October 10, 2016


San Jose, CA, USA


Sister Maka

Kaylene's October 10, 2016 Letter


Well it sure sounds like an amazing and exciting week in the baseball world. That sign though oh my goodness I was laughing so hard. If Sister Maka didn't think I was a nut job before she sure does now.

I'm glad you enjoyed taking Granny and Grandpa to the MTC and made it home safely.

That's great that you were able to get the necessary jobs done around the house and then hit the course for one last time.

Happy Thanksgiving to the people who actually understand that yes, I know it is before Halloween and yes, I am sure it really is Thanksgiving.

Yeah all of these missions in the bay area are cramped together. We are all constantly sending referrals back and forth.

Yeah we are expecting one of us to leave at the end of this transfer or at the latest the next one as we are sure President won't whitewash it again. And honestly if someone will leave it will probably be me. So yeah we won't be surprised if the call does come.

As for my week Monday wasn't anything too exciting. Which was great we really just wanted to relax. We had to teach FHE that evening for the YSA's.

Tuesday morning we got together with the zone leaders to plan for ZTM. We also had our lesson with Jose. On temples and all that fun stuff. Just one more lesson to go. We started planning the baptism program as well. We also saw the Perry's that evening. We then drove to the mission office to start the exchange. I went with Hermana Suazo to her area.

Wednesday was the exchange. I'm not gonna lie it was pretty rough. They have kinda hit a wall. When Hermana Killian got transferred Hermana Suazo and her new companion dropped like all of their investigators as they felt they weren't progressing and they were just teaching them because they could. So they are like 100% finding mode. So our day started with service and then we dropped by several people from a less active list they were given but had no luck finding anyone. Then just as we were pulling in to dinner we got a text from the YW leader saying hey I can't make it to YW tonight can you teach mutual in an hour on personal progress. So we had dinner and then planned something quickly in the car along our way and taught YWs. Then we drove to the institute to exchange back.

Thursday we had ZTM. The big thing that we have been struggling with as a zone is getting people to church. And that was one of the big things addressed at MLC. So we wanted that to be one of the big discussions. Of course that meant the Zone Leaders didn't want to do it and dropped it on me. They literally said this zone needs chastised sounds like a job for Sister Doig. So yeah I got to share with the zone that as a zone we had a total of 3 people at church for the previous week and the zone standard is 3 per companionship and then to talk about why people aren't coming to church and the solutions. Not that numbers is the drive but with 5 companionships each with several investigators we should be able to get more than 3 people through the doors on Sunday. So yeah there was that. Then we had lunch and Jose had his baptismal interview and he passed!!! We are so excited for him. This has been 2 years in the making. Then we met with our branch mission leaders. We saw Emma Luna she tends to be doing okay. We also saw sister Chapman. The first time we met her we talked through the screen door, the second we got to talk in the garage, and then this time we were aloud inside. So yeah that was super good. We also saw a fairly recent convert that is moving here in a couple of days.

Friday started out with a text from Daphney saying she had a phone interview for a new job and has an in person interview today. The good thing is this job won't require her to work on Sunday's so we are praying that she gets the job. We did service at Guadeloupe. A bunch of elders were supposed to be coming as well as we were to load up a huge uhaul with canopies and all these games and prizes for then to take to a different location and set up for this Halloween event the next day. Well of course no one else showed up so we got to muscle it all ourselves. Who needs elders? Then we had lunch with Jose and the Harper's. Then we had weekly planning as well and tried to contact some referrals.

Saturday we went over to the Boozers and helped with their front yard and had some lunch as well as shared a lesson. So that took up a good chunk of the day. We also saw Tom Perry and Cari Smith followed by meeting with the ward mission leader. We then visited an elderly couple in the ward.

Sunday we went to church in Milpitas and then the last half of the branch. We finally caught an inactive at home that we and several people in the ward have been trying to see for months. We found that he actually lives in San Jose and goes up there to his grandmas on the weekend so that makes a little more sense as to why we hadn't been able to catch him. I then had Stake Missionary Correlation Meeting (SMCM) which consisted on the ZLs, STLs, stake president, the guy in the stake over missionary work, and President Mella. So yeah that was fun. It mainly consisted of President Mella talking and us just smiling. But that's what gets stuff done. They take these goals and all the things the mission wants to implement much better when it comes from him rather than us. Then we ran around to a couple of the churches trying to find baptismal clothes that will fit Jose. Sadly the are either 8yr old size or xxlarge. So we are still on the hunt. We have one last church to check. My bet is all of the regular people sized suits and just kicking around in the other missionaries apartments. Any who we then had a lesson with the bishop and his family.

We dropped Josiah on Wednesday and then on Saturday Chelsi dropped us and on Tuesday Jose gets baptized so our teaching pool of a whole 4 people is pretty well down to 1, Daphney. So yes this week we will be pretty busy with the baptism but our finding efforts will be skyrocketing again. We thought we had a small teaching pool at 4 but now oh boy it's back to square one and square one sucks. Finding for days...

Any who I hope you all have a great week!

Love ya
Sister Doig


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