November 28, 2016


San Jose, CA, USA


Sister Staley & Sister Carter

Kaylene's November 28, 2016 Letter


Dang it sure sounds like you had a busy week.

wait...YOU brought out the Christmas tree?!? Well That's good that the house will finally show the season. I'm trying to convince someone here to let me set up their tree.

Thanks for doing that for Jose. I'll let him know that you did it and explain to him what it is and all that stuff. Things seems to be going well but only time will tell...

I like how it took you almost 10 months to admit that haha. I could kinda tell when I first told you as I was leaving that you weren't too excited about it. But also it was kinda a shock cause I mean I had always said that it was something I wouldn't do yet here I am. I'm not gonna lie though some days it really does suck and if I weren't so dang stubborn I probably would have gone home. But I mean you look at all the different people you have helped and all the different things you have learned. Like if I never came I would have never met Jose. It is all worth it. In the moment it doesn't always seem that way but looking back it is. I always say a mission is the best / worst thing you will ever do. That it is something I am glad I am doing but it is something that I would never do again.

Well this week was a little rough with the holiday. There was no school so most of the YSAs were home with their families. As well as no one wants the missionaries over. No matter what the white hand book says holidays are not a prime time for proselyting.

Tuesday started out with a thanksgiving service. There was this group giving out turkeys as well as other items to those less fortunate so they could have thanksgiving meals. That was actually a pretty great service. Other than that we met with Jose. He seems to be doing really well. He had planned on going to the temple with some others from the branch like he got his recommend and everything but then he ended up not feeling well and therefore didn't go. But hopefully he gets there soon. He's only been to the visitors center like 5 times and can't wait to actually go in. We had a couple active member lessons that evening the Lindays and the Burns.

Wednesday we had our usual service at sacred heart. They too were doing a special thing for thanksgiving putting together boxes for families. It was super fun. It was crazy to see the amount of volunteers there. If only they got even a portion of those on a regular basis. So yeah that was great. We also went to the institute
to set up for dinner. We knew there would be next to no one there so we just set up a couple small tables. Then we did some other things around the institute. Someone that did make it to institute though was Hillary. She was baptized back in February but hasn't been at church in forever and hasn't finished the recent convert lessons. She does however show her face from time to time at things like institute or FHE with her boyfriend. Anyway she has a long complex story and it has taken me over 3 months but I finally got her to agree to sit down with us and get those lessons finished. So yeah we started that. Seeing as we didn't really know her all that well and most of our information was second hand we just sat down and got to know her, her conversion story all that fun stuff and then next week we can more of get into the lessons.

Thursday was thanksgiving. We started out with a district meeting. Which actually turned into a zone meeting. And then the APs actually showed up. We skipped half of the things we usually would do. Kept the actual teaching stuff to a few short spiritual thoughts/trainings and just moved on to some games. Our new Christmas initiative was coming out the next day so we were given 5 minutes to plan how we would use it in a street contact. Then our district leader pulls a batman mask out of his bag and says great now we are going to take turns role playing it. Except you have to wear the mask in order to talk and you have to talk like batman. I know sounds stupid but it was completely hilarious. So yeah a pretty chill district meeting to say the least. Then we had lunch and did 12 weeks. After that we went over to the DiGiuseppes for some "service". Really they knew how hard it was to do missionary work on Thanksgiving so they let us come over to talk gospel and help put up their Christmas lights. Then we had dinner with the Boozers. So yeah that was the extent of our thanksgiving.

Friday we taught Marissa. She is a friend of a member that was at the institute one Pday and the member came and got us saying her friend just asked her what Mormons are and was wondering if we could answer that for her. So we gave her a short something but then had to go so we scheduled this appointment. All I can say is she is golden...except she doesn't live in our boundaries so we had to transfer her over to the sisters in that ward. Other than that we had weekly planning. It took for-freaking-ever. But with the holiday and everything we didn't have much to do so we just made sister Carter actually do the planning so that's why it took so long. Of course sister Carter had another melt down. So yep that was fun. Then we had dinner and a lesson with the Ramos family. I love them so much!

Saturday we saw Tom Perry, Emma Luna, and Cari Smith. Just the usual stuff there. We also had a meeting with the ward mission leader. Then we had dinner with the Watsons and then started the active member lessons with them. Then we had another active member lesson with the Garretts. So yeah we finally got a day where we got a few lessons in. Then we went home to plan and what not and then got a phone call from the AP's. We were expecting a call but it didn't go as we thought. So we have temple square sisters that spend some time in our mission. Well usually some go back and we get their replacements. Well temple square wants all of their missionaries for the holidays. So this week they are all going back and therefore since it's mid transfer and what not president was just splitting all the trios. So we figured it would be me or sister Staley that would be leaving but nope they are taking the baby. So on Tuesday we have to take sister Carter to meet her new companion.

Sunday Sister Carter and I went out to Milpitas while sister Staley went to the YSA branch. Tabita came to church which was great! She seemed to really enjoy her self. After church we ran to the apartment to get some food as well as do 12 week. Then we picked up the bishops daughter and we had a lesson with Tabita. It went really well. I still am not a big fan of teaching through an interpreter but oh well. That evening we ran to different less actives dropping off invites to the ward Christmas party this weekend. We had tried texting, calling, and stopping by the Antolin family since I got here with no luck. But when we came by with the invite she happened to be standing outside so we got to talk to her for a few minutes. Then we had another lesson with the Watsons.

So yep a pretty chill week for us. Gotta love the holidays. No one wants to meet with you. And when they do they force you to eat. Like the amount of Costco pumpkin pie that I have consumed is disgusting.

Hope you all have a great week!

Love ya,
Sister Doig


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