March 7, 2017


Livermore, CA, USA


Sister Gibson

Kaylene's March 6, 2017 Letter


Yes we are super excited to still be companions but now this week is regular transfer week and we were just notified that we will get a third wheel. We will be in a trio with Sister Baker. She is a temple square sister and will be heading back to temple square later this transfer. So yep yet another companion and yet another trio. We will see how this all works. So yeah now we have to move all of our stuff from our current room and into the bigger room so we can all sleep in the same room.

Well it sure sounds like you have had an eventful week. It sounds like everyone enjoyed the PBR.

Gotta love stake missionary meetings I've been to a few of those. I'm sure that was quite the testimony meeting. The Yuills are great people.

As for the week Tuesday was pretty normal service in the morning and then seeing as it wasn't raining and was actually super nice we did some contacting. We saw brother Smyth same old same old there. We dropped by a few people from the Windmill Springs ward just trying to get to know them we had a good visit with Sister Thacker a less active lady. We also had our youth activity night.

Wednesday was zumba and service. It was the nicest day it has been in months and we had nothing to do so we went contacting for a solid 2 hours. But it was nice as everyone was outside working in their front yards or walking their dogs so we talked to a lot of people. We ended up sitting in one ladys yard and talking for about an hour. But yeah nothing too exciting.

Thursday was district meeting more service and contacting. We then had some back to back appointments for once. We had a good visit with Andrea then it was dinner and then a lesson with the Girardellis and then over to see sister Oxley. I'm not gonna lie it was great to actually be booked from 5 till the end of the night.

Friday was MLC. We had the last of the leadership training by sister Wiseman and then president wrapped it up with the few essentials. As always the Harpers did the lunch. They go home this month so that was the last time I will be seeing them.We then fought our way back through traffic only to find our plans fall through and then to have to drive out to Palo Alto of exchanges the next day. So really we just spent a lot of time in the car.

Saturday I was with Sister Riggs. We went to a baptism with their investigator so she could see what it is like. Other than that we went on a walk with Shelley. The areas up their have changed so much since I was there so somehow that assignment got pushed onto sister Riggs and her companion. Anyway it was super nice to see her again. We didn't tell her I was coming and just surprised her. So yeah that was fun. Other than that it was transfer calls and like I said we will be back in a trio. They are also changing up our zone a lot just trying to fix it from all the craziness that happened this last transfer. So yeah we will see how it all works out.

Then Sunday was just church for days. We then had to do our weekly planning that kept getting pushed back due to these meetings and exchanges and what not.

So yeah we are just trucking along. Just kinda taking it a day at a time.

Well have a good one!

Sister Doig


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