October 31, 2016


San Jose, CA, USA


Sister Maka

Kaylene's October 31, 2016 Letter


That's great that you were able to spend some time with the Hemsley's and watch Chad's football game.

haha I miss our little sports parties. Honestly though I hope I never have to make Judy Sommerfeldt a sandwich again. Subway is not my life goal.

Yeah we always struggle to find. Our teaching pool is never very large my any means. But When we are blessed with someone to teach they tend to make it to the end for the most part which is amazing.

Haha well it sure sounds like granny and grandpa are having an adventure. I feel bad for grandpa. I've seen first hand what missionaries do to those cars. I think the longest our mission has gone without an accident is 35 days. That can't be the funnest job out there.

Tuesday we tried to see a few people with no luck so we ended up just dropping by an elderly couple in the ward and shared a message with them. Then we had a lesson with Jose. He is doing so good. It's just awesome. We also saw Emily. Who is also amazing! Nothing to crazy there just motoring right along. She is just so prepared. Our only thing with her is she is moving shortly after her baptism so we have really just been trying to pull the other ward in on things and let them know what's up and then be able to help from both sides when she moves so we don't lose her.

Wednesday we had service at sacred heart. We also helped the Harper's cook. Did a little contacting. Then we got to see Dionna. Her schedule is a little interesting in that we can only teach her during the dinner portion of institute. So that's what we did. The lesson went okay. She has next to no religious background at all. And with doing the equipment for the football team she always has to deal with that stuff on Sunday's (good thing football is almost over seeing as the SJSU team really kinda sucks). So yeah we will see what happens with that. But yeah after that was just the usual institute classes.

Thursday it rained pretty well all day. We had district meeting in the morning. After that we met with the branch mission leader. Well one of them. The other one plays football so is really hard to pin down for a meeting and that's why we have two. But yeah we then did a little contacting. We went to see sister chapman but she was taking a nap but her husband was home so we talked to him for a bit. Then we went to Bishop McMurrays for a lesson. It is so fun to teach families. I love teaching the kids. But we are running out of object lessons now that we are reaching the end of the lessons. I've never taught commandments or laws and ordinances to little kids before so we will see what we can come up with. After that we taught brother and sister DiGueseppe. They are super amazing as well.

Friday we had service helping set up for a 5k run in down town for breast cancer. We made a trip to the mission office as we were in need of a few pamphlets and things. We then just sat down and did some weekly planning. Really I just sat there and made Sister Maka do the whole thing. We didn't know what would be happening at transfers and I just really wanted to make sure she could do it without me if she needed to. We also saw the Ramos family. They are some of my favorite people here. The grandchildren are so cute. It has been so fun to see
brother and sister Ramos come back to church and for the grandkids to start building these righteous habits. They all have a desire to be baptized. One of them is actually 8 so hopefully that can happen soon. No it won't be a convert baptism but still it will be super cool. We brought them a copy of the children's Book of Mormon.

Saturday started with helping at the actual run for breast cancer. Other than that we had lunch with Jose. He was heading to his parents that evening with it being his dad's birthday the next day. He knew one of us was probably going to be transferred but he wouldn't be here so he wanted to say good bye. Then we finished up the lessons with Emily as well as visited with sister smith. We then met with the ward mission leader. Other than that it was transfer calls night. Like I have said we were expecting one of us to leave so we were patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for a call. All I can say was nothing turned out even close to how we thought. It was like 9:15 and the phone rings. I look and see that it's the assistants. Which was super weird as transfer calls come from the zone leaders so we were wondering what was up. Anyway I answer the phone and they say "so um sister Doig sorry for the late notice, like really late notice, like we should have phoned Monday late notice. Anyway president Mella has called you to be a trainer this next transfer. Is that something you can do?" We about died. That was so unexpected. The 12 week training program is just my life. I've bought myself at least another 6 weeks of it. I have only been 3 months free from the 12 week training on the mission thus far. So then at that point it meant either I was staying and sister Maka was leaving or I was whitewash, training, STL all over again. We kinda figured that would not be the case and that sister Maka would leave. Of course it takes another good hour before the zone leaders call to let us know. Yes sister Maka is leaving. She will be going to the Tongan program. She will be up in the Menlo park zone and will actually be living in my old apartment. As for me I'm staying put. My new companion will be sister Stayley. She has been out 4 or so months. And then we will pick up our trainee on Thursday. Yep that was the next curve ball--trio training. So yeah this next transfer sure will be interesting.

Sunday sister Maka had to say goodbye so we knew we had to hit both wards. So we started with Milpitas. Of course as we are getting ready for sacrament we are told that 2 of the 3 speakers were not going to be there so we were on. All I can say is thank goodness for S.T.E.P.P. talks! I've got a good 10 or so different talks now from teaching assignments or S.T.E.P.P. talks to choose from (some are better than others but at least it's a starting point). Then we ran out to the YSA branch. After church we talked with president Rogers the branch president. I never knew if he really liked me until today he said he was glad I was sticking around but said that I was going home soon. I corrected him in that I still have a ways to go. He then said okay good then tell president Mella you can stay here until August. So yeah that was nice to hear. Other than that we had Emily's baptismal interview. That was the shortest interview ever. Like it only took 15 minutes tops. Anyway she passed so that was great! Her baptism will be Saturday. So yep we will pick up our greenie on Thursday and then her first letter home she will be like well we had a baptism. We also visited the Ble family. They are from the Congo. They are super awesome! Sister Ble has a niece living with them that isn't a member but goes to church with them and all the activities and what not. So we want to teach her. The problem is she doesn't know much English. She knows some African dialect and French and that's about it. But we just got permission to teach her if we can find a French speaker in the ward to help us out. So hopefully when I get the new companions we can sort all of that out and get something going there.

Yeah we about fell out of our chairs too. Good thing is I have done a little bit with sister Stayley before and I think we will get along. But who knows living with someone is a completely different story. It's super funny because like I said president had me in a trio for like 2 weeks and then almost put me in a trio again but made the mistake of asking for my opinion and you know me I have an opinion and am not afraid to give it so he didn't do it.

So yes living with 2 girls and having 3 personalities will be tons of fun... Also trying to train and not let the greenie just get pushed to the side. But also sister Stayley hasn't been out for very long either so I'm sure I will have to help her along with a few things. Then I am still STL so that means I still have 4 other sisters to look out for... And teaching in a trio is a completely different ball game and then splits is a much easier option especially for yeah it is just going to be one big fun adjustment the whole way around.

All I can say is with all the different companions and callings you would think president was trying to kill me.

Yes I'm sure Sister Maka will be able to come back for Emily's baptism. It's not too far away. Presidents new rule is as long as you taught them within the last 2 transfers you can come back so I'm sure she will be there on Saturday.

So yep that's about it for the week. Take care Love ya!

Sister Doig

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Paul Doig says:
We understand what you are talking about and terms like STL. Keep up the good work as we all will be blessed because of what you do. Grandpa
on November 3, 2016

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