October 17, 2016


San Jose, CA, USA


Sister Maka

Kaylene's October 17, 2016 Letter


Jordan Creason is 100% right with that one. (Ken's clarification. Jordan Creason just returned from his mission to Mexico. When he reported to High Council on Wednesday he stated, "If a mission didn't have trials it would have just been a vacation to Mexico".)

Yeah people working on Sundays is our number one problem with investigators and less actives.

Good to hear that Granny and Grandpa made it to the islands okay. No one can start putting on dots until I get there. That drummer boy is mine.

I always had to bug you forever to put the lights on the house.

Dang it sure sounds like the Jays games have been interesting ones. Hopefully they can pull it off at home.

Well Monday we had a sisters Pday at the mission home. Literally half of the missions sisters were there. We had a great breakfast and just hung out, had a mini devotional, did a get to know you game as currently a third of our mission is in training so no one knows anyone. The food was great. It was nice to see other sisters I have served around. But honestly 30ish girls in one place is not my cup of tea. Other than that we tried to get all the errands ran had dinner at the Boozers and then FHE with the Barbarans.

Tuesday morning started with a conference call for all ZL's and STL's. Each month the mission is given a topic and we have to write these little 5 minute talks on that topic. We call them S.T.E.P.P. Talks (scripture, testimony, preach my gospel quote, promise). Any way awkward moment when over the call president asks you to give yours and you haven't finished it yet. So yep that was fun. I don't even remember what I said. Other than that we drove around to all the different churches in the zone trying to find baptismal clothes that could fit Jose. For the most pat all we could find were xxl jumpsuits. Just a little bit of a problem when he is my size. Come to find out the zone leaders have a bunch just chilling in their apartment. But of course when we ask them for access to the clothes at their chapel they just let us in and don't mention the fact that they have all the normal people sized clothes we have to figure this out through the others in the zone. Any way we finally found something that would work. We did a little contacting. Finished off all the lessons with Jose. Went over the program with him and all the other last minute baptismal stuff he needed to know. In the process he said "yeah I just hope it will be a good experience" sister Maka starts doing the oh don't worry it will be and I just look at him and say "are you sacred of the water?" He said that he was. I was like let me guess you almost drowned as a child. I was right. He was taking swimming lessons when he was 5 and the instructor wasn't paying attention and he almost drowned. He said he can't even go to the dentist because whenever they would spray the water in his mouth it brought him back to that same place feeling like he is drowning. Of course we weren't asking him to do anything scary you know just go completely under the water no biggy. So yeah with it being that close to the baptism and what not we were a little worried there but we talked through it and he already had it in his mind that he was going to do it regardless. Then we sat down and finished formatting the program and printed off a copy to show the branch mission leader and branch president for approval.

Wednesday we had service at sacred heart. We also helped the Harper's make dinner and did a little contacting. Then we had a lesson with Daphney which went really well. We are working through the commandments with her. And then we had institute. So yeah like I said last week Daphney had an interview on Monday for a new job. This whole thing is such a miracle. So I guess she applied for this job months ago and even forgot she applied. They phoned her for an interview. They had a mini one there on the phone and then they asked her to come in for an in person interview on Monday. So she had that and I went really well. The lady that interviewed her phoned her back asking her to come for a second interview on Wednesday. This lady then proceeded to tell her all of the things she needed to say during her next interview. So she had that before our lesson. Then by the time institute was over she got a call saying she got the job! The three of us were so happy. Of course this is a better job and she will make more and not have to work weekends. #blessings. So she said she would give her 2 weeks notice in the morning. So now once that is up she will be able to come to church. Also we met with the branch president to finalize everything for the baptism.

Thursday started with district meeting and the lunch as a district gotta love the Harper's. Then we had our last lesson with Jose as an investigator. We just read from the Book of Mormon with him and had a really good discussion about it. Then we just made sure that he was all set for his baptism the next day. We also met with the branch mission leader briefly to make sure everything was good on his end for he baptism. Then we made our final draft of the program and printed it off. We visited the Perrys that moved into the ward about a month ago yet still haven't been to the Milpitas ward. Granted it was stake conference and general conference in there but still everyone is getting a little worried. Then we went to the Hartungs for a lesson. They have a non member friend living with them for a month that is like family to them and has attended church with them several times. So he invited us over to do the active member lessons with their family and if she just so hapend to be there no one was going to complain. Her name is Emily and yes she was there. So we taught the restoration and are supposed to go back again tonight for lesson 2. The big thing is she is only living with them for a month. We told them no worries it only takes 3 weeks to baptize someone. The hard thing with her would be retention once she moves out of the Hartungs and back with her family. Then we saw sister Curiale and were able to talk a little bit about temples with her. Then we saw the DiGiuseppe's to start the active member lessons with them.

Friday was service at Guadelupe. Then we had weekly planning followed by an early dinner before going and filling up the font and all that other fun baptism prep stuff. Then we had the baptism which was super amazing and well attended including president Mella and the AP's. Jose couldn't stop smiling it was super cool. He was hesitant to get in the water but you could see how badly he really wanted to do it. Thank goodness all went well that way. The best part was Deano our branch mission leader plays football. He has a friend Dionna that does all of the equipment for the team. She is also studying religions. She has started coming to institute and really loves it. He brought her to the baptism. We talked to her afterwords and she totally felt the spirit. We were then able to set up a time to meet with her later this week.

Saturday we saw Sister Luna and Cari Smith. We met with the ward mission leader Other than that we tried visiting a bunch of other people but weren't having much luck.

Sunday we went to the YSA ward and Jose was confirmed. We met a referral from some other elders that had been teaching her and bringing her to their family ward. After looking through the progress record we could see there were many struggles and it looked like they were just dropping her on us. Any way we went to check it out and found that to be true so yeah we wont be going back any time soon. We tried to see a few less actives we have been trying to find. We finally caught Tiffany at home. She didn't have much time but we were able to at least finally see her and set up an appointment. We also met Julia. She says she needs to go to church but has been super busy with school and needs to study. But again we were able to get to know her a bit share a message and set up a time to meet. Also we had our second lesson with the bishop's family.

Also we finally got rain this weekend. It's bitter sweet. It sure makes the heat easier to handle but no one is out when it is raining. You can't contact and you can't find parking.

Well have a great week.

Sister Doig


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