March 26, 2017


Livermore, CA, USA


Sister Gibson & Sister Baker

Kaylene's March 20, 2017 Letter

Well I'm glad the trip went well and that you have at least made it home safely thus far. It sure looks like a different world over there.

Well it sounds like the sports world is doing pretty good. That's great that Nathan has been doing so well in his tournaments. And that after their terrible appearance at zones that Cardston was able to pull something out.

I know it's crazy that it's conference time again. We are super excited. That's always a fun thing for nonmembers to be able to sit in a meeting and hear a modern prophet speak.

I'm glad that Nathan will finally get his trip to Hawaii. But I mean with this availability date thing can't he just wait the extra 2 weeks until I get home?

That's crazy that Preston will be a deacon. Granny won't have anymore grandkids in primary.

Well as for my week Tuesday morning was service. We also tried to do some contacting but it was super hot. We then did some drop by and weren't having any luck and so we dropped by an active members to say hi and get some water. It was the Pyle's. She is a sweet older lady.
We had a great little visit and then just like the grandma she is we got more than the glass of water we asked for. We couldn't walk out without having had cheesecake and a popsicle too. Other than that we had our youth activity night.

Wednesday we had ZTM in Pleasanton. It went really well. I was able to talk with sister Monney my MTC comp for a bit. She was just made one of the coordinating STL's (sister AP) so she feels way in over her head and like she has too much going on so we were able to help her a bit. I think we will be talking with them and doing lots with them this transfer as she is doing that as well as finishing another sisters training. She needed help working a few things out here after the meeting so in order to make the most of our time we went to their
apartment and figured it all out while having lunch. Then we made our way back to Livermore. We did some more contacting and ran into a guy named Ken. Apparently he had just ran into some elders the day before and talked with them and he attended BYU back in the day with an LDS friends he has just had a few contacts with the church. We tried to contact a referral we received from church head quarters and well no one in the house spoke Spanish so we sent that to the elders. But on our way out of the complex we ran into Maggie. She is super sweet and sounded genuinely interested so we scheduled a time to go back on Friday. And we had our last lesson with sister Jorgensen that night.

Thursday we had district meeting and then we went with some Elders and sister Harwood over to Michelle's. She is the nonmember that teachers Zumba. Well she is going through a divorce and decided that she wanted
a blessing. That was super cool. It was an amazing blessing and the spirit was super strong. She even said that she would like to have us start coming over on the regular to help her rebuild her relationship with God and make sure that she turns towards him during this trial
rather than away. We had a little visit with sister Ellis. She is a sweet older lady in the windmill springs ward. She teachers RS once and a while. She reminds of granny like 100% so that was super fun. I couldn't manage to leave without her trying to set me up with her son and of course my comps had her back on that one....hard pass. There was a stake relief society dinner that evening and then we saw Andrea. All I can say is the youth are amazing.

Friday we had ZTM out in Fremont. This one went super well and good thing as Sister Mella decided to come. We got home in time to have a quick lunch before going to see Maggie. Well we were a little disappointed when she wasn't home. So we just did our weekly planning. We saw sister Oxley that night. She ended up going on this really long tangent of a life story but we did find out when and kind of why she really went less active so that was useful.

Saturday morning we went to see Jennifer a referral from the Spanish elders that isn't in our ward boundaries but she is a single sister that they thought would benefit from sisters. Well she is an interesting child of God. You would just have to meet her to understand. But she wants to change her life and wants god to be a part of it. We taught the restoration and after that she goes okay
cool well are you like going to share a message with me or something? So yeah... we had to phone the elders and get a little more info on her. So we will see what happens. We then did some service at the thrift shop. We saw sister Stearns. Apparently she scares sister Gibson and Baker. I don't know I get along with her just fine but they
say that's because I'm exactly like her so... anyway sister Baker had been begging to stop and get a slurpee so I said that if she went in there and actually participated she could get a slurpee. And that worked really well. We went in and had a great conversation and then made a pit stop at 7 eleven. We also got to sit down with a less
active we just found on the list, sister Earls. She is super nice. It sounds like she joined the church because it was a good atmosphere for her boys and the people were super nice but not because she had a testimony or anything. But when she answered the door she went oh
Mormons we love Mormons come in. So yeah that was good. We also dropped by the Nyholms an active family. Sister Nyholm teaches seminary and said that she was struggling with a couple of things for her lesson as well as creating role play scenarios that she need to submit at a seminary meeting the next day and had been thinking of calling us and there we were. So we just helped her with all that stuff. We then had dinner at home and then dropped by Murti Ram and his family. They are less active. They are this super sweet Indian family. We talked got to know them and of course they wouldn't let us leave without eating a bunch of Indian food (it was like I was back in Redwood City with all the polys feeding me). But yeah they were just super welcoming and treated us like family. They said that whenever we need dinner to just give them a call and that they would even teach us how to make Indian food. Their daughter is also turning 4 here shortly and we are invited to her birthday party. So yeah that was good.

Sunday was the usual church all day. We decided to drop by Maggie again because we all just felt like she was super golden when we first met her. Well she apologized for not being home on Friday that something had come up and she invited us in. So we talked about the restoration and she was super receptive about it all. We invited her to watch the women's session of conference with us on Saturday and she said she would. We are going back this week. So yes we finally have an investigator that we will be teaching past the restoration. Maggie is 19 and a single mom and we can just see how much the gospel can bless her life. I don't even know how to put it all in an email and not make it sound stupid. But all I can say is I love Maggie and am super excited for her and hopefully seeing her grow in the gospel. We also
saw the Wathors that evening.

So yeah overall it was a pretty good week. Slowly but surely we are getting things rolling.

Well have a good one! Love ya

Sister Doig


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