January 2, 2017


Livermore, CA, USA


Sister Kelly

Kaylene's January 2, 2017 Letter


Well it sure sounds like you had quite the drive to Utah but I'm glad that you made it there safely and were able to enjoy your time with Kendall.

What a fun surprise for Grandma and Grandpa Jones. I just assumed they knew you guys were coming. That would have been fun to see.

Well I hope you all continue to enjoy your trip and have a safe drive home.

Monday was the usual errands. We had a hard time finding something to do after dinner though. It's too late to be going contacting but everyone was out of town. We finally found an active family at home, the Daily's.

Tuesday morning we ended up having to make a run to the old apartment. Elder Truit the guy over all the apartments wanted to turn in the keys and everything but the Hermana's hadn't gotten around to cleaning the bathroom and fridge over there like they said they would so all 4 of us ran over there to do that before he got there. We also had a mini zone conference. President Mella didn't think he could ask the relief societies to provide lunch on the week between Christmas and New Years so he just said eat lunch before you come and the conference will start at 1. It was supposed to be done by 5 but we were the first conference of the week. We didn't get out of there till closer to 6 and we only covered 3 of the 4 big topics planned. But I mean I don't think I have ever been to a zone conference that ended on time or where we covered everything they wanted to so that's nothing new. We then had dinner with the Harwoods from the ward. Sister Harwood is one of the Zumba instructors. We then had a lesson with them.

Wednesday we did service at the garden for the open heart kitchen. Lots of contacting. We saw sister Andrus again and talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ, it was actually a really great lesson. More contacting / drop by's. We had dinner with sister Caraway followed by another lesson with her. It too was the gospel of Jesus Christ. We then had to drive out to Palo Alto to go on exchanges with the coordinating STLs. So I went back to my old area and old apartment. Except my old area doesn't exist anymore. Elders are in Redwood City now and the Palo Alto elders now cover both of the Palo Alto wards. So the only sisters up there now are Spanish, Samoan, and Tongan. It was kinda complicated as we had 3 companionships switching around for the exchange. One companionship showed up late and therefore there was no time to send one off to the Samoan apartment so we had 7 sisters in that apartment. There were 4 beds, 1 couch, 1 bed made out of extra couch cushions, and 1 just on the hard floor. I took one for the team and just slept on the floor.

Thursday my dream came true. My companion for the day was sister Hosea and she is in the Tongan program. So I finally got to be in the Tongan program even though it was just for a day. All I can say is it's been a while since I was with sister Iloa and my Tongan is a little rusty. But yeah nothing too crazy there.

Friday we had service at Quail the care facility. We played bingo. I will never understand why that is played at every old folks home and how the people can find that enjoyable. But they just love it. We did some more contacting. We had weekly planning. You can tell sister Kelly is starting to get burnt out as she doesn't really participate in things like planning anymore. We had a lesson with the Girardelli's. It was actually the last lesson but they had us teach them like investigators and now they want us to come back and do them all over again teaching them as members. So that will be fun. We then met up with sister Maughn and sister Hertig who are serving in Pleasanton for exchanges. Sister Hertig stayed here with sister Kelly and sister Maughn and I went to Pleasanton.

Saturday was super fun. It was nice to actually get to know sister Maughn. We came out together but have never served near each other. It was great as we are both in the same situation of being stuck in an area where finding is rather difficult and with a companion that goes home in a couple of weeks. So yeah we did lots of finding but it was fun. With it being New Year's Eve sister Hertig wanted to be at their last appointment and what not so we exchanged back after dinner. So then Sister Kelly and I dropped by the Roylances and had a quick little lesson with them. No real special rules for New Years. Just be safe. We still had to work till 9 but then you could go home and play games in your apartments until 11. I guess the rule had been 12 in years past but with the next day being Sunday president wanted everyone awake during church because the catch is no matter how late you are aloud to stay up you still have to get up at 6:30.

Sunday was our first week of 9am church. After church we saw sister Carter. Just a sweet old lady that has a hard time getting to church. She was in a really great mood that day so it was actually super fun to talk with her she is super funny. We were walking around contacting and ran into this couple digging a hole outside of their house. Apparently they bought a Christmas tree that still had its roots and are now planting it. We tried to drop by a few potentials and formers in the area. When we knocked at the door to a former investigator we found that she had moved and that a less active family had moved in. They weren't interested but we got their names and address so we can now request their records. We also met up with the zone leader to discuss the zones goals for this coming month and a few other things that needed to be addressed.

But yeah that's about it. It was pretty rough I'm not gonna lie. It was actually worse than the previous week lesson wise. I think we already have more lessons set up for this coming week than we had all this week so hopefully that all works out.

Have a good one!

Sister Doig


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