February 6, 2017


Livermore, CA, USA


Sister Gibson

Kaylene's February 6, 2017 Letter


Well dang! That sure is a butt load of snow. I know I have said that I miss it but man not that much.

Well it sounds like yet another crazy week down and another one to go back home.

Oh yeah pictures...So I'm like really bad at taking pictures but we will take one here shortly. I mean I can take one and send it today but it's P-day so we are the definition of a hot mess. But like I always tell sister Gibson we are definitely hot the mess part is just slightly unfortunate.

Yeah part of their reasoning for planning in the morning and things is to help adjust between now and going home. They figure that you won't be planning the night before when you get home nor will you have the strickt structure that we had so they tried to make it a little more flexible. But yeah I don't know it is interesting but we are making it work.

Yeah everyone has been up in arms about the boundary change. They dissolved a ward. So we went from 5 family wards, a Spanish ward, and the YSA ward (covered by another zone) so 4 family wards, spanish ward, and YSA. So yeah a few of the smaller wards were greatly effected but ours not so much. It's pretty well the same. All of the missionaries are now just kinda waiting to se if we get moved around especially as we are down to 4 companionships in the zone and 5 wards. So we will see what happens.

Monday we did the usual stuff. We met with the bishops family and finished off the last of the lessons with them.

Tuesday we had service at the open heart kitchen. The usual finding activities, contacting and drop by and all of that fun stuff. We were able to see brother Smyth again as well as his son Eric. Eric had a lot of questions about testimonies and why we dedicate a whole hour each month to listening to others testimonies. He understood that our own testimonies were important but didn't see the need to hear and be influenced by others testimonies. So yeah that was actually a really great conversation. We had dinner with the Silva's a part member family before going to our youth activity night. We then saw Sister Mann. She is a less active that we have been trying to see for-freaking-ever. Everyone keeps telling us to go visit her but she is super busy and never home. Well we have dropped by and been able to talk to her for 30 seconds at the door as she has been sick but we finally got in and were able to get to know her and share a message. So that was great.

Wednesday was Zumba and service at the gardens. We had our usual lesson with sister Andrus. And then we did a lot of walking. Everything fell through so we just found ourselves walking around talking to people looking up what less actives were in the area etc. We were on our feet from 9am - about 6pm with maybe an hour break in the middle to eat and visit with sister Andrus. So our feet were a little on the sore side by the time we made it to dinner.

Thursday was crazy. We got a phone call during studies saying there was an emergency and we would not be having district meting. So we were just kinda trying to find more stuff to do and were a little curious as to what the emergency was when we got a phone call from President saying he was on his way and to just stay home and wait. So yeah President came to talk to the whole zone and due to some family stuff my district/zone leader went home. but yeah that whole fiasco took up the majority of the day. The only good thing that came out of it was now that means we are down a companionship and therefore had an extra car so no more biking at least for this transfer.We were able to meet with a part member family. We just dropped by to introduce ourselves. And they agreed to allow us to teach them the active member lessons we just haven't set up a specific time as they just got back into town. We had dinner at the Bohns and then rushed over to a cubscout thing we were asked to help with. We ended up being in charge of judging the cake contest. So yes we found ourselves sampling at least 20 cakes to find which was the best. And that my friends is why missionaries gain weight.

Friday we spent all day at MLC. This time it started at 9am so we had to get up early and make it through rush hour traffic. We had a really short normal MLC thing for 2 hours and then we had Liz Wisemen talk to us. She has written a book about leadership and what not so yeah. She will be doing more follow up sessions as well this transfer so that will be cool I guess. Other than that we saw Sister Caraway as usual.

Saturday we had to make up our weekly planning. We dropped by a bunch of less actives that bishop knew nothing about and got the door slammed in our faces so that was cool. Not much to tell there.

Sunday was church. Superbowl Sunday is just like another holiday here not even the old ladies want to have you over, we just made it work. It was funny though as everyone was so freaked out over the boundary changes that's all anyone could talk about rather than the game. We had dinner and a lesson at the Wathors... well kind of dinner they had their daughter over for the superbowl so we just had superbowl junk food. Don't worry their daughter and her family watched the game in one room while we talked with the Wathors in another as they said they don't even like football but it's an excuse to eat food. Sister Gibson told them that I couldn't be in the same room as the game or else I would become a disobedient missionary. Other than that it was the ward boundary meeting. So yeah that was about it.

So yeah that about does it. I hope you have a great week.

Love ya
Sister Doig


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