November 7, 2016


San Jose, CA, USA


Sister Staley & Sister Carter

Kaylene's November 7, 2016 Letter

Yeah I'm stubborn and I don't believe in doing a half job and wasting time. I'm here to get work done as best as I can. But yes some days my plate feels rather full with all the different responsibilities but you just take it one day at a time and it all seems to work out.

Yeah everyone says it is like a hike. It seems to take for ever to reach the peak but once you do it only takes a moment to return to the bottom. Honestly I don't know how I feel about it. It sure is bitter sweet.

Thanks for the package. When I was told you guys were sending one I couldn't figure out what for. I mean Christmas and my birthday are next month but hey I wasn't going to complain about a package. I mean I had told people that I was out about 9 months or about half way but opening that package and it saying happy hump day made it all the more real.

Monday was Halloween. We did the usually errands and then went over to the Chapmans. We knitted for a while and then had dinner. It was really great actually. The hard part was telling Sister Chapman that Sister Maka would be transferred. Hopefully she likes the new Sisters.

Tuesday started off with transfers. So I dropped off Sister Maka and picked up Sister Staley. We came home and grabbed some lunch. I gave her a run down of the area. We quickly prepped for our lessons and then went to work. We went to track down some less actives as well as do some contacting. We had dinner with Emily and tried to lay out her program and all that fun stuff. Then we had a lesson with the DiGiuseppes. I love them. They are super awesome. They were super cold to missionaries at first but have since decided that they like us. They are both RMs so they give us some tips. Instead of just teaching the 5 lessons in 5 sittings they say we can come over as much as we want. They signed up on our dinner calendar. All of that stuff. He makes sure he lets us know that he would not be doing any of this if he didn't like us. That he never did any of that stuff for the other sisters. So yeah they're super cool.

Wednesday we went to sacred heart. It's a super fun service. We were working with a lady named Priscilla. And we're just kinda casually talking and what not. We ended up talking for quite a while on gospel related things. We were able to get her number and what not. And she said that she will be at the service next week and would love to talk some more so we will see how that goes. We helped the Harper's cook and then took the greenies out contacting. There were only 2 sisters that came in so I took one and sister Staley took the other. By the end we had our guess as to which one was ours. We then sat down and typed up Emily's baptismal program, then it was time for institute.

Thursday morning we picked up our greenie Sister Carter. Then ran home for a quick lunch and were off to appointments. We met with Julia and really just talked about church, prayer, and scriptures. She is seeing the importance of reading the Book of Mormon but is not quite so eager to find a way to church. Baby steps. Then we saw Jose for another recent convert lesson. After that I had to meet with the zone leaders to discuss what we would bring up at MLC the next day. We saw Sheila and Jena Perry. They still haven't been to church since they moved. They really wanted to go this week but she ended up baby sitting a special needs baby for a friend over the weekend but didn't think she could handle him while at church. Other than that we had another lesson with the bishops family. Sister Staley had made up a commandments board game that we played with them.

Friday I had MLC all day. It was super good though. They are making some changes in the missions. They are going back to having both zone conference and interviews each transfer instead of every other. So just more meetings to attend. That makes a lot more work for President Mella as well so a lot of the meeting was him telling that he doesn't have time to deal with the little stuff any more that as leaders we have got to step up and take care of it with out him. Also now the greenies will be coming into the mission with Samsung tablets. They have decided that they will be easier to manage as well as cheaper. All this time I said I didn't want an iPad and would rather a Samsung...maybe one of the greenies will trade haha. Any way after the meeting we did 12 weeks. We also visited with the Ramos family. We did the commandment board game with them as well. After that we popped by to see Emily to make sure everything was a go for the next day.

Saturday we ran out to the church to set up. It was a great baptism. Emily is super awesome. She gave a great testimony afterwords. It's too bad that she is moving because I would love to continue to teach her the recent convert lessons but she will love her new Ward. I am so glad that I was able to be there instead of getting transferred. After that we met with the branch mission leader. We then saw Sister Smith. We had a good little visit with her. Then we stole our ward mission leaders dog to take him for a walk. Killing 2 birds with one stone. Contacting and service. We were walking down the street when this car flips around, rolls down his window and says are you the sisters from the church? We told him what church we were from and he said that he would love to go to church so we gave him the address and time and exchanged numbers. We asked if we could teach him. He said that he had a sister that was telling him about Christ and that he was really loving it and if we bring spiritually messages he could really use them. He didn't come to church as he already had prior commitments but said he would come next week and hopefully we can see him between now and then. But yeah that was one of those right place right time moments. We then met with the ward mission leader. After that we went home as we still hadn't done weekly planning.

Sunday we went on splits. Sister Staley went to the YSA ward with Erin and I took sister Carter to Milpitas as I wanted to be there for Emily's confirmation. Church went well. Emily got up during sacrament and gave a beautiful testimony as well as the Hartung family. After church we ran to the YSA ward for relief society and break the fast. Daphney was supposed to be at church and then we were to meet with her afterwords but she didn't show. We texted her and dropped by her house with no luck. It has been a while since we've seen her so we are a little worried. So we ended up dropping by the Perry's and seeing how everything was going.

Now for the part you are waiting for...trio life. So far it has been okay. We are all still just trying to find our balance and get to know each other. It's been hard as we have had lots of meetings. At the baptism President asked me how my greenie was and I said I don't know ask Sister Staley. We have only been together for 2 days and I spent one of them in MLC with you. He just laughed at me. But yes the first problem we ran into was we have 3 sisters but only one bunk bed. Meaning I took one for the team and have been sleeping on the floor. President made a lot of last minute transfer changes and therefore the housing coordinator didn't know there was 3 of us in that apartment. He had no beds in storage nor did he know where all the extra ones were in the different apartments as he didn't have an updated list of how many were in each apartment. So yeah he has been trying to track one down for us.

Sister Staley is from Florida and has been out for 4 and a half months. She is the oldest of 4 girls. Sister Carter is from Chicago fresh from the MTC and is number 3 of 6. She only has 2 brothers. So yes this time around I am stuck with 2 girly girls. The one positive thing from that is I never have to worry about what I am going to wear each day. They have that covered. I just let them pick my clothes. That means it takes me 5 minutes to get ready in the morning instead of 10. They on the other hand take the whole hour haha.

Well have a great week.

Love ya
Sister Doig


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