salt Lake pretty well saying that monthly zone meetings are a waste of time and money and should be stopped. So who knows when president will make that announcement but I guess that means this was our last round of ZTMs. I love being best friends with the coordinating STL you just get to learn things. But yeah then more finding in all forms of the word.

Thursday was Fremont ZTM. After the meeting we took the sisters to go pick up their car that was at the shop (a whole bunch of the mission cars were recalled) and then took them to lunch and what not. As I said things were looking a lot better there. I'm glad that whole headache is over. So yeah we didn't get back to Livermore till late afternoon. But we did see Andrea that night. I'm gonna miss her she is just so cute. We also got leadership calls. Sister Gibson was called to be a trainer! But sadly that confirmed the thought that I would be transferred and we would no longer be companions :(

Friday was weekly planning. Seeing as I would be leaving I made sure sister Gibson did most of it and knew where everyone was at and that all the records are updated and that I would be leaving her with all the necessary information about the area and the people here. Other than that more finding.

Saturday we finally got to go do service. But yeah then just a day full of finding. I did see sister Stearns for the last time. That night was transfer calls and yep I'm leaving Livermore. I am going to the Saratoga zone and am covering the Cupertino family ward and the Silicon Valley YSA Ward. So I'm back to YSA. My companion will be Sister Huang. She is from Taiwan and has been on her mission for probably about a year. I know she came to the field he same time as Sister Maka and Sister Gibson but she had to spend more time in the MTC learning English. I went contacting with her for a bit her first
day of the mission. All I know is that she is super sweet. So yeah who knows what this adventure will bring....

Sunday we had church and lots of it like usual. We had Easter dinner with the Gundermans and the Chambers which was super good. I was able to say good bye to a few people. But to be honest there weren't a whole lot of people we were super close to up here plus a lot of people are out of town.

And here we are today just finishing up packing and all of that fun stuff so I can leave tomorrow. I'm excited but not all at the same time. You would think you would just get used to transfers but you don't. You still kind of worry what your companion is going to be like and what the area will be like. I just hope we have people to teach when I get there...

Anyways that's all that's been going on here. I hope you have another great week!

Love ya tons
Sister Doig


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