March 27, 2017


Livermore, CA, USA


Sister Gibson & Sister Baker

Kaylene's March 27, 2017 Letter

Well it sure sounds like you had a busy week. I'll be sure to watch for the package who knows when we or anyone else will be down that direction next.

Yeah I'm glad it was sister Monney called to be the Coordinating STL, she needed it. She was getting kinda trunkie and now with this calling she doesn't have time to get trunkie. So it's good for her, her companion, and the work.

As for Maggie things just didn't work out as we had hoped. Some things came up so her lesson fell through. And when it came to the women's conference she wasn't able to make it after all. But I mean that was probably a good thing as the power went out 15 minutes before it was to start and they were trying to pull it up through all sorts of means while everyone is chilling in the dark. They then kinda gave up and were like just go outside and have dessert. But the power finally came back on and we were able to watch it. So yeah it was a little crazy

Yeah I already know that transfers are coming in the next couple weeks and that I have been here a while. There is a possibility that I have one more transfer here but with how long I've been here and how long I've been with sister Gibson and how much mission I have left I may be
leaving Livermore sooner rather than later....but apparently that's been my job on the mission work your tail off until a dead area is not so dead and then leave.

Tuesday we had service in the morning and more drop by's as well as planning for our exchanges. Of course the Fremont sisters phone us that afternoon saying that one of them had an appointment in San Jose the next day and so that kinda wrecked our plans. So we made some last minute changes to all of that. So we ended up ending the night with our youth activity and then having to rush down to Fremont where I would spend the night with sister Doney and everyone else would come back up this way.

Wednesday was quite the day. We did a couple things in the morning but most of the day was driving down to south San Jose for this appointment and then coming back right in the middle of traffic and made it to Livermore in time for dinner. But it was good as that's what she needed and it gave us enough time to just talk through everything in her head. She's just been struggling a bit lately. I don't know, we might have to make another trip down that way in a week or so again we will see. But all I can say is being in a car for that long is draining enough but then add talking feelings and what not
through with a sister...oh boy. I was just ready for bed.

Thursday was zone conference. It was super good as always but it has gotten to that point where I've heard it all before. Where you just know everything that is coming out of presidents mouth what scriptures and PMG quotes and everything. I did get called out though. At the end president goes we see this all the time in companies as well as the mission where people learn so much and are great assets, then they retire or in this case go home and take all their knowledge with them so he then called up a few of us and was sure to point out that we all had less an 6 months left and had us sit up front and then he and all the other missionaries just asked us questions. So yeah that was kinda nerve wracking at first as he didn't warn any of us but it turned out okay I think. Those are the times when it really sinks in that missions do come to an end as like I said this week president phoned and was asking about my release date and then he just goes of talking about us leaving at zone conference. When people go to ask how long you've been out and you companions are very quick to jump in and say that you only have 4 months left. It's weird it always feels like that is forever away. I don't like being the old missionary as I still feel like I know nothing some days. So yeah I just try to forget about it all.

Friday we had weekly planning. More drop by type stuff as well we went to see if Maggie was home. She wasn't so we decided to just knock the whole complex. What came out of that was a bunch of referrals for the Spanish elders. We then went to dinner and that's where it all went down hill. I'm not gonna lie dinner was kinda gross but you know you just eat it anyways. Well we then continued to try and see people but all of us just kept feeling progressively worse and so we opted into going to the church where we could use the computers and print off a few talks and things that we needed while being close to a washroom. That was a fun night as we all just sat in the middle of the floor at home around a trash can. Gotta love food poisoning.

So that made Saturday extra fun. We woke up feeling a little better but we were to have sports activity with the zone that morning ya that didn't happen. We also had a meeting with our ward mission leader and he made us breakfast so we had to eat it. But that just made us feel extra gross so we quickly made our way home and went back to chilling on the floor. Somehow we accomplished studies and then service. But by then we were starving so we decided to eat again knowing it was just going to make us feel gross so most of lunch was again spent on the floor.

But we did get a few lessons in. We saw Nick someone we tracted in to. He has family that are members. We had a pretty good lesson with him. He is reading the Book of Mormon just to kinda see what's in there. His big hold backs are is he is bitter that his son got married in the
temple and he wasn't able to go, as well as his grandchildren get onto him for things like drinking coffee. But yeah he's totally cool with us coming over and he is reading and praying and says he will come to church soon so who knows... we also saw sister Stearns. As well as had the women's conference that night. So yeah for a day of feeling like all three of us were going to throw up we felt pretty accomplished.

Then Sunday was church all day. We then saw Eric and had a great discussion with him. We then rushed over to help the less active Indian family set up for their 4 year olds birthday party. Then we were finally able to eat for the first time all day. But yeah nothing too exciting that evening.

So yeah that was pretty well our week. It seemed to just kinda be one thing after the next. Anyways I hope you have a great week and get a chance to at least relax a little.

Love ya
Sister Doig


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