March 14, 2017


Livermore, CA, USA


Sister Gibson & Sister Baker

Kaylene's March 13, 2017 Letter

Well that's good that the basketball team is going to provincials but unfortunate that they just kinda gave up. It sounds like the game to watch was definitely the final though.

That's good that Nathan is still enjoying archery and excelling there.

Well trio life is trio life. We are just trying to make it work. As for sister Baker she is from Michigan. She is number 3 of 4 kids. Half of her immediate family are members and half are not and the half that are are inactive. She joined the church when she was 14. She was in temple square for 9 months, has been here for 2, and will be with us for 1 before heading back to temple square.

As for my week Tuesday we had to go to San Jose and get sister Baker. Which actually turned out to be a long process. For one one of the areas here was being whitewashed so that meant that both Elders needed to take their stuff down but couldn't fit it all in one car and we were taking an empty car down so we had to load up with their stuff well they didn't even start packing until that morning so we didn't even get to start towards San Jose until 9:30 and we were supposed to be there at 10. Then we switched everything around and the Spanish elders say hey we need to take 2 bikes back to Livermore and we don't have a bike rack so you have to take them. We were like okay where are they? Well they had one and the other they had to pick up from the bike shop and it was only going to take 20 mins try an hour and 20 minutes. So yeah we finally made it back to Livermore. Just the usual finding stuff nothing crazy the rest of the day. But when we got home and pulled up our area Book with the transfer and what not everything was wiped again. No schedule, no plans, no lesson reports nothing that happened in the past 2 transfers. So all of the cleaning up of the area book that I did twice now has to be done all over again. Needless to say I was a little ticked.

Wednesday was super nice so it was great to to service outside. Actually it has been super nice all week like in the 20's. Today is supposed to be 27 so yeah you wouldn't have guessed that just a couple weeks ago it was closer to zero and pouring rain. Anyway, we saw
brother Smyth and read a talk "the price of priesthood power" it was kind of a punch in the face but I hunk he needed it. Other than that we met with the ZLs in Pleasanton to plan for ZTM and then met with the Livermore ZLs to plan for ZTM. Then it was dinner with the windmill springs RS president and the a meeting with our Sycamore Grove ward mission leader and then a lesson with Sister Jorgensen. So yeah for the most part it was just a bunch of meetings.

Thursday we had Livermore ZTM which actually went really well. Then we spent a few solid hours finding. We had a few names to drop by so we went to one area and knocked on their door and then ran around that neighborhood contacting and kind of tracting. We aren't supposed to just hit up every door on the street so we were just walking around and picked houses hat looked like people were home and what not and just knocked on their door. We also saw the Girardelli's and Andrea.

Friday was weekly planning. More drop by's and what not. We did find another less active that is willing to have us over each week. It is brother Garcia. He and his son speak perfect English but they live with a bunch of Hispanics so first getting into the door was a little tricky but we pulled of enough Spanish to get in the door. So yeah we look forward to working with them.

Saturday the zone has now decided to start up morning sports so if losing and hour due to the time change wasn't enough we lost one this morning as well. We did service at the thrift shop. We also saw sister Stearns as well as another less active brother Steele. We had a great
lesson with him and he has a lot of potential so who knows we will see what happens. We also caught sister Mann at home that night.

Sunday was ward council bright and early in the morning. The. We don't get out till 2. After church we met with Eric. He is new to the ward. His wife and kids are currently in Southern California and since he has moved up here for work and has had to be away from the. And what not he has gone less active and his testimony has been wavering so he talked to the bishop and decided that he just needed to meet with the missionaries. So we are going to meet with him every Sunday after church which also gives him motivation to get church. So yeah that went really well. And we saw the Wathors that night. But yeah just fill in the rest of the week with finding and that about does it.

So yeah no solid investigators but we have been finding some new less actives to work with that will hopefully actually progress. So yeah nothing too crazy here just trekking along.

Love ya
Sister Doig

Oh also we had an hour to kill while waiting for the oil to be changed in our car and kohls was right next door and my bag strap is a little worn so I bought a new bag. I had enough cash so nothing should show up on the cards but like I said we had an hour to kill so we were just goofing off around kohls. So my comps may have made me try on some shoes and may have taken a picture and may have sent you an email full of lies....

(Here's the companion's e-mail)
Hi Sister Doig's dad.
We are your number one fans .
Sister Doig is the bomb we love her she is our mom she keeps us in line.


We are going to make her so girly!!! She LOVES HIGH HEELS so happy!!!!


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