February 20, 2017


Livermore, CA, USA


Sister Gibson

Kaylene's February 20, 2017 Letter


That's good that the basketball team is still holding it's own.

It sounds like you had a great time with the Sommerfeldts. And I'm sure everyone is enjoying the day off. We are having a mighty rainy presidents day today.

Yeah and it sounds like there are more crazy transfers to come. So we get temple square sisters that come and spend 3 months in our mission. Usually we get a set and then they leave and their replacements come. Well president just got a call saying more are coming yet we already have some so they will over lap. And guess who has lots of room in their apartment? So at interviews he told us not to be surprised if we get a call mid week saying we get 2 of them. He says probably he will split us and our area...again...and give us each a temple square sister. He knows how well we get along so he was quick to say don't worry you'll still be roommates and buddies. And then of course he tacks on the it's not final yet but I'm praying about it so whatever happens is from the Lord. Needless to say we were a little shocked and a little upset/frustrated. I love sister Gibson. We both were super excited to have a companion that we actually get along with and can just go to work and have it be someone we would actually talk to and visit after the mission. We were really hoping to be together for 2 transfers but it is looking like we will only be getting half of one. We knew the companionship was too good to be true. You know with everything else that has been happening of course that would happen to us. So who knows we will see.

I'm gonna try and not make this letter sound depressing but honestly we ain't got much going on. Finding for days.

Monday was p-day we spent 4 plus hours cleaning the apartment after the Hermanas left the beginning of the previous week. So yeah that was fun. Other than that we had a great lesson at the Harwoods again.

Tuesday we had exchanges with the Fremont sisters. So monday night they came and spent the night at our place. I was with Sister Doney. We did service in the morning. And then after lunch sister Gibson and Sister Perez took the Sycamore Grove ward and Sister Doney and I took the Windmill Springs ward. So pretty much we just dropped by a bunch of people trying to clear out the area book. We did meet sister Opdyke. She's a less active that is super cool. She is going through a lot but said that we are always welcome at her place. And it sounds like she really could have potential to come back so we will see. Hopefully we get to work with her on a regular basis.

Wednesday we had zumba and more finding activities. We did find a recent convert/less active that was in the 4th ward and is now in the sycamore grove ward and had a little lesson with her. And that night we had a lesson with sister Jorgensen she is super awesome.

Thursday we had district meeting and then interviews where president crushed our hearts like a grape. We had service and then went to see Andrea. She is 16 and a recent convert in the Windmill springs ward. She is super cute and just soaks it all up like a sponge. Like she was just baptized at the end of december and is already almost through Alma in the Book of Mormon. We also saw the Girardelli's. I felt like we should stray away from the lessons and teach about patriarchal blessings. So we did that and it was a super great lesson actually.

Friday we had a follow up session for the leadership training seminar thingy. So we went to San Jose. And it was pouring rain and super windy. Of course with all the rain the ground is super soft and the wind just was pushing trees and things over. The power went out right before we were to start and didn't come back on until well after we had left. Other than that we had our last lesson with Sister Andrus and that was about it for the day.

Saturday we had to do our weekly planning. We saw sister Stearns and did more finding yay!

Sunday we had double church. We were told we had SMCM so we were sitting there waiting at the stake offices with the zone leader and his comp and no one showed up so we texted president and apparently they failed to tell us they cancelled the meeting. More finding. We did have another lesson with the Wathors which went good as always.

So yeah nothing to terribly exciting this week. I did realize that is has been about 2 months since I have actually been able to sit down and teach a non member the restoration so that's kinda sucky. Just like President said in my interview when I said we have no investigators. He just said "no investigators equals sucky life. But he just went on to say I know your work ethic and your comps know your work ethic. Just keep at it the Lord is teaching you patience. And who knows what else the Lord is doing in preparing you for in the future he's letting you know you can do hard things so that you can handle it when you are a YW's or RS president." Gotta love your mission president predicting your future. Sad thing is he says that every interview.

So yeah anyways take care and have a good one!

Sister Doig


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