January 16, 2017


Livermore, CA, USA


Sister Kelly

Kaylene's January 17, 2017 Letter

Yeah exchanges are my favorite things ever. It takes a lot of planning and what not to get them all in and have them go smoothly but I love them. It's so fun to spend time with and learn from the other sisters.

We have had a few days rain free yay! But there is supposed to be more on the way. Yeah it's needed but it sure has made for a lot of mud and mud slides. Traffic is fun as some of the major roads throughout the state have flooded as well as because of mud slides. And these people have no clue how to drive on rain so that's fun. Yeah biking in the rain just doesn't work walking is way better but can still be miserable. We ask for rides when we can. But over all California is rejoicing.

That's great that so many were able to gather and support Alyssa. I'm sure it was fabulous.

So Monday was Pday but Jose came to visit us. He came up and we got some lunch and then went bowling and then just hung out at the church and what not. It was super good to see him. Also it meant I was able to give him his birthday present rather than trying to find a way to get it down there. It just meant it was a week late (his birthday was the 2nd). It's crazy how time moves. He also mentioned that it has been 3 months since his baptism and that means that I started to teach him closer to 5 months ago. It's crazy to think that I've known him for that long. So yeah anyway that was super fun once we found something to do other than go to a vineyard cause that's all that there is up here. Other than that we had a dinner appointment followed by planning for the Pleasanton ZTM. I don't think those zone leaders
like us very much because we aren't in their zone. They weren't up to letting us do any of the training. They wanted to do it themselves or assign it to a few of their zone members to do (which doesn't make much sense as the other zone members were not at MLC). So pretty well they just told us we could show up.

Tuesday we had service at the garden portion of the Open Heart Kitchen. We were okay for the first little bit but then it started raining again so we found ourselves shelling black eye peas in their tiny little shed. We had lunch and the dropped by to see Sue. She had been meeting with the sisters but then her husband got cancer and it was the holidays and all of that. He hair salon is super close to our apartment though so yeah we just dropped by. She was just finishing up lunch and there was no one else in the salon so we were actually able to talk to her for a bit. She had a few questions so we ended up teaching pretty well the whole plan of salvation. But right now she says she is too busy to meet still with everything going who knows we will just keep stopping by the salon from time to time. We then planned for our Livermore ZTM. We have an interesting zone leader to work with. One of the big things is a language barrier (he is from Venezuela) the other is this is not his original mission so he keeps going well in my other mission... which is fine and dandy but each mission does things differently. But anyway we got things planned and
ready to go for latter in the week. With all the rain and no
appointments we just did a bunch of drop by's. We ended with the youth activity night. We are just trying to find ways to get that going a little better. We are hoping now that the holidays are over that will help.

Wednesday we had Pleasanton ZTM. It was alright like I said we weren't really asked to do much. So we just put in our two cents when we could. And of course the meeting went longer than it was supposed to but what do you expect. But yeah other than that we saw sister Andrus.
And it wasn't raining for once so we finally got some good contacting in before seeing the Chiltons (another active family). We also went over to the third ward to help out sister Brown a less active single sister. She is super sweet but is crazy. I don't know how else to put it. So yeah that was fun. We then saw sister Caraway. She is one of my favorites.

Thursday was our Livermore ZTM. It went pretty good. We got to chastise on obedience. And make a push for mission schedule (which is to be changing. We are to hear during the worldwide mission broadcast on the 25th. Which we won't be watching till the 26th as the 25th is transfer day. Rumor is that it is the nightly schedule that will be changing. So we will see...) We have had a few companionships struggling with it all so yeah that was fun. More rain. More drop by's. With school back in we had service making sack lunches. That was super fun. We then had dinner with the Hahn's. She is from the south and when she learned mom was from Arkansas she insisted on making southern food. So she made some Gumbo. It was funny as she just assumed it was something that sister Kelly had had being from Texas
but nope. She also doesn't like spice so that was fun. She ended up having a lot of rice with just a little gumbo on top. Personally I thought it was as spicy as ketchup. But anyway it was a nice change from what we are usually given. We also saw the Girardelli's as well as sister Boone. Sister Boone is hanging in there. We invited her to
come to church. She was going to her friends for the weekend but she did say that she will come to church with us one day soon. I'm gonna hold her to that one. She is the sweetest person ever.

Friday we had our Fremont ZTM. Our third and last one of the week. This time we got to do the training on repentance and conduct the role playing activity to go along with it. I think this one was actually the best one and it even ended on time imagine that. We then made the trek back home where we did our weekly planning. So yeah between those two our whole day was pretty well gone. Plus it was a bike day and the Hermana's had a member fixing the bikes so we were down to our feet.
Well when it came to dinner and what not the elders had returned the bikes so we went to get on them and find we only have one helmet. Somehow the other was in the elders car so there went that idea. We kinda ended up having to change our plans to accommodate our
transportation. Luckily dinner was super close to home and then we just dropped by another active member that lives close, sister Wissler.

Saturday it was the nicest it has been in the past couple of weeks. We did service at the sunflower hill gardens. Did some contacting and saw sister Stearns. We also saw sister Ison for a few moments. She was getting ready to head out pretty soon but let us come in to "warm up". I guess that's what happens when you stand at someone's door without a coat on. But hey it got us in. We also visited with the Lees.

Sunday was church. Nothing too exciting there. We saw sister Carter. She is just hanging in there. She is one of my favorite old people she is hilarious. It was a pretty nice day again so we did some more walking though it is supposed to start raining again on Tuesday. We had a nice visit with sister King before dinner with one of the
Cheeney families in the ward and then we met with our ward mission leader for once.

So yeah this week was lots of meetings, lots of rain, and lots of active member lessons. One of these days we will find some nonmembers willing to meet with us.

Well have a good one!

Love ya
Sister Doig


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