January 9, 2017


Livermore, CA, USA


Sister Kelly

Kaylene's January 9, 2017 Letter

Well it sure sounds like your trip was an adventure. I'm glad that side of the family was able to get together and that you guys made it there and back safely.

Monday was regular Pday stuff. We had a lesson with the Harwoods and started another exchange. This time with sisters Gibson and Doney from Fremont. So I got to head down that direction.

Tuesday was the exchange. It has been raining most of the week, like raining so much and is supposed to rain this whole next week to where people are finally talking like the drought is ending, but it held up long enough for us to get a little service in that morning. But sister
Gibson and I had a good time. We got to teach a few people, had dinner at the bishops house all that fun stuff. It was fun as they are both pretty new. Sister Gibson has been out about 5 months and sister Doney only 2. So for the most part it was making sure things were running
right and answering their questions about things.

Wednesday is what felt like the longest day of the week. It rained all day long and we were to bike. Of course the Hermana's being in the Spanish program had lots of appointments and therefore were not up to giving us rides. We didn't want to bike as we knew we would get even more wet and cold than if we just walked. So that was our mode of transportation. We had Zumba and then service at the Open Heart Kitchen. We also had interview with President Mella. I love that man. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better mission president. After that we went to try and visit a few less actives. When you don't have appointments and it's raining drop by's is kinda the go to its not like you can go contacting or anything. Anyway we ended up walking around in the rain for a solid 3 hours and not getting anyone to let us in. We weren't really up to walking all the way home so we dropped by a member and talked with them for a bit and got a ride home.

Thursday we had district meeting. We also met with the zone leader to plan for MLC the next day. It was the nicest day of the week so we were able to get a little contacting in. We dropped by a few less actives and formers. We got to see the recent convert/less active of
the ward, Kara. She is 11. So we had a nice little visit with her. As well as we got to see sister Oxley that evening. We read 2 Nephi 31 about the gospel of Jesus Christ with her. She won't admit it but we saw a few tears roll down her cheeks. We had never had a lesson like
that with her it was amazing. She then made her own commitment to pray every day. She figured that would be square one and then she could go from there.

Friday we had MLC. That was super good as always. And like always lunch was provided by the Harper's so I got to see them. Of course the meeting didn't end until about 4 but with traffic and everything we didn't get home till about 6. But we were able to catch a less active at home that we have been trying to see. Her big thing is working on Sunday's. In her mind she is active so we are approaching it more in the teaching active members way. But anyway she is super sweet. We also had another lesson with sister Caraway.

Saturday morning we tried to drop by a less active, sister Mann. People have been telling the missionaries to see her for ages but she is never home. We hadn't tried at 10am before so we figured it was worth a shot. We did find her at home but I guess it was only because she was sick so we didn't get to actually go in or anything but we
were able to introduce ourselves at least. We then had weekly planning. We saw sister Stearns. She's one of those old lady's the sisters have been working with for ages. But she finally gave a bit of a testimony. She said don't think you have been coming in vain it's slow going but I think I now have a little seed of faith. We also saw
sister Ison. Again another lady in the ward that we found in our records that no one really knows about but she left us in for a little while so that was good.

Sunday we had our first ward council of the transfer as well at 7:45am followed by the usual church meetings. We had SMCM shortly after church and seeing as it was pouring rain we just stayed there and we're going through the area book when a sister from the 4th ward came out with a few girls and was taking a picture of each girl in the class. They stopped and talked to us and asked where we were from. When I said Cardston she goes oh I lived in Kalispell. I said I have family in Kalispell. She asked who so I said Val and Michelle Hemsley. Apparently she knows you guys. I don't know if the names Paul and Jill Clark ring a bell to any of the Hemsleys but that's who I ran into. I think she said they used to be in the Kalispell 2nd ward but don't quote me on that. We were grateful for a car today as it was down right pouring all day long. We were able to do a lot of drop by's and luckily someone opened a door at almost
every house. Not many of them were not interested and told us to not come back but that's way better than just knocking on they door for months. But we did feel like we needed to text sister Boone. She is this less active lady we just started to work with. She responded saying that she would like a blessing as she is going through a few
things. So we call the elders quorum president and find that she doesn't have any home teachers so he and the bishop went over with us. That was amazing. She is really just starting to welcome her Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ back into her life. It is so cool to see. But
yeah prior to this neither the bishop nor elders quorum president even knew she lived there. Like the only time that they had ever heard her name was when we brought it up. But they are now on getting her home and visiting teachers. She really likes biking as does our relief society
president and a few other lady's in the ward that go biking together so we are trying to make those connections. We had dinner with the Gundermans from the ward as well as the Chambers that just barely move
out of the ward since I've been here. I guess sister chambers sister is Robbie Low's wife. So Robbie is her brother in law. Connections for days. We than had a lesson with the bishops family before skypeing the
zone leaders in Fremont to plan for their ZTM later this week.

So yeah this week feels like it has gone on forever. Just lots and lots of rain. Anyways I hope you have a good one.

Sister Doig


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