December 26, 2016


Livermore, CA, USA


Sister Kelly

Kaylene's December 26, 2016 Letter

Yes it was great talking with you. Yeah hopefully things can become more stable here shortly. It's rather difficult to say the least but you just gotta do what you gotta do.

Monday was Pday. We mainly just ran our errands and packed up the whole apartment. We had dinner with the Hatch's (one of the many in the ward or so I'm told). We also dropped by the Elders Quorum President.

Tuesday was my birthday but also moving day. Luckily with Elder Truit (the guy from the mission office who is over the apartments) coming he brought all the packages from the mission office. All I can say is the obnoxiously large Canada flag has taken its rightful place on the wall. We spent most of the day just moving everything from one apartment to the other. The crazy thing was our apartments border each other. There is literally just a fence separating the complexes. So yes it would have been much easier to just ram through the fence rather than just going around. The apartment is super nice. It is
huge. We have two full washrooms which is super nice for 4 girls. We also have a washer and dryer which is like missionary heaven. It was so nice to do laundry at home today. We even have a fire place. We don't have any intentions of using it but it's there. We were able to
meet with brother Smyth. He's one of those less actives that still thinks they are active even though they don't come to church. We were also able to have dinner with the Sivori's which is a part member family.

Wednesday we did exchanges with the Spanish sisters that we live with. I went into the Spanish area with Hermana Bocanegra. We started out with Zumba and then service working in the garden for the open heart
kitchen. Then we had lunch during which I baked my birthday cake as we would be seeing the zone that night and I knew I could convince them to eat it for me. So yeah then we just went and visited a whole bunch of Hispanic people. Back to the good old smile and wave
thing. There were a few that new a little bit of English so I did get to talk a little but yeah for the most part not so much. That night the zone got together to recite our paragraph of the living Christ for the mission video. President Mella asked us to memorize The Living
Christ by Christmas. With my memorizing skills I only made it about half way and then the last paragraph because of course we weren't assigned one that I already knew. So yeah we did that. It takes a while to get everyone to just stop goofing off and get er done. That's
also when we pulled out the cake. So yeah that was fun.

Thursday we had district meeting. Gotta love it when you realize that the whole leadership in the zone is messed up. We have a solo zone leader that doesn't know what he is doing. Our district leaders are fairly new to the mission and the zone leader did not train them on
how to do a district meeting or anything. So yeah all of that stuff that president told us to do at MLC yeah not getting done. So yep that's awesome. Our zone leader also decided that it would be a good idea for everyone to gather after district meetings and do roleplays. Other than that we just did contacting and dropping by less actives until dinner. After dinner we had a lesson with the bishops family. They are super awesome.

Friday we got up at 5:30 so we could leave on time to get to our Christmas party in south San Jose that started at 8. Who has parties that start at 8am? Only missionaries. Anyway so we had breakfast while we waited for everyone to get there. We then had a devotional all
about the savior. We also got to watch the video that President compiled of all the zones reciting The Living Christ. Rumor is it is on the missionary mom thingy on Facebook so if you want to see it you can check it out there. We then had a talent show which was super good. After which we had lunch which was your full blown Christmas dinner. We then got to watch a movie. This years choices were the prince of Egypt, forever strong, and 17 miracles. Let's just say that forever strong won by a landslide. So I guess I got my sports movie fix for the next few months. I must say though if it were one of the
other movies I would have probably fallen asleep. It is much harder to just sit there and watch a movie now. That's a long time sitting in one place staring at a screen. Plus having gotten up early yeah I was tired and my eyes were drying out. Anyways that was about it. So that
ended at about 4:30 and we then had to clean up before making the trek back home. Of course the timing was perfect so as for us to be on the freeway during the times of the worst traffic both going to and from the party. So we got home just in time for dinner. We had dinner with
2 widows from the ward. One of them had her inactive son over for the holidays. We then saw sister Oxley a less active in the ward.

Saturday was Christmas Eve and how do the missionaries spend it....doing weekly planning. It was rather difficult to find anything to do as we have no investigators to visit. We have a hard enough time
getting less actives and even members to meet with us on normal days much less the holidays. So yep we did planning. We saw sister strains she is in active and is quite elderly. It is more of a visiting teaching visit with her. We then went over to the Lee's. They had their grandchildren over. We got to do the nativity with them. For dinner we went to Michelle's. She is one of the Zumba instructors but is a non member. Missionaries have taught her before and she is just not interested but she like to feed us. So yeah it was super fun to spend time with her family.

Sunday morning we opened all of our gifts and then headed off to church. Then we had a quick lunch before the skype call home. It was nice to be able to talk to you all. Let's do it again in about 5 months okay? We then went to dinner at the Kohns. He one of the councilors in the bishopric. Is was funny as he had his parents over
who are brother and sister smalls from my Milpitas ward so that was kinda fun. They are a super cute family. They also had their non member friend over as well. It was fun to be able to talk with her. Too bad she is not terribly interested at the moment also she is not in our area so yeah. We then went over to the Perry's and visited with
them for a little bit and shared a quick message before heading home.

So yeah that was the extent of my week. I hope you had a great week and a wonderful Christmas.

Love ya
Sister Doig


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