April 3, 2017


Livermore, CA, USA


Sister Gibson & Sister Baker

Kaylene's April 3, 2017 Letter

So today was sister Bakers last day and so she wanted to actually go do something. So we spent most of the day hiking in Fremont so I'm gonna have to keep this short.

Well it sounds like things are pretty normal at home. It's always great to hear what everyone is up to.

Tuesday was exchanges. Nothing too exciting there. But is was great as I got to spend the day with sister Monney and just catch up after 14 months. So ya that just made for a really great day. She has had a lot going on at home, with her comp, and coordinating STL she just really needed someone she could talk to and then just go out and do some work. All I can say is we have both come a long way since then and boy do we make a bomb companionship now.

The highlight of Wednesday was interviews. Mainly we just talked a lot about my companions and the other sisters up here. But there were a couple things that president mentioned and it sounds like I will probably be leaving Livermore sooner rather an later. First he asked
where I would like my last area to be. He also said things like keep the faith people can be baptized in Livermore I'm sure you can start teaching someone and be back for the baptism. Also it's official my release date is August 2nd.

Thursday nothing too exciting we had district meeting as well as a great lesson with Andrea. I swear she knows more about the gospel than all the other YW and she's only been a member since December.

Friday was weekly planning. And we had a great lesson with sister Thacker. We showed her the new Easter video (which is bomb you should all go watch it). And she pretty well said she didn't like to think of the Atonement because it made her feel guilty. The other sisters didn't know how to respond and well needless to say I changed her thinking real fast.

Saturday we had conference which was amazing! As well as anger lesson with sister Stearns.

Sunday was more conference! I will say I didn't get as much out of the Sunday morning session as I should have but the Paradise family was there and their 4 kids (ages 9, 7, 4, & about 2) love me (their youngest calls me princess Laia don't ask me why). Anyway so as soon as I walk in they all had to sit with me so I had 2 on each side. And of course these are the kids that are usually running circles around the sacrament room and up on the stand and what not. So yeah I had to try and entertain them and keep them still and quiet. I think I did a pretty good job but boy am I not ready for mom status. I can't do that
one every day. All the other missionaries were making mom jokes for the rest of the day. But yeah while I didn't get too much out of that session the parents did so I guess it was worth it. I'll just read it later during personal study. We also stopped by the Ellis's. These are the members that I think are just like granny and that want me to marry their son. So yeah that was eventful and she is going to take us to the temple this week so I'm excited!

And then yeah today we are just running around trying to get things ready for sister Baker to go as well as have fun before she has to go back to prison (temple square).

Well have a good one!

Sister Doig


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