January 24, 2017


Livermore, CA, USA


Sister Kelly

Kaylene's January 23, 2017 Letter

Wow! Yep it sure sounds like quite the week. I would want to sleep for a couple days straight after that one.

As for Paul yeah I hope everything works out there. That's pretty crazy. Well as for me this week nothing too exciting. A bunch more rain. California is in the middle of their wettest winter in history and just my luck my only winter in California with one of my main modes of
transportation being a bike.

Monday was the usual Pday stuff followed by dinner with the Sivoris a part member family.

Tuesday morning we had an MLC conference call and service at the open heart kitchen. We did some more drop by's. We ended up stopping by the Wathors some active members and just got to know them a little bit. We
had dinner with the Perry's and then a meeting with the bishop.

Wednesday we had Zumba and then by the time we left it was pouring rain. So our usual service at the open heart kitchen gardens was moved into the greenhouse. We had lunch and then just walked to sister Andrus' home. It has been fun teaching her. We then walked home and made some cookies. We knew it was to pour all day so we decided to buy cookie mix on Monday and then make and deliver them on our rainy bike day, we figured that would be as productive as anything. So we did that and then ran off to the Kohns for dinner. Of course they live too far to walk but the rain had stopped so we just hopped on the bikes. After dinner we just biked around delivering the cookies. Well of course just as we thought it would it started to pour again. We only had like 3 plates left to deliver so we just did it. But boy were we soaked. It got to that point where no matter whose door you knocked on it was dark, cold, pouring rain, and we were soaked no one would talk to us. So we just went home put on dry clothes and did what we could from home for the last little bit before bed.

Thursday was district meeting and lunch. Then sisters Maughan and Hertig came over so that sisters Kelly and Hertig could make their way down to San Jose for their outgoing interviews and sister Maughan and I could work. Then sister Maughan and I went to see one of their
recent converts and then we went to service. Then we switched back and were able to see the Girardelli's and the Hahns before the night was through.

Friday was Zumba and then home to get ready and eat an early lunch before going to the temple. A couple that sister Kelly worked with in Fremont was getting sealed so she had permission to attend. I'm not gonna lie it was a little awkward being the tag along but if I were her I would have wanted to be there. So yeah that took a big chunk out of the day. We then played the rides game as we weren't about to get caught in the rain on bikes again. We got sister Caraway to give us a ride to our dinner who we then had take us to see sister Boone who we then had complete the circle by taking us to sister Caraways. But yeah it was a good evening. Sister Boone is still hanging in there.

Saturday we did our weekly planning and saw sister Stearns. We had a few drop by's, then sister Kelly wanted to go and see the Lees and kinda say goodbye to them. We then dropped by sister Oxley and had a great little lesson with her we have just really been focusing on
prayer with her. Then we also got transfer calls. So my new companion will be sister Gibson. I still don't really know her. All I know is I was on exchanges with her in Fremont for a whole 24 hours last transfer. She seems super sweet. She has been out for 6 months and this will be her second area. And I am still an STL and she just got called to be one. So yeah we will see how it all goes.

Sunday was ward council and church. Other than that we just dropped by a lot of active members for sister Kelly to say good bye.

So yeah that was about it. The week before and week of transfers are always a bit of a gong show with not much getting accomplished. But yeah another transfer down, another companion gone. Here comes transfer 9 with companion 9 (unless you want to count the Hermana's
that I lived with for a week waiting for sister Maka but that doesn't really count).

Well I hope you have a good week. Maybe it will slow down a little more than the last. Take care!

Love ya,
Sister Doig


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