December 19, 2016


Livermore, CA, USA


Sister Kelly

Kaylene's December 19, 2016 Letter


Yeah whenever people ask me about the weather at home and I have to tell them that I have seen the number -40 for at least a day every winter their jaws hit the floor. I'm just glad that I don't have to be a missionary out in that. Negative numbers is not fun to be out in a skirt all day long.

Good I'm glad you found something for the missionary moment. That's cool that he (Elder Cook) was Brother Jeff Redford's mission president.

Yeah we actually got the heads up that he was going to be there. Our district leader phoned telling us and we didn't believe him but he said their bishop had just told them and if they were in our shoes they would have wanted a heads up too. We did text our bishop as well to confirm and when the said it was so we made sure to be prepared. Yeah we felt pretty special when Elder Bednar gave us permission. The Mella's were kinda shocked when they found out we were having her confirmed the day of her baptism but no one was ready to go against Elder Bednar's words.

Yeah that sure is a blessing of serving state side. Being able to come back especially to see people like Emily and Jose go to the temple will be amazing.

So I was able to get the scholarship thing done Tuesday morning before transfers. It was actually really simple and really short. Most of the stuff was already in there from when you sent in the application. So I just kinda looked it over and had to type a couple paragraphs and it was done. Also I'm thinking I may end up coming home a transfer early so I have enough time to get up to school. But I don't know yet we will worry about that later.

Oh boy this area, it is literally like the whitewash all over again. We are at ground zero. No teaching pool. No real investigators, only a couple less actives, and a few active members here and there nothing set on a weekly basis. Dinners yeah keep dreaming we are pretty well begging for members to have us over. Our ward mission leader is no help either so that's awesome. We live with the Spanish Sisters one of which is Hermana Bocanegra who was in my apartment complex my first transfer in Redwood City. Our apartment is okay the problem is it only has one washroom. But tomorrow we are moving to a nicer place with 2 washrooms and a washer and dryer. So that will be awesome it just means I haven't unpacked yet and now have to pack up and clean up a whole apartment of someone else's crap. Just how I wanted to spend Pday. But in the end it will be great. The Spanish Sisters just totaled their car a transfer or so back and we don't have a replacement therefore we have to share the car with them which also means every other day we are on bikes. I gotta say biking in a skirt is not as fun as it sounds, and yes it already doesn't sound fun. Also it has gotten cold here. I know this is where you all call me wimps. But this week it reached freezing during proselyting hours while we were biking. So yeah it's ten times colder when you have a breeze blowing up your skirt. You wake up with frost on the cars and you can see your breath. It's amazing the temperature difference transferring to the other side of the hills. This is the first week that I have really pulled out my coat other than when it was pouring rain.

Tuesday morning was transfers so we ran down to the mission office switched bags and made the trek up to Livermore. We got some lunch and then I got the run down of the area before we ran off to do some contacting and drop by's. We met with the bishop then had this youth activity night thing. The missionaries started having a night where they play games with the youth and have a spiritual thought and try and get the youth to bring friends. After that we had an active member lesson with Sister Blair.

Wednesday we skipped exercise and did early studies (let me tell ya there is a big difference between your level of awakeness at 7 then at 8). But we do that so we can do Zumba that starts at 9. There is a lady in our ward that is a Zumba instructor and she and this other lady who is not a member teach Zumba a couple times a week. It is mainly members that go but there are a few non members there as well. We did service at open heart kitchen. It's a place for the homeless. We did some contacting. Oh and it was our first day on bikes yay! We saw a less active, Sister Carter. She is old and due to some medical stuff can't really get to church. We then tried several other less actives with no luck. We had an active member lesson with Sister Bohn.

Thursday was pouring rain. We did lots of drop by's still nothing. But after lunch things kinda turned around for us. We were able to drop by a less active, Sister Hendrix, that surprisingly let us in but she didn't let us share a message and wasn't too keen on the idea of us coming back. We went by the Baileys he is our ward mission leader he wasn't there but we were able to share a lesson with his wife. We then had a service making sack lunches for kids at different schools who don' t have one. We dropped by a potential from the area book. She was't home so we went back to the car and were picking the next name to visit from our list and then we see her pull up. So we got out and talked to her for a bit. Her name is Jeanette and it just so happens that her housemate Tina was with her. So we talked with both of them and left them with a little Christmas message and scheduled a time to go back this next week. We also had an active member lesson with the Girardelli's and then dropped by the relief society president.

Friday we had Zumba and then service at an old folks home. We had weekly planning which took forever as I have no clue who anyone is. Then we had dinner before running back out towards Milpitas for Tabita's baptism. Things were a little crazy there. I'm not gonna lie I'm glad it wasn't me. We got there and they were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. So we jumped in and helped with what we could. It turned out quite nicely and she was happy so that's all that matters.

Saturday we did some gardening service. That's one good thing about home you don't have to pull weeds in December. We went to drop by a potential and happened to run into a less active walking her dog. So we were able to talk to her for a bit and set up a time to meet. Then we got to see the potential we had originally been looking for. She was busy but we were able to schedule a time to go back. We then picked a little neighborhood with lots of less active and just walked around trying them as well as contacting along the way. We had a couple good conversations but nothing too crazy. We then dropped by an active member to use the washroom and ended up teaching a lesson. That evening we tried some ward council families as well as had a lesson with Sister Caraway.

Sunday we had church. There is a non member in the choir so the Sisters had joined the choir. Well seeing as no one was going to be around for Christmas they did the big Christmas program with the choir singing this week. Of course none of the songs were your typical Christmas songs. This is where those years of the Girls Choir paid off. Fake it till ya make it I guess. Other than that we met with another active family and since Sister Kelly is going home she worked on her "my plan". A plan for life after the mission that you have to do your last transfer. Yep that's basically it. Just lots of finding.

So yep it sucks being back in the finding mode. Planning at night is the worst as we always have a completely blank day before us. I ask Sister Kelly what they have done in the past to fill days and all I get is a deer in the headlights look. So yep I have pretty well just had to jump in and lead the area. It's hard but seeing as I've done it once it is a little less overwhelming but still physically and emotionally taxing. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss all of those in Milpitas and the YSA branch and Emily and Jose. I busted my butt to get that area built back up and then got ripped up and thrown into the corner of mission and told now go do it again. And right before Christmas too. So yeah here it goes...

Oh as for Skype we finally found a member who will let us come over after church on Christmas at about 1:30 my time so 2:30 your time is the game plan. I'll probably just be on my iPad again seeing as Sister Kelly's is broken and will therefore need their computer.

Also is Kendall coming home for Christmas?

Have a great week! Enjoy all of the Christmas festivities. Good luck hosting at home this year for Christmas Eve.

Love ya
Sister Doig


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