September 26, 2016


San Jose, CA, USA


Sister Maka

Kaylene's September 26, 2016 Letter


Yeah it sure has been fun these last several weeks. All I can say is if all of this happens between 1/3 and 1/2 way through the mission I don't want to know what happens during the second half. Yeah I remember that talk it's a good one. I'll be sure to read it again.

Speaking of Emily how is she? I miss that girl so much!

That's good that you were able to catch granny and grandpa up on all the technology things they will need for the mission.

That's good that you were able to enjoy some more golf. It sounds like a good thing that the season is coming to an end with your elbow.

Dang! It sure sounds like the Jays will be pushing it to seal a spot in the playoffs. Like you said it can go either way.

No more dinner at granny's for a year and a half. Who would have thought this day would come? Enjoy the trip to Utah! Haha I forgot Kendyn would be in the MTC. That would be super fun and quite the experience.

Well as for me Tuesday was service at Guadeloupe. We did some contacting and then taught Jose. Just some more commandments. Things are continuing to just truck along with him. We also ran out to Milpitas to see sister Luna. We heard that her sister just passed away
so we figured she was in need of a visit sooner rather than later. We had dinner at the institute with a couple of the branch members. We were getting ready took and they were getting ready to put in a movie when a less active that we have been trying to get a hold of since we
got there walked in to watch the movie with them. Her name is Yesenia. So we delayed the start of the movie as we sat and talked with her. We got to know her and her conversion story. Her big thing (and everyone else's) is working on Sunday. It costs so dang much to live here that all people do is work. Hopefully we will get to see her again soon.

Wednesday we had service at sacred heart. Then we ran over to the institute to help the Harper's finish getting ready for the new missionary lunch and contacting event. Just before all of the new missionaries came in sister Iloa came in. Usually everyone going home leaves first thing Wednesday morning then the new ones come in closer to noon. Well I guess with going all the way to Tonga she wasn't leaving until late that night so that meant she was hanging out with the Mellas. It was great to be able to talk to her for a while and then say good bye. Then we took all the greenies contacting. The
sister I took out was super scared button it was tons of fun. Every time we do this it brings me back to my first day many moths ago. We also had institute that evening.

Thursday we would usually have had district meeting but with transfers that didn't happen. So we decided to do some service instead. We ended up doing some cleaning and odd jobs around the institute. Then we had lunch and reading the Book of Mormon with Jose. Then we had MCM for the YSA branch. We just got an assistant branch mission leader which is great because the branch mission leader is too busy with school and football to do anything. He even scheduled this meeting and then cancelled last minute so it was just us and the assistant branch mission leader. We called all of the referrals from contacting the day before. Like usual lots of no's and unanswered phones but we were actually able to set up 3 appointments. Hopefully they all work out. Then we saw Sheila and Jena Perry. The ones that just moved in. Just
got to know them a little better see how they are doing allowed of that fun stuff. Then we saw sister Curiale. We went over patriarchal blessings with her. She was super excited and really wants hers so she was planning on meeting with the bishop yesterday.

Friday started with transfer 2 training meeting for sister Maka where she got her iPad. That took all morning and then the provided lunch. After which we had our weekly planning. We then visited a less active named Victor as well as the Armstrong family. Sister Armstrong called
us and asked if we could do personal progress with her girls in preparation for going to Arizona. So sister Armstrong was there as well as her 20 year old daughter Mariah and then the 2 YW aged girls Amy and Erica. Amy and Erica are not members. So we went over the YW
theme, what personal progress is as well as completed a goal. They don't want to come to the Milpitas ward at all but are determined to be active when they get to Arizona. We are just trying to help them realize that the switch doesn't just flip like that so we are just doing what ever we can to help them.

Saturday morning sister Maka needed wifi to set up her iPad so we went over to the institute. I figured that it wouldn't take both of us to do it and sister Harper has been talking about needing to clean the oven so I did that while she set it up. We tried to visit lots of people with no luck. We met with the Milpitas ward mission leader and
then went to the women's session of conference which was super good. Now I can't wait until this next weekend for the rest of it. So yeah not too much going on there.

Sunday we had ward council and church in Milpitas. We had to do the musical number during sacrament. Then we were able to hit the YSA branch's relief society. Then we had an appointment with one of the people from the greenie contacting but it fell through (she did reschedule for next week so we will see). Then we had been asked by brother Farnsworth in the ward if we had access so a Vietnamese Book of Mormon as his wife is Vietnamese. So we found one and dropped it off and had a little visit with them. Then we went to the Garcia's as brother Garcia asked if he could get a Book of Mormon in Spanish. So same thing there just dropped it off and had a little visit. The. We met the Frahm's. They just moved into the ward. They are a cute young couple. It was nice to get to know them. They invited us to watch a session of conference with them this weekend so that will be great.

Yep that's about it for this week. As for lessons especially with investigators and what not it was pretty bad. Most things fell through. The numbers last night weren't looking too hot. Especially seeing as bishop Causse invited everyone to teach 20 lessons a week
and at zone conference the push was for at least 5 new investigators a week. So yep with our teaching pool and our area that has been a struggle that's for sure. But each week had been getting better so hopefully for the most part we can keep going up.

Hope you have another great week!

Love ya
Sister Doig


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