November 21, 2016


San Jose, CA, USA


Sister Staley & Sister Carter

Kaylene's November 21, 2016 Letter


Well I sure hope everything works out for Mark. That provides a little discomfort to say the least. As for your comparing a kidney stone to giving birth all I have to say is what ever helps you sleep at night.

That is pretty hilarious with Nathan. He knew I would just give him a hard time so he's too chicken to email me about it haha.

Good luck with the next few days!

Yes Sister Carter is from Bollingbrook. And she talks about Giordano's Pizza all the time.

Yeah there are protests everywhere. Especially outside City Hall which is right by our apartment. But it hasn't been too bad. We are just smart on where we go and when we go there. Plus with having a car it makes it super easy to avoid it all. Nothing to worry about.

Yep anything is better than meetings for a week straight. Luckily we didn't have too many of them this week.

We have a total of about 173 missionaries and about 60 are sisters last I heard. And yes I love the Harper's. They have been my saving grace in this area. Especially when we first got here they gave us more help than the branch mission leader and branch president combined.

Monday was just lots of errands. We then had dinner at the DiGiuseppes before teaching the McCarters. Active member lessons for days. But I have really loved these active member lessons. It's super amazing to see this Ward warm up to missionaries. To see them take our invitations and run with them strengthening their families and becoming more missionary minded.

Tuesday we had exchanges. Sister Staley and I had sister Valle while sister Carter went with sister Taylor. We ended up dropping by Pablo again. Pretty well he said that he wasn't going to come to institute or anything like that and he wasn't willing to schedule a lesson either but said that he wanted to come to church. He said he didn't want to rule anything out until he has at least come once. So we will see but things aren't looking promising there. We did some contacting. Then we had a lesson with Jose. Sal was just kicking around the institute so we asked if he wanted to join us. He has been a member for about 9 months. So we just told him what topics we were going to cover and let him lead the lesson. It turned out really well. It's so fun to see recent converts teach others. Then we saw Emma Luna as well before dinner and a lesson with the Boozers. Then we had another active member lesson at the Lindsay's. So yeah that turned out to be a really good day. We then exchanged again and went home to plan when we got a phone all from sister DiGiuseppe. She visit teaches a less active member that is really struggling with faith right now. When she told her husband he kind of panicked and said okay it's time to go back to church. So they came to church this Sunday. But she says that she doesn't know if it is true or not anymore so sister DiGiuseppe asked if she would be willing to have us over to go through the lessons again and she said yes! So that was super exciting. We have had a little contact with her. The big thing is it is super hard to schedule things during the holidays. But hopefully we can meet with her soon.

Wednesday we had zone conference from 10:30-5:30. Super long but super good as always. You gotta love being called one of the "old ones". This was the first zone conference for a third of the mission so it was mainly repeat. So yeah then we just had to make it through traffic to institute. Daphney was there so we were finally able to have a lesson with her. Work is just so crazy for her. We were going to see her again this week but instead of just working the morning she ended up working all day as someone quit that day and so then she also had to reduce the whole schedule and all of that so yeah who knows when we will get to see her again.

Thursday we ended up doing a fair bit of contacting. We went out for a bit came back home got some lunch and then headed our again. During the first wave it was just sister Staley and I talking. Sister Carter couldn't even say hi to anyone. So during lunch we had a little talk and then really hit it hard the second time around. But yeah she had a little freak out there. But it's a wall we just had to break down. Like president Mella says we should go contacting for about an hour every day. So she has 18 months of that to look forward to. We then visited Ceidy and did some drop by's before dinner. We then were to have that lesson with Daphney but since she didn't show and Jose, Ismael, and Deano were kicking around we just taught them. Then we met with the DiGiuseppes.

Friday we had weekly planning and then we met with the YSA ward mission leader. On the way over there sister Staley and sister Carter just kinda blew up at each other. So when we got home after the meeting we finished our weekly planning with the comp inventory. Literally I feel like I'm just playing referee some days. We had kinda pushed back our "lunch" until then as we needed our lunch hour to practice for the Milpitas ward talent show. They had been trying for weeks to get people to sign up and hadn't had much luck so we volunteered to do something but just never had time to plan anything. So anyway. We then had dinner and made our way out to the talent show. Don't ask me whose idea it was but we ended up doing the rapstoration. So yes there were three white girls pretending they can rap about the restoration. It was super funny watching everyone's faces as we were in sweats, hats and glasses, pretending to rap, and making it rain pass along cards. So yeah that was fun. It must have been a hit because that was all anyone could talk about at church on Sunday.

Saturday it was raining all day. We ended up seeing Tom Perry and Cari Smith. Other than that it was just a bunch of drop by's. We saw the Burns family that night.

Sunday more rain. The other 2 went to the YSA branch while I was at Milpitas with sister Lindsay one of the YW leaders. So I ended up going to YWs for the first time in forever. Yep that was super weird. Sister Lindsay and I then went and taught Tabita with brother Wilhelmsen. That went pretty well. We were finally able to track down a Book of Mormon in French to give to her so that was good. We then went to visit Sheila and Jena Perry. It was fun to go with sister Lindsay so both Tabita and Jena got to know one of there leaders a little more. Then I met up with the other two and we did some drop by's before dinner. Then we had our last lesson with the bishops family. It has been so fun to teach their family.

And then today we spent all day at the eye doctors for Sister Staley.

Other than that we have officially hit the holiday season where missionaries gain weight like crazy. All of the Thanksgiving dinners and treats with the Christmas stuff trailing behind. All I can say is good thing our apartment doesn't have a scale...

So yeah that about does the events for the week.

I hope you have a great week!

Love ya,
Sister Doig


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