April 10, 2017


Livermore, CA, USA


Sister Gibson

Kaylene's April 10, 2017 Letter

Well it sure sounds like you had a busy week.

Yeah that sure will be interesting making a stake presidency change. It's hard to believe that it's been President Low for that long.

Yeah I love President Mella. I wish I were just going home with him rather than having like a month with the new one it's not like I'll ever really get to know President Hunt.

Yeah the funny thing is I didn't think I put my hair in that kind of a bun that often but yeah you know me it's usually in a braid or some form of a bun. Sister Gibson thinks that for my last Sunday here I should wear white and put my hair in two buns rather than just one. Ain't gonna happen but it sure would be funny.

As for the Jays that's unfortunate but like you said it still early and at least the games have been fairly close rather than huge blow outs.

Well, we definitely have golfing weather here. If I get sent down south maybe I'll go take a picture at pebble beach for ya.

As for my has been beyond crazy. It has been a long and exhausting one. All I can say is I sure had to be an STL this week.

It all started on Tuesday. It was sister Bakers last day with us and so she really wanted to make sure we got to service as they don't do service on temple square. At this point we were just giving the princess what she wanted as yeah she was leaving soon and president said to just have her going out bound on a good note. (She has been presidents problem child from the square). Anyway while at service we got a text from one of the Fremont Sisters saying her companion had been crying all morning and she had no idea what to do. So we left service early and gave them a call. From the phone call we decided we need to make the trek over there. So we quickly got food, gave the Elders the things that they would need for the activity night that night, and threw all of sister Bakers stuff in the car. So we were down there by 2ish and spent several hours with them just talking through stuff. Split them up for a minute so that we could really talk with them. We then had to fight traffic to get sister Baker to the mission home where she would spend her last night. We gave president a quick run down of what just happened and then had to make our way through traffic to get back up to Livermore. We made it back home at 8-8:30ish and still hadn't had dinner or anything. We were completely exhausted.

Wednesday was the only day that we really got to do any normal missionary work. What was fun was a couple weeks ago we had been contacting / tracking and had just got into the car. Well we see this salesman going door to door and he was walking past our car and we had the window down so we just started talking to him (talk about an awkward contact) well we gave him our number and now a couple weeks later he actually texted us. He said he was going out of town for a couple weeks but had some time to meet up that day. So we had a great lesson with him. His big interest came from the fact that the CEO and many members of his company are members and the head quarters are in Lehi Utah. So yeah we will see where all of this goes.

Thursday we got to go up to the temple. So that took a big chunk of the day. It's always a good little break from life. It's weird to think that that will probably be my last temple trip as a missionary seeing as I'm going home on the transfer cycle so I probably won't be going before I leave. But yeah we were also able to see Andrea that night.

Friday we had MLC all day. President has some new mission wide standards that we are accountable for every night. The goal is for every companionship to baptize by the end of next transfer so the end of May. And so we are to all do 2 hrs of finding through our own efforts and 2 hrs of finding through members every day. So we will see how that all works out.

Saturday we had to do our weekly planning. We had to plan for Pleasanton ZTM that will happen next week. We saw sister Stearns. Nothing too exciting.

Sunday was fun hopping between meetings. We had ward council, enough of sacrament meeting in order to take the sacrament and then off to another ward council then back to the first ward so we could teach relief society and then back to the other ward for gospel principles and then over to the stake offices for SMCM. But yeah other than that we just tried to knock out our assignment from the ward council. We were given a list of a several people that they were 90% sure had moved or that they knew had moved and had no new address for. So they wanted us to go and see if we can get that info. That seems to be all this ward thinks we are good for because each ward council they just add to our list. But yeah we were able to find many people at home which was good and we were able to confirm that they had moved but of course they don't know where to. But yeah we also had to plan for the Fremont ZTM.

So yeah that has literally been our week. Meetings and dealing with sister drama in Fremont. We have had to make several phone calls down that way and are making another trip down there this week. But hey our purpose is to invite others to come into Christ. This week those people were just other missionaries.

Have a good one! I love you!

Sister Doig

Also while at the temple there was this couple going through for the first time. They were super young and what we gathered was that they will be getting married. Well let's just say seeing them walk into the celestial room and hug their parents was super special. I'm not gonna lie it was hard too though. Seeing this girl there with her family hugging her dad for like 5 minutes as they were both sure brought me back to the day I first went through the temple. Sister Gibson started to tear up when she hugged her mom and she just looked at me and said we have got to get out of here. You can't help but see that and wish you were there hugging your family. So just know there is a big hug awaiting you when we reach the airport in a few months.


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