January 30, 2017


Livermore, CA, USA


Sister Gibson

Kaylene's January 30, 2017 Letter

I'm glad that overall things are working out for Paul. It sure sounds like it made for a rough week but it could have been a lot worse if he had to miss more classes and what not. I mean the average human being would have but Paul doesn't know the meaning of some words like "quit"or "pain". It sounds like it was a great idea for him to be home on the weekend though. It's those little things like relaxing and home cooked meals that make all the difference. From the pictures it sure looks like one heck of a cast.

It sure sounds like everyone has been beyond busy these past 2 weeks with work, school, paul etc.

That's great with Kendall and his new job. Yeah I'm sure it was just 2 weeks of sitting non stop in meetings. What exactly is his job again I forgot?

That's crazy that this will be Nathan's last semester of high school. Come fall you guys will join the empty nesters club.

Sister Gibson is great. Yeah 9 companions is a lot. But your right sister 'Iloa was one of my longer companions. I was with her for 2 transfers as well as I was with sister Maka for 2. So yeah I spent 9 months with Tongan companions yet all in all have had 9. President is just keeping me on my toes I guess. But yeah sister Gibson has been out for 6 months. She is from Nampa Idaho. She has 3 sisters and 2 brothers and she falls kinda in the middle. We seem to be fairly similar in a few ways so that's good. Overall we both just want to do missionary work and as long as that's the common goal things tend to work out pretty well. So yeah it's only been less than a week but hopefully everything works out.

The 2 of us sure have our work cut out for us though. We feel like it's kinda a whitewash seeing as I came in during all of the holidays and so members have been out of town and what not so I don't feel like I know many people as well as we don't have many people to work with and we are just cleaning out the area book all of that fun stuff. But also it has now been announced to all the wards (president told me a few weeks back) that next week there is a stake meeting to announce ward boundary changes. So yeah in about a week our ward will be changing anyway. So yeah it's going to be a bit of a zoo when that happens.

That's crazy to think that this week makes a year. Honestly from the beginning it seems as though this day would never come yet here it is. And it still feels as though I am back in those first few weeks. That there is no way I have been gone that long. The passage of time is just so weird. Some days it seems to go really slow yet in the grand scheme of things it is flying. It's hard to believe that one day I will wake up and not be on a mission.

Anyways this week Monday was kinda the usual. Just getting all of sister Kelly's things ready to go. We had dinner with the Rossi's. Their girls are so cute. We had a fun little lesson with them before going over to the Harwoods.

Tuesday was transfers. So I dumped Sister Kelly and her stuff at the curb and pick up sister Gibson. We tried to visit some people but the usual happened everyone bailed. Brother Smyth has finally gotten back from all of his trips so we were able to see him. We talked to him about the sacrament. I love that talk from this past conference called "The Sacrament Can Help Us Become Holly" we use it all the time. It's pretty awesome. We did some contacting as well as dropped by sister Coil. She is semi active due to being out of town a lot as well as her daughter has lots of health issues so she is often times caught up with her or her granddaughter. So yeah we had a great little vista before having dinner with the trio of widows, Sister's King, Preston, & Ziegler. They are super cute. We also had our youth activity night.

Wednesday was Zumba and service. We ended up at the Open Heart Kitchen gardens. Well usually the sisters get the jobs of weeding, planting, or harvesting while the Elders always get stuck on compost. Well they really needed some help on the compost that day so we found ourselves mixing up some crap. So that was fun. Other than that it was the usual stuff. We saw sister Andrus, tried to talk to or drop by more people. We also had dinner with the Wathors who are our new best friends. They are letting us teach them the active member lessons so we started those this Sunday and since we were on bikes they gave us rides for the rest of the night. They also found out we didn't have a dinner on Sunday so they fed us again. And then they knew that we would obviously need to go shopping on Monday especially as Sister Gibson was in need of bike shorts so they gave us store suggestions on where to find them and then asked if we had the car on Monday in order to get it all done. Of course we don't and the Hermana's only let us use it for the hour that they are at zumba so she said that she would just pick us up and take us to run our errands. Members are the bomb!

Thursday was when we watched the world wide mission broad cast that happened the day before. Just with that being the day of the missionaries flying home and flying in we waited a day to see it. Ultimately they went over the same thing they did last year their favorite phrase now is "teach repentance and baptize converts" It's like a summarized missionary purpose. anyways other than that they announced the schedule changes. Which are interesting. It is a lot more flexible than it was before. Plus we get more time on Pday. I'm too lazy to type it all out and explain it so I'll just send a picture of it and if you care as to what it is now you can take a look. The biggest problem for me I think is now planning is done in the morning. They decided that no one does their best planning at 9 at night which is true and that way we have the opportunity to go to bed early if we so chose which is also great. The only problem is Sister Doig's brain doesn't shut off and it is much harder to sleep not knowing what you will be doing when you wake up the next day. So I don't know hopefully after a few weeks it will all work out. It's just trying to train our bodies to go from one routine to the next. They also cut our key indicators down from 9 to 4. So yeah that was that meeting. Of course it was over an hour away and then it was 2 hours long followed by a discussion which then meant we were driving back during rush hour. So yeah that littlerally took up like the whole day we didn't even make it back to Livermore till about 6:30.

Friday we had zumba and then went to help our ward mission leader and his wife out. They are moving and are in the process of getting the house ready for pictures to be put on the market. So we were helping get a lot of the outside stuff done while we have a break from the rain. We had weekly planning. As well as our district leader wanted to help us out so he decided that we would all go contacting for a bit. So yeah we did that. And then had dinner with Sister Wissler.

Saturday we went back to the Bailey's (ward mission leader) and helped a little more. We saw sister Stearns. and that evening we saw sister Caraway. Other than that just more of the usual stuff.

Sunday was church where they announced about the boundary changes meeting. It was also a mission home coming so that was fun. we stopped by the Gundarmans as she has some health issues and with church starting at 9 she doesn't make it very often. Other than that yeah like I said we ended up at the Wathors for dinner and a lesson as well as we had a meeting with our ward mission leader.

So yeah it's just been another interesting week. Just trying to figure out how this next transfer is going to run for us.

Well I hope you have a great week!

Love ya
Sister Doig


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