November 14, 2016


San Jose, CA, USA


Sister Staley & Sister Carter

Kaylene's November 14, 2016 Letter


Yeah President laughed when I said it. The sad thing is it was 100% true.

Yep finding the balance is super hard. Especially seeing as the first presidency has decided that missionaries need more training so that just means more meetings and then adding training on top of it all...yep our numbers have plummeted.

That's good that the quest video is moving along. That's great that you were all able to go to the remembrance day thing and that Paul even made the trip down.

That's good that you were able to attend Mallery Moojalsky's farewell. I hope you said good luck for me. Yeah I remember that feeling... Yeah she has been emailing me quite a bit lately asking for advice and what not. So I have given her my 2 cents or whatever my advice is worth...

Well this week was rough teaching wise. Again I had a lot of meetings. Then when we weren't in meetings and could actually teach people everything fell through.

Tuesday started out with meeting with the zone leaders to plan ZTM. As well as we had to make a trip to the mission office to get a Book of Mormon in mandarin before seeing Julia again on Thursday as well as sister Staley had a few things she had to talk with sister Cole the mission nurse about that she couldn't do on the phone. Seeing as Daphney lives kinda down that way we dropped by there, but no luck. We came home to do 12 week which turned into a companionship inventory. All I can say is Sister Carter is a fragile trainee and she and Sister Staley have had a few hiccups. Emily wanted to do something before she left so we went to dinner with her and the Hartungs. I'm sure gonna miss her. We then met up with the other sisters to do exchanges.

Wednesday was the exchange. I was with Sister Orellana in her area. She has been there for just over a transfer but somehow she doesn't know her area and I ended up having to plan the day and what was to be taught to each of the individuals. Going into the exchange Sister Taylor and I knew there were some problems that we were going to address but like always you get in there and find it is all a lot worse. All I can say is Sister Taylor my STL companion and also a coordinating STL has been asked to go over there this coming week and do a confrontation. Needless to say it was a rough day.

Thursday we had ZTM. Nothing too exciting there. Then we made yet another trip to the mission office for my STL meeting. Pretty well it was president Mella talking about how awesome sister missionaries are and how they are needed followed by the coordinating STLs talking about exchanges and different things to do to help the sisters in our areas. After the meeting when my companions came to pick me up Sister Carter decided she wanted to talk to president for a bit. Then we finally got back to the area in time for dinner. Then we had another great lesson with the DiGiuseppes. When we got back to the apartment and were planning and what not we got a phone call from Jose. So his Grandma passed away from stomach cancer a little while ago and they wanted to get him as well as he rest of him family tested for cancer. He was a little nervous as he said that he has had a little bit of stomach pain. Well he got the results and they were positive. The good thing is it is very beginning stages and therefore they just have him on some pretty intense meds. But they say he just has to take those for 2-3 months and then will be okay. So hopefully that will be the case. I don't know it's still kinda hard to process that Jose has cancer.

Friday we were to have a couple different lessons that morning which all cancelled. We then had weekly planning. We did end up with a lesson with Sister Ble's niece Tabita (or something like that). Anyway it is super weird teaching with a translator but it all worked out. She is super golden.

Saturday we visited with Tom Perry as well as sister smith. Other than that we tried to drop by a whole bunch of different people with no luck. Seeing as Pablo (someone Sister Staley and Sister Carter found contacting) cancelled the other day we just dropped by his place. He has a friend that got baptized about 2 years ago who then moved to Utah and is now anti Mormon that he has been talking to as well as looking up stuff which is super frustrating. So we kinda talked through some of those things. Other than that we did 12 week which gradually turned into a companionship inventory again. I don't like being the middle man.

Sunday I went to the YSA branch and the others went to Milpitas. I hung around with Erin as my companion. With some things going on at the Milpitas building church there started late so by the time all of our meetings were over it was time to go to Stake Missionary Coordinating Meeting. While I was in my meeting the others made some more appointments with active members. Bro DiGiuseppe asked us who from the ward council we had been able to teach and when we only gave him a couple names he said "okay well I'll phone them all and convince them to let you come over. When I get them to say yes I'll text you their names and you can give them a call and
schedule a specific day." So yeah they were making those phone calls. Other than that we taught the bishops family.

Some other things from the week. Yes Trump is president and everyone is up in arms about it. It is super funny actually. My favorite line is "I'm from Canada". I always get one of 2 responses those being "lucky" or "I wanna move there". Also weed is now legal in California yay! So now we have to change how we teach the word of wisdom. We had an acronym that was used all the time that no longer works. CATTS for coffee, alcohol, tea, tobacco, and illegal substances. So yep now we've gotta come up with a new one.

Sister Carter is doing okay. Like I said her and Sister Staley have had a few hiccups but for the most part things are good training wise. She is just a super fragile and emotional person. She keeps saying things like I think we all need to hug more. So yep that makes things fun because I think we need to hug less haha.

But yep I just miss teaching. I love the meetings but I miss seeing people. I haven't gotten to teach any of our investigators or recent converts etc for like 2 weeks. I do not envy the coordinating STLs at all. I already feel like enough of an office missionary.

Have a great week! Love you!

Sister Doig


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