December 6, 2016


San Jose, CA, USA


Sister Staley

December 5, 2016 Letter


Okay so first off here is your explanation as to why I am emailing so late. So today our day started out early with a hike with Jose and a few other branch members. Jose's non-member friend was to come with us but something came up. Oh well it was still fun. We then made it back in time to quickly change and grab some lunch before driving up to Palo Alto for the creche. They just take one of the chapels there and display hundreds of nativities and have all sorts of musical numbers and stuff there it is super cool. They asked us to host for a couple of hours. It was great as I got to see several members form my Palo Alto and Redwood City wards. We then made it back in time for dinner and then yeah now we are finally emailing. Seeing as we had to help at the creche we get to make up those pday hours hence why I am emailing now during work time. We figured we would spare you the pain of waiting until tomorrow. But yes so now tomorrow we have to try and make up everything else we didn't do like groceries and cleaning.

As for the pumpkin pie nothing beats moms homemade pumpkin pie but it is a close second. Now as for how much weight I have gained...we just wont go there.

As for the missionary moment I will try to come up with something for you next week. Today and this week are just crazy!

Yeah this area has turned out to be a bit of a disaster that way but some how we have pulled out on top. And I really do love it here. We have some really great members.

That's unfortunate about the furnace. I know this will sound wimpy in comparison but our heat hasn't been working either so it has been a little chilly in the mornings. Studies usually ended up with everyone in fuzzy socks and blankets with hot chocolate. Luckily we just got it fixed the other day. Acclimation sucks!

As for Christmas I can't think of anything that I need and or want right off. And honestly if you put money into my account I probably wouldn't use it. So yeah I don't know just do whatever you want.

Now as for my week Monday was a lot of running around. Mainly just getting sister Carter ready to go. As well as we had to teach FHE at the branch but we also usually see the Barbarans and the McCarters out in Milpitas. So we had to do split in order to cover it all. Then we got home only to find that sister Carter had lost the phone. We couldn't find it anywhere the car her bag nothing. So we used he institute phone to call the members to see if it was left there. Somehow it was in the gutter along the road by the McCarters. Anyway it was good they had found it but there was no way we could get it until the next day.

Tuesday morning we had to go to the eye doctor again for sister Staley. Then after that we ran out to Milpitas to get the phone. Of course when we check it we had 4 missed called and 2 texts from president Mella. Talk about a heart attack! So we quickly phone him back and of course he doesn't answer so we drive all the way home and start making lunch and all of that fun stuff just stressing out wondering what he needed. He finally phoned us back. Of course it was nothing just wanted to make sure everything was good for sister Carter to be transferred. But yep that was a lesson to her on making sure she always has the phone. We had another lesson with Jose and did some 12 week. After dinner we drove to the mission home to drop sister Carter off. We then had a little bit of time left before curfew and the Harpers as well as other branch members were decorating the institute for Christmas so we helped them out.

Wednesday we went to sacred heart as well as helped the Harpers as usual. We phoned a bunch of potentials for our area book and were actually able to set up a few appointments hopefully some of them work out. Only time will tell. Other than that we had institute. We also met with Hillary and were able to go over the plan of salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ with her.

Thursday it was December 1st and the start of the service advent calendar to go with the Christmas initiative video. That thing that I would have told you all about last week like all the good missionaries did haha oops. Any way so we were asked to go do a just serve service along with a member on that day so we went back to sacred heart with Ceidy. We then had lunch at the institute with Jose and Ceidy before running out to interview with President Mella. Everything was good there. With have interviews every transfer he is making them super short. Plus with all of the meetings and everything I pretty well see him every week so there wasn't much to talk about. His big thing was that sister Staley has been stressing big time on her mission but since she has been with me her stress has dropped significantly even though she and sister Cater didn't get along all that well. So he said that what ever it is that I was doing to keep doing it. Other than that we dropped by a few of the new move ins to Milpitas as well as met with the DiGiuseppes.

Friday I had MLC from 10:30-4 (while sister Staley hung out with a member). This one was a lot different than our other MLC's. Usually President has an agenda and has something assigned to him and Sister Mella as well as the AP's and the coordinating STL's to teach. Well this time he and Sister Mella talked until lunch and then after lunch we all just had a big round table discussion. When Sister Staley picked me up again she said that Hillary texted saying that she doesn't want contact from the missionaries anymore and to remove her name from our iPads and phone so that no missionaries can contact her. So yeah that was fun. We were able to see Emma Luna, brother Chapman (sister Chapman was still out of town), and Sheila and Jena Perry.

Saturday we met with Alan (pronounced Ellen). She is Chinese and was a self referral from We had a great little discussion with her. We also had to do our weekly planning as well as meet with our Milpitas ward mission leader. Other than that it was the Milpitas ward Christmas party. It was super fun. It was polar express themed and let me tell ya they went all out.

Sunday we did splits to cover both wards at church. I was with Erin at the YSA branch. Sister Staley and I then ran out to Milpitas to teach Tabita. Things are moving right along there. We scheduled to meet with her a few times this next week in order to get everything done before the baptismal date. We then dropped by the Perry's again. They usually get a ride to church from a member but I guess they had a rough night and so they didn't go to chruch but they told the member that if she saw us at church to send us over to their place because they trusted us. So we went by to see what was up and what we could do. We then had dinner with the McCarters while we watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. We also saw the Watsons again.

We have several exciting things coming up this week. For one Sister Mella has been pushing for us to be able to do an endowment session seeing as we didn't get to at conference time due to the temple being closed. So she has been trying to get us to make it up. Her hope was for us to be able to go during Christmas so we can see the lights. Well we just got permission to go this week. So hopefully we can get that all arranged here shortly. Also on Saturday Elder Bednar (from the Quorum of the 12) and Elder Cook (from the 70) will be here and will be spending a few hours with the mission. So we are really looking forward to that.

Anyways so sorry this is late but yeah life is just crazy over here. I hope you all have a great week!

Sister Doig


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