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Kaylene's December 12, 2016 Letter - A Special Weekend!

Yeah it's always fun to do those things on Pday (Ken's Comment: Taking a Hike with Jose last Pday) it just turns out to be time consuming and hard to get the errands ran. Like today the zone decided to head to Monterey. I'm mean I've been in California for 10 monthish and have yet to see the ocean until today. But I don't know personally I don't think it is worth it to drive all the way there when you can't get in the water and all of that. But what ever.

Well I'm glad I'm no longer a loner just hanging on the wall (Ken's Comment: being the only missionary plaque in the Ward display cabinet). Honestly I have had no time to come up with something for the missionary moment. I really don't know what to tell them. Like I don't even know what type of stuff they want to know. I guess just let them know I'm alive and that life's good.

Thanks that will be great. I'll make sure whoever heads down that way from my new zone picks it up. I'm going back up to the north end of the mission again.

Yeah I've liked being back in a regular companionship. Sister Staley and I were finally able to get things rolling together but now we have to part ways. So I get to add yet another companion to my list and this new one I am not overly excited about but we will see...

Well it sounds like there were some good games at cougar classic. Those games that push right to the buzzer are really fun but can be frustrating when you know they wouldn't have had to be so close.

Man I can't even remember what those negative numbers feel like. It sure is going to be interesting when I hit that reality at home. All I can say is have fun. Here is like the perfect temperature right now not too hot not too cold and the occasional rainy day.

Keep Nathan's car running??? That's my car! What has he done to it? That was gonna be my car again when I got home.

As for Skype yeah I'll figure that out soon. I'm sure we will just do it from a members house again but I don't know what is going down in this new area. But I'll let you know. Do you have a preference as to morning or evening?

Okay we yeah another crazy week. Things just won't slow down.

Tuesday was half pday since we had the creche the day before. We started of with doing laundry. Then we met with the zone leaders to plan for ZTM. We had another lesson with Jose and did some contacting. Then since it was getting dark and cold we went grocery and all that fun stuff before heading out to Milpitas. We had a great lesson with both the Lindsays and the DiGiuseppes. Then we went back to the institute and met with Hillary's home teacher. I guess he kinda calmed her down and convinced her to meet with us on Wednesday but wanted to give us a little bit of a heads up. I guess sister Staley had mentioned something about Hillary being able to do the temple work for her grandmas so that they can all live together in the celestial kingdom and that somehow offended her. Honestly that didn't surprise me Hillary is just that kind of person.

Wednesday we went to sacred heart and helped the Harpers cook. We met with Jose again as he texted us that morning asking to have another lesson so we through one together. We did some contacting as well as met with Ceidy for a short lesson. We finally got to meet with sister Curiale again. She has been out of town a lot this past little while so it was really good to just touch base there again. Then yes we had that meeting with Hillary and she just called sister Staley out. Sister Staley apologized and it just went from there. Everything is worked out now but I don't envision her meeting with missionaries anytime soon. Especially seeing as her boyfriend that introduced her to the church is going to boot camp for the next couple months and she won't step foot into the institute without him.

Thursday Jose knows how competitive Sister Staley and I are and he said that he didn't think either one of us could handle working out for an hour but challenged us to do it. So we got up early and went over to the institute at 6 to attempt to do this workout for an hour straight. Sister Staley copped out half way through so I took one for the team and endured to the end. As soon as branch members heard that this was going down a few showed up just to see if the sisters could handle it. Word travels fast in these little YSA's. We also had ZTM which went really well. We focused a lot on making everyone personally accountable. Making them point out the shortfalls of the zone and what they are going to do to change them. Then we had a quick lunch before going to the Lindsay's so we could go up to the temple. It had been far to long since we had gone. It was just so great. And by the time we got out it was dark and therefore the Christmas lights were on. All I can say is I had never seen Christmas lights on palm trees before. We came back and had a lesson with Tabita. Also that night Sister Staley got a call to be an STL.

On Friday seeing as Sister Staley hadn't been an STL before we had to go to the training meeting which takes up a rather large chunk of the day. We then went to this less active lady / part member families home from the Berryessa Ward. They had been working with this family but they got into a motorcycle accident and things had kinda come to a halt. But in the past she had responded better to Sisters than Elders and seeing as we are the only english Sisters in the stake the Elders asked if we could reach out. So yeah they asked if we could come over and help with a little cleaning as they have really fallen behind with this accident. All I can say is the Elders owe us big time. We then had another lesson with Tabita. We finished up all the commandments and did a practice interview. All things were looking good that way so we set up a time for the actual interview. We also saw the Ramos and the Burns families that evening.

Saturday we had to do our weekly planning and then head up to Elder Bednar and Elder Cook. Oh my goodness it was amazing! They spent 3 solid hours with the mission. We only had like a minute between each hour to stand up and stretch. Elder Bednar has an interesting teaching style. It was completely interactive. His big point was being agents not objects. To act and not to be acted upon. Also he talked a lot about not beating yourselves up. He used that the Elders do one thing right and think they are amazing and Sisters do 9 things right and beat themselves up analogy and then said so Sisters don't be so hard on yourselves and Elders go repent. He is a really funny guy too. It was just super awesome you just kinda had to be there. But man 3 hours flew by. We then saw Sister Smith. We also dropped by the Rodas family. They are a part member family with an unbaptized 9 year old. And we got permission to teach the 9 year old. Then it was transfer calls. So we were just waiting and waiting. Something went down because calls didn't come until 11pm when they are usually done by lights out at 10:30. But yeah either way I'm being transferred. I'm heading to Livermore and all I can say is I hope I'm not there too terribly long because it is the hottest part of the mission in the summer. My new companion is going to be Sister Kelly. She too was trained by Sister Palmer so we are mission Sisters and I think this is going to be her last transfer but I'm not 100% on that. If it's not it's the one after that. Either way chances are I'm killing her (Ken's Comment: killing her means that Kaylene will be her last companion as her mission is coming to and end).

Sunday was even better. So we both ran out to Milpitas because Elder Bednar was going to be at our Ward Council and Sacrament Meeting. I was in a room of like 20 people and one of the was a 70 and the other an Apostle! It was bomb! All we talked about was Tabita's baptism and got permission to confirm her at the baptism on Friday so she can go on the youth temple trip the next day. Elder Bednar just jumped in and said yes. And then told us how impressed he was that we thought of that and that that was our plan. That was one only typical ward council thing we talked about after that Elder's Bednar and Cook just took over. It was amazing. He then shook everyones hand which he was unable to do with all of the missionaries at our meeting. He took a picture with the bishop and then that ment everyone wanted one. So yep we scored a picture with the both of them. We then had a Sacrament Meeting where we got to hear the testimony of a Bishop, a Stake President, and an Apostle. It was amazing! All I can say is the Lord loves me because as we were singing the opening hymn Emily and her son Gavin walked in. They just happened to be up at the Hartungs this weekend. I had even talked to Bro Hartung that morning in Ward Council and he didn't mention it. Emily just wanted to surprise me. It was great to see her on my last Sunday in the ward. She is doing well down in oceanside and has been taken care of which was good to hear. The big thing was she wants to go to the temple for baptisms and her Bishop said that she needs to be a member longer which is not true. Especially after Bro Hartung hearing what Elder Bednar said about Tabita he was like this Bishop is missing something. Anyway of curse we don't know all of the little behind the scenes stuff but President Mella is really good friends with the Mission President down there and all of that fun stuff and is going to make a call to sort it all out. After church was Tabita's baptismal interview and she passed! So that will be Friday. We then just made the rounds to a few family's to say goodbye to like the Ramos, DiGiuseppe, Hartungs and Emily. We had SMCM with the stake president and President Mella. We also saw the Watsons like we usually do on Sundays. Today he was called to be the new Ward Mission Leader so we had a little chat with him about the baptism coming up.

So yeah sorry this is a big mess of an email and done in a huge rush again. These 2 weeks have just been a joke.

Love ya
Sister Doig


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