February 28, 2017


Livermore, CA, USA


Sister Gibson

Kaylene's February 27, 2017 Letter


So here's the final on the whole companionship situation. So President phoned us Tuesday morning and was all like yep you're getting temple square sisters but then Tuesday night he phoned and was like just kidding I've decided to go another way you're still companions. Ultimately he decided that yes we have the room for lots of missionaries up here but there just isn't enough work. So yeah it made for like a 2 second phone call that night followed by a moment of celebration.

Yeah that's usually how my life goes. You get to a dead area and then you finally start teaching people and then you leave. But honestly I'm totally okay with that as long as the teaching people part comes sooner rather than later.

Yeah the rain just comes and goes. It poured pretty bad this past week but then we had a couple days of sun but then it rained again last night. Yeah San Jose has had some flooding but we've been able to dodge that part of the rain adventure.

Yeah you've got that right. I don't know where I would be if I weren't so hard headed and stubborn.

As for the interview...yeah I'm glad in the grand scheme of things that it doesn't matter because I don't think it will be coming my way. I mean like it's just the whole mission thing. It's hard to answer questions about things you learned in classes you took 2+ years ago. As well as they wanted to know exactly what engineering classes I would take and what I would do with them following school and all of that stuff that I just really don't have an answer to and can't really look up while on the mission. They kept asking if I followed different science things on line and what not which of course I can't because of the mission. It took a while before it even remotely started to click for them like as to why the number they called was not an Alberta area code. So yeah I don't know I think it would have been a lot better if I just had done it right out of school rather than here years later or actually know exactly what I want to do with my life but whatever I'm glad that it's over.

As for this week well again not too much has been going on.

Tuesday we saw brother Smyth like usual. We read Enos and you would have thought he was a 5 year old with a fairy tale. Like if all you could see was his reaction to things you would have thought we were reading about dragons or something. So yeah we had a good little discussion there. We also dropped by and met a part member family just kinda introducing ourselves. We had our little youth night and this time a couple of the kids brought some friends so that was nice. We were also able to see Sister Oxley for the first time all month. So yeah that was good as well. Then of course we also heard that we were still companions so yeah over all not a bad day.

Wednesday lots of finding. We did meet with sister Opdyke. We had a good little lesson on faith. She is a very visual learner so I did the little flaming tea bag demonstration and she really seemed to enjoy that. We also saw sister Jorgensen.

Thursday sister Gibson woke up felling a little sick. We had district meeting but since it wasn't raining for once they decided to have it outside. Well lets just say just because it wasn't raining doesn't mean it was hot. Like all the elders were shivering and we had to remind them that they were all in pants, a suit coat, and then another coat to top it off while we were in skirts and short sleeve shirts. After that we went and did service for sister Gunderman. She needed some help moving some things as they were getting new floors put in and said if we came by after our meeting she would reward our services with lunch so I mean who can say no to that. It was after that that we had a miracle. We were walking around contacting. It had been like 45 minutes without really talking to anyone like having a meaningful contact. Well we then ran into Kay and she is Christian and talked to her for a minute outside her house. She then said she had to go in and so we asked if we could come back and share a message and she said oh well do you want to come in right now. So yeah we went in and I finally got to teach the restoration. Sister Gibson is so good to me as she lined it up so that I could teach all the fun parts and say the first vision and all of that stuff as she knew it had been a while. It was super cool and the spirit was amazing! But ultimately she said she is good where she is at and didn't want a Book of Mormon and would rather us give it to someone who needed it etc. But she did give us all the information you could want to contact her daughter but she lives in the Oakland mission so we sent that off. So yeah not a new investigator or anything but a super awesome spontaneous lesson.

Friday morning Sister Gibson woke up feeling even worse so we took it kinda easy. We did our weekly planning and finished up this display table thing our bishopric wanted us to do as well as got everything ready for exchanges the next day. We also saw the Girardelli's

Saturday we were on exchanges. We all went to help this family move from their area in Pleasanton over here to one of the Livermore wards. I was with Sister Duersch. This is the end of her first transfer. So I got to do 12 week and all of that fun stuff again. The big thing there was the zone decided that all 3 companionships should contact in our area and attempt to find us new investigators. So we had printed off a bunch of cards with our number and chapel address on them and gave them to the Elders. It was super funny as our zone leader has served in the Spanish program his whole mission so he just hasn't been able to understand why we aren't teaching. He thought this would be a cure all fix all. He thought we could walk away with like 30 people to teach. Well let's just say I may have found a little joy in the look on his face when our contacting spree was finished. The only words he could say was I have just been humbled and I'm sorry sister's.

Sunday was meetings all day. We did splits to cover both wards and ward councils. Then after that we had a quick meeting after the Windmill Springs ward ended to actually meet our new ward mission leader and the ward missionaries and then we had a meeting with the bishop which went on for ever. I mean like it was good information and will help a lot. It was just a lot longer meeting then I thought it would be and I don't know how much of that information we were really able to retain. We then had dinner and then just had to quickly get as much of that info into our ipads as we could before our notes and everything no longer made any sense. We were also on the phone with sister Mella for a bit as she wanted to come this way for a sister's p-day the next day.

So yeah then it was today where I had that interview and then we had to quickly get groceries including the things we needed for the sister's p-day and then start cooking. We had the Pleasanton sister, Fremont sisters, us, and sister Mella. So there were only 7 of us so it was just at our apartment. And now finally we have the chance to get everything else that we need to done. I mean I love Sister Mella but sometimes these things just take up what too much of your p-day.

So yeah another week down. They just seem to keep going by slower and slower. But it is crazy to think that this is the last full week of the transfer.

Anyways I hope you have a great week!

Sister Doig


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