October 4, 2016


San Jose, CA, USA


Sister Maka

Kaylene's October 3, 2016 Letter


Well it sounds like you had a great trip down to Utah. That's good that you were able to catch up with Kendall for a bit. I hope you gave Granny and Grandpa a big hug from me and told them I love them and they are going to love their mission.

Yay! I'm glad the Jays were able to at least pull of the wildcard spot. Hopefully this play off trip goes a little longer than it did last season.

That's great that you were able to enjoy conference. It was great as always. That would have been fun being there Saturday afternoon with Kendyn singing and what not. I loved that session just because there was a large missionary focus.

haha oops. I try to leave out all of our fun abbreviations for things but I guess with all the things going on on pday I sent out a few rushed emails and just did it out of habit. MCM stands for missionary coordination meeting. That's just when we meet with the ward mission leader.

This week was just beyond crazy!

Monday we hurriedly did all of our errands so we could actually do something for Pday for a change. Us and most of the zone met at the Harper's for lunch and then we went mini golfing and played some lawn games and what not. It was only 100 degrees outside so needless to say we were beyond hot and sweaty but it was super fun. That night we started teaching the discussions to the Barbaran's (our ward mission leader and his wife and son). Gotta get our 20 lessons. But yeah that was
actually super fun.

Tuesday we had service. And a lesson with Jose. We finished the commandments so we just have laws and ordinances left. So far so good for baptism this month. We also met with a YSA member that was struggling and just needed some support.

Wednesday was the big one. We started off teaching Chelsi. Sister Maka met her contacting with a greenie. She thought they were Jehovah Witnesses and had received a pamphlet from Jehovah Witnesses earlier and had a question. They said that she could ask them so she said they told her that we were living in heaven right now and asked if that were true. So they gave her a mini plan of salvation lesson and set up an appointment where we could teach her the full thing. So yeah we saw her Wednesday morning and brought Erin a member of the branch with us as well as Jose to help teach. That was a super good lesson. Her family is practicing Catholic but she told us that she felt like something was missing and that she liked what we were saying. So yeah we will be seeing her again this week. She is just hesitant with coming to church as her family won't approve. After that Erin, Ceidy, Jose, and us all went up to the Oakland temple. We walked around the grounds and on top of he temple and what not. And then went into the visitors center and did some of the things there. There is just so much to do. Everyone was already wanting to go back and see more. We told him that we would gladly go back we just want him to be able to go inside the next time he goes. We got back just in time for us to hop in our car and drive through traffic and get to our interviews with President Mella. Those were good as always. I don't think I could have gotten a better mission president. We then had to get to institute where instead of going to class with Jose we taught Carmina one of our less actives. That was super good as well. After we got out Jose stopped us and proceeded to tell us how much he felt the spirit asEelder Harper talked about some story with a sheep and a shepherd and how he was/is that sheep and he is being led by a shepherd into the church. He says he has felt the spirit many times but he has only felt it that strongly a couple of times and hat was one of them. So yeah that was just all super awesome.

Thursday was district meeting. We read from the Book of Mormon with Jose. Then met with our branch mission leaders for the YSA ward. Then we met with the zone leaders so we knew what we were going to talk about at MLC (missionary leadership council) the next day. We also visited Sheila and Jena Perry.

Friday was MLC. We had planned to just go on exchanges with Sister Taylor and Valle as we are STL companions and our babies didn't need to be at the meeting. But President phoned Sister Taylor and told her to just bring her baby with her. That she had only been out a week and he didn't want her to have to leave her. Well I told sister Maka that she had been out for 7 weeks and therefore was not a baby any more and she could get some work done while I sat in my meeting. So we arranged for a member to go with sister Maka to some appointments while I just went in a trio with Sisters Taylor and Valle. My meeting went from 10:30-4. It was a great meeting just super long. Now we have to condense it into a 1-2 hour meeting and teach it to the zone at ZTM this coming week. That evening we were able to see sister Chapman. Baby steps with her. Instead of talking through the screen door we were aloud to sit and talk in the garage. Then we visited with the Ramos family. We got to teach grandma and grandpa and the 3 grandkids. Their mom works a grave yard shift so grandma and grandpa have kinda taken on that role. We just started from lesson one with them.

Saturday was general conference. We just watched it at the institute with a handful of the YSA's and Jose. In between sessions we took Erica and walked around downtown and tried to get people to come with us for the next session. No one came but we were able to share several lessons and get several numbers. So yeah that was fun. Then we watched the next session. Seeing as I was in a meeting all day yesterday we weren't able to do our weekly planning so we had to make up for that.

Sunday, again conference at the institute. Jose came again which was awesome. We then ran out to Milpitas and watched the next session with the Frahm's. After which we visited Cari Smith and were able to talk about some of the conference highlights with her. Then we tried to visit one of our ward missionaries and see how she was doing and try and get in another lesson. Well as we talked to her and told her of the 20 lessons a week thing she was excited and saying what a good idea it was. And then when we asked if we could share a message we were told no and that was the end of that. And that is why I have been asking for more ward missionaries.

So yeah I think that about sums up the week.

I hope everything continues to go well back at home. Have a good one.

Love ya
Sister Doig


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