October 24, 2016


San Jose, CA, USA


Sister Maka

Kaylene's October 24, 2016 Letter


Yeah with the STEPP talk I just hadn't had the time to get it done. You know how long it takes me to write things and then with everything else going on it just wasn't finished but for all President Mella knows it was. That's the blessing of being out for almost 9 months you can just say sure President and pull it out of a hat. All I could do afterwords was laugh though. Those are the privileges you get on a mission oh hey missionaries speak, bear your testimony, teach this class...and you just have to pull it out of nowhere.

Yeah us Doig's tend to get bored out of our minds if we sit still for too long.

Well Monday we did the usual errands and then spent the rest of the day with Jose and the Harper's. We had a lesson with Emily at the Hartungs. She is just so super awesome! She is just eating it all up. We have seen her like every other day this week. So I can't keep all the lessons straight. But yeah Monday night we set a baptismal date for November 5th.

Tuesday we did service at the institute. We also had to make a trip down to the mission office to drop off Jose's baptismal record as well as to get the new insurance sticker and paper for our car. We did some contacting followed by our first recent convert lesson with Jose. We also taught the DiGiuseppe family. Active member lessons for days.

Wednesday was service at sacred heart as well as helping the Harper's cook dinner. Then we ran out to Milpitas and taught Emily. Then it was back to San Jose to teach Daphney. Jose sat in on the lesson. It is super weird (but completely awesome) to be able to have him as a member present now. Then it was institute. We were trying to convince Daphney to go to some of the events coming up with some of the members but all she could say was well are you going to be there? Of course these are like haunted houses and dances and what not so no we will not. That made them sound a little less appealing. She is fine around the members as long as we are there but if we start to walk off she follows us like a puppy. Like even when we leave right after class when everyone else starts to pull out games she will leave. We won't be around forever so we have been doing pretty well everything to get her to be with the members. Getting her to finally come to institute was a big step but she still has a ways to go in that department.

Thursday we had district meeting and then lunch provided by the Harper's. Jose was kicking around and he had a few questions so we sat down with him and discussed those. That went really well. We did some more contacting. We also saw Emma Luna and then Sheila and Jena Perry. We are still struggling with them. They have been in the ward for some time now and still haven't been to church. But what's worse is they have been here over a month and we are the only people that they have met from the ward. Not a single member from the bishopric, relief society, or young women's has gone by. So yeah that is super frustrating. Then we met up with Hermana's Taylor and Valle for exchanges.

Friday morning sister Valle and I were talking and I asked her about her companion and what not. Well she just let it all out. Our small talk over breakfast soon consumed our study time as she was just venting the whole past month of her mission. Sister Taylor is a great sister but from what I have heard is not the easiest companion plus she is coordinating STL which is stressing her out and consuming all her time. So yeah sister Valle just sees her as running around like a chicken with her head cut off and leaving sister Valle to learn the language and how to be a missionary on her own and all of that fun stuff. Of course she's green and is scared of president Mella So yeah president got a nice long email from me. So yeah that was fun. After that we saw Emily got some lunch and did some contacting followed by a lesson with Julia the less active we found last week. Sister Valle is a pretty awesome little missionary. We then switched back as they had something to get to. I didn't know sister Taylor scheduled the day for the exchange but ended up double booking it I guess so they needed to switch back early. Anyway we then had dinner and then ran to Milpitas for a lesson with the Ramos family. They are the cutest ever! I love teaching them. We sat on the floor with the kids and went through the plan of salvation.

Saturday we started with weekly planning seeing as we couldn't do it the day before. We also saw sister Chapman. She ended up asking about the whole transfer thing. So we told her one was coming up this week. She told us that she isn't a big fan of that as we have grown on her. She also asked theoretically if she were to have us over for dinner or something would we have to still do a lesson. Of course we said yes. Sister Maka also wants her to show us how to knit. So seeing as Halloween is a Monday the plan is to go over there for some knitting and dinner. So I'm pretty sure my Halloween is going to be better than all of yours. Like come on what beats knitting? Before we left we asked if there was anything we could do for her and she said "no but is there anything I can do for you. I would do anything for you sisters...except go to church". It's a slow process but one day she may change her mind on the ending of that statement. But at least for the time being she's letting the missionaries in. We also met with the ward mission leader and then made an appearance at the ward trunk or treat/chili cook off.

Sunday we went out to Milpitas. Emily was at church. We taught gospel principles on temples and family history which was great. Emily seemed to really like it. The only hard part is teaching with that many members around that aren't used to having a lesson where one person has no clue what they are saying and as they start jumping around with the topic it just gets more confusing for them. We then caught the end of the YSA branch block of meetings. We dropped by Jalisa a less active and had a good little visit with her. We then had a lesson with Emily. We were able to clear up any of the confusion the class gave her and then knock out a few more commandments. Other than that we had dinner and then tried to drop by a couple more people.

Other than that transfer calls will be coming this weekend so we will see what happens. But It's looking like we have a call coming our way...

Take care! Have a good one.

Sister Doig


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